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tion throughout its eventful history, has been | smiled upon their efforts for deliverance and inless arraigned for injustice than any Govern- dependence. But if they had copnived at the ment on earth. And time and patience and accession of the selfish, perverse, and bigoted a sense of popular justice, the ebbs and flows George to the Crown, that they might be able and currents of opinion would have proved a to complain of the reigning monarch, and, corrective of all serious causes of disturbance. ) above all, if they had controlled the Ministry, But efforts to divide the Union and destroy the and held a majority in Parliament, and had then Government, besides being intrinsically atro- vacated their seats, and yielded up the power cious, instead of correcting the alleged griev- to their opponents, and had cried out oppresances, are calculated to aggravate them more sion to cover schemes of political ambition, they than a hundred-fold, and, if successful, to close a would have both. deserved, and received, inday of humanities, hope and promise, in this ref- stead of sympathy, or confidence, or counteyge of liberty, in blood and darkness. No one nance, the scorn and contempt of Christendom. denies to an oppressed people the right of revo- The Declaration of American Independence, lution as the last dreadful resort of man seek- the modern Magna Charta of human rights, ing emancipation, when all other efforts have evolved the idea, so cheering to the cause of proved unavailing-never to be entered upon freedom and yet so startling to monarchy, except as a terrible necessity. But Secession is that Governments derived their just powers a bold and bald and wicked imposture, with its from the consent of the governed, and that authors; a chimera, an illusion, and cheat with although Governments long established should those who are betrayed into its support, and it not be changed for light and transient causes, exhibits the worst features of the basest despot yet when they become subversive of the ends ism in enforcing obedience to its reign of terror. for which they were established, and “when a It is but a synonym for disunion by violence, long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing nnder the pretence of rights reserved to States; invariably the same object, evinced the desigu and must have sprung, like the voluptuous god- to reduce them under absolute despotism, it was dess, from froth, so little of right, or reason, or their right, their duty to throw off such Gov. justice, or remedy, or good sense, is there in it, ernment, and to provide new guards for their or around it, or about it; though, like the con future security." But it nowhere declares tents of the mystic girdle, it promised to its vota- that a knot of conspiring politicians, foiled in ries a surfeit of hidden pleasures. The attempt their schemes of ambition and plunder, and to liken this wicked and corrupt rebellion to the chafing under disappointment like a tiger cheatAmerican Revolution, requires an assurance of ed in his foray, may without the popular supbrass sufficient to reconstruct the Colossus of port or sympathy, but in defiance of both, assert Rhodes. While the colonies were petitioning for that the election of a political opponent whose & redress of grievances, war was precipitated success they might have prevented, is a suffiupon them by the British Crown, to compel their cient cause of rebellion; or that a party or submission and silence. While Congress was an interest, which has the majority in both canvassing the alleged grievances of a portion branches of the Representative Government, of the States of the Confederacy, and while its and is protected by the opinions of the judilegislation upon the subject of the Territories ciary of the nation, can withdraw, so as to give was proceeding in harmony with their profess- its opponents the power, and then set on foot a ed wishes

, members representing such aggriev- rebellion, and seek to destroy an edifice which ed States withdrew and precipitated disunion stands as the last best hopes of man, because in hot haste, before the result of proposed con- they fear they may be visited with political ciliatory efforts could be ascertained, as though oppression! Those who practise such shallow they feared, if they awaited the development of devices before the world, in the latter part of events in progress, they might be more serious- the nineteenth century, should remember that ly aggrieved by a redress of grievances! The they but copy the stupid instincts of the bird Colonies had neither support, nor sympathy, which buries its head in the sand, and then innor representation in any department of the dulges the conceit that its ungainly body is British Government, but they persevered in concealed also. Whatever causes of disturbtheir efforts to obtain justice and recognition so ance and disaffection existed between the long as a single ray of hope gave promise, and North and South, the public judgment has renuntil they were silenced by the presence of dered its verdict upon abundant evidence, and British troops, and were coinpelled to submit with extraordinary unanimity, deciding that to slavery and degradation, or appeal to the last such formed a remote and feeble element in inrefuge of an oppressed people—the arbitra- ducing disunion, but that it was a foregone conment of the battle-field. They claimed no false clusion with those who urged it forward, darkly or fabricated reading of the British Constitu- designed and deliberately determined, for the tion, which enabled them to sever their connec- purpose of securing personal eclat and selftion with the Crown and avoid the responsibil aggrandizement, rather than of securing rights ity of revolution, but they manfully took their and privileges to an oppressed section of people. stand upon the ultima ratio of nations. They

"Order is Heaven's first law," received a world's sympathy, because their revolt was an imperious necessity, and Heaven —it is coeval with being. No people, civilized or savage, ever existed without a Government may prove a barren and a blasted field, when for their guidance and regulation. Beasts of the those for whom it was designed prepare to reap field and forest, birds of the air, fishes of the sea, their inheritance. and insects which inhabit all, form their colonies It is a familiar principle of law that a reand associations, and arrange themselves in obe- pealing statute, itself repealed, revives and puts dience to some recognized rule; and even inani- in force the former law. So long, then, as Conmate objects obey with unerring certainty the gress permits its several acts for the admission hand that guides them. Nor do the lights of his of the revolted States to the Union to stand, tory, the lessons of experience, or the flickering according to Secession law and logic, these shadows of tradition tell of a Government States can go out and in at pleasure, and if which voluntarily and by design planted the they may withdraw by an ordinance of their seeds of its own decay in its bosom, or provid- own, by the same rule Congress may expel ed for its own destruction and overthrow, by them by repealing its act of admission. To go committing its life and destiny to other hands. out of the Union as they insist, they have only The Constitution forming the Union and erect- to pass an act or ordinance of Secession without ing its Government, was the emanation of the the knowledge, privity, or consent of the Gov. people of the United States. It was adopted, ernment of the Union. To return, they would as declared in its preamble, “to form a more have only to repeal it. They can then go out perfect Union, to establish justice, insure do- when it suits principle, and return when it famestic tranquillity, provide for the common de vors interest; or they can alternate like mifence, to promote the general welfare, and to gratory birds with the seasons, hatching Dissecure the blessings of liberty to the people union in the Confederacy and rearing it withwho ordained it to their posterity.” But if the out, and as thus far its managers have, in most instrument, which formed the more perfect instances, generously relieved the people of Union with becoming solemnity contemplated participation in the matter, the destruction of its dismemberment and overthrow, by the with old governments and the erection of new ones drawal of all or any of the States therefrom at would occasion little inconvenience. the pleasure of their capricious politicians, it Minerva, according to mythology, and that remained a most imperfect and pitiable Union is an authority not easily refuted, leaped fully still. If the justice it established was but tem- armed from the brain of Jupiter ; but stranger porary, if the domestic tranquillity it insured still, the founders of the Government of the was for the time being, if the common defence Southern Confederacy leaped fully armed with it provided for was until some of the States high-sounding titles of official station from their should withdraw from the Union and make war own, and brought their government with them; upon it, and if the blessings of liberty it secur- an emanation neither suggested nor approved ed to posterity were upon condition that those by the popular voice, but the creation of those who secured them should not wish to subvert who, like the renowned Peter Brush, “wanted the liberty thus secured by armed force, then something to have rather than something to our boasted Constitution, which bas been hail- do," and almost universally repudiated whered throughout the earth as one of the wisest ever opportunity has been afforded. A Goremanations of man, and enjoys a world-wide ernment purporting to be of the people without fame for its humane provisions and lofty con- permitting them to have a voice in constructceptions of statesmanship, should be scouted as ing it; without a "local habitation," of dea fraud, a delusion, and an imposture, possess- partments in the abstract, and offices with more ing much more sound than substance, and car- titles than duties; a President without an rying by design in its own bosom the seeds of election, a Treasury without money, or sources its dissolution. But no sentence, or word, or of revenue, a Navy without ships, a Post-Office syllable can be found in the Federal Con- without mails, a Minister of foreign relations, stitution sustaining an idea at once so puerile whose relations abroad decline to acknowledge and monstrous. It provides for the admis- the connection, a department of the Interior sion to the Union of new States, but not the representing a nature-abhorred vacuum, an Atwithdrawal therefrom of those already mem- torney-General without law, and a Patentbers. To gain such admission the State must Office which, in the absence of other business, apply to Congress, with a constitution Repub- should issue letters securing the exclusive right lican in form; and upon an act of Congress au- of this new-fledged confederacy to those who thorizing such admission, duly approved and invented it, for its extraordinary novelty rather signed by the President of the United States, than its acknowledged utility; that it may be such State becomes a member of the confed- preserved to after-times in the world's curiosityeracy. If one State, being thus admitted, can shop, with Law's scheme of banking, the moonwithdraw at pleasure, by passing an act or or- hoax of Locke, the messages of the President dinance of Secession, and cancel a solemn cove- and Queen over the submarine telegraph, and nant by one party alone, which it required two Redheiffer's perpetual motion. to make, and in which both remain interested, The advocates of the right of Secession in any or all may do the same, and the rich har- claiming that a State, after its solemn admisvest of liberty and its attending blessings, which sion and while enjoying the protection and parour forefathers professed to secure to posterity, | ticipating in the fruits of the Union, may at its pleasure, and by its own act, secede, to be con- J army, and endeavoring to wrest the Governsistent, should hold that a nation may at pleas- ment from the rightful monarch, would doubture withdraw from its treaty obligations with less have claimed, according to modern accepout previous provision or consent of the other tation, that he was acting from high convicside ; that one who has conveyed an estate and tions of duty, from a powerful necessity, and received the consideration, may resume it when fighting purely in self-defence. And when the it suits his necessity or convenience, that the great battle was set in array in the wood of husband or wife may repudiate the marriage Ephraim, where 20,000 were slaughtered, and obligation without detriment, or a disregard of the wood devoured that day more than the marital faith, and in short, that a covenant sword devoured, there was evidently nothing made by two parties, and in which both are that he so much desired, when he saw exposure interested, may be cancelled by one.

and overthrow inevitable, as to be let alone. The right thus to secede inust rest upon a But that short struggle subdued the aspirapolitical free love, where States unequally tions, and closed forever the ignoble career of united inay, on discovering their true affini- this ambitious leader in Israel—a warning to ties, dissolve the first condition and become those who would become judges before their sealed in confederate wedlock to their chosen time, or be made kings upon the sound of a companions during pleasure, and the authors of trumpet, blown by their own directions. Let the discovery should go down to posterity as all such remember the wood of Ephraim, the the Brigham Youngs of modern confederacies.wide-spreading branches of the oak, the painful

Most events of modern times find their par- suspense which came over the author of the reallel in early history, and this attempt to ex- bellion, the darts of Joab, and the dark pit into temporize a government upon the elements of which this prince of the royal household was political disquietude, so that, like sets of dollar cast for his folly, his madness, and treachery. jewelry, every person can have one of his own, And when those charged with the adminisdoes not form an exceptional case. When tration of our Government send forth its arDavid swayed the sceptre of Juded, the comely mies by hundreds and by thousands to mainAbsalom, á bright star of the morning, whose tain and vindicate the Constitution and Union moral was obscured by his intellectual light, of our fathers, may they imitate the example finding such amusements as the slaying of his of the wise king of Judea, and beseech the brother and burning the barley fields of Joab, captains of the hosts to deal gently with the too tame for his ambition, conceived the patri- young Absaloms of Secession, and by all means otic idea of driving his father from the throne, inquire for their safety, when their armies have of usurping the regal althority and relieving been completely routed, and the rebellion put the people unasked from the oppressions under down forever. which he had discovered they were groaning. Secession, either peaceable or violent, if Like modern demagogues he commenced with crowned with complete success, can furnish no disaffection, advised all who came with com- remedy for sectional grievances, real or imagiplaints that, from royal inattention, no one was nary. It would be as destructive of Southern deputed to hear them, and in greeting those as of Northern interests, for both are alike who passed the King's gate with a kiss, that he concerned in the maintenance and prosperity might steal away their hearts, he lamented of the Union. It would increase every evil, that he was not a judge in the land, so that aggravate every cause of disturbance, and renany one who had a cause or suit, might come der every acute complaint hopelessly chronic. to him, and he would do him justice. Under Look at miserable, misguided, misgoverned pretence of going to Hebron, the royal resi- Mexico, and receive a lesson of instruction. dence in the early reign of David, to pay his She has been seceding, and dividing, and provows, for he was conscientious in the matter pouncing, and fighting for her rights, and in of vows as Herod, he raised a rebellious army, the self-defence of aggressive leaders, from the and sent spies through the land to proclaim day of her noininal independence, and she has him king and reigning in Hebron, when the reaped an abundant harvest of degradation and trumpet should sound upon the air. The con- shame. No President of the Republic has ever spiracy, says sacred history, was strong, and the served the full term for which he was elected, rebellion was so artfully contrived, so stealth- and generally, had his successor had more fitily inaugurated, that it gave high promise of ness than himself, it would have occasioned no success. The king, although in obedience to detriment. When the population of the United the stern dictates of duty, he sent forth his States was three millions that of Mexico was armies by hundreds and by thousands to assert five; and when that of the United States is and maintain his prerogative, exhibited the thirty, the population of Mexico is only eight; heart of a good prince and an affectionate and while the United States has gained the father, in beseeching them for his sake, to deal highest rank among the nations of the earth, gently with the young man, even Absalom; by common consent, Mexico has descended to and when the conflict was over, the first in the lowest. Her people have been the dupes, quiry with anxious solicitude was, “Is the and slaves, and footballs of aspiring leaders, Foung man safe?" And yet this ambitious mad with a reckless and mean ambition, inrebel, in raising a numerous and powerful l dlated with self-importance and conceit, and destitute of patriotism or statesmanship. But upon domestic institutions, yet the time for as a clown with a pickaxe can demolish the disunion, so long invoked, had come, and one choicest productions of art, so can the dema- State, so far as in her power, sundered the gogue overthrow the loftiest institutions of bonds that made her a member of the Union wisdom.

before the result of the Presidential election Thus has poor, despised, dwarfed, and down- had been declared by Congress. They turned trodden Mexico been crushed forever, under their backs upon friends and sympathizers, dethe iron heel of her own insane despoilers; a nounced laggards in the cause, declared their memorable but melancholy illustration of a repudiation of the Constitution, and applied people without a fixed and stable government; the torch to the temple of free governinent and the sport of the profligate and designing, the the Union, with as little solemnity as they victims of fraud and violence.

would have repealed an act of legislation. The Southern States along the free border had property of the United States, by sea and by felt most seriously all the injury and irritation | land, was seized, and the Government was deproduced by inharmonious and conflicting rela-fied and menaced by armed forces and avowed tions between them and their brethren of the preparation for war; other States followed, in North, and yet the people of these States form if not in substance, by the action of polishrunk from the remedy of Secession as from ticians if not people—some half willing, others the bottomless pit. They saw in it nothing more than half forced—those who should have but swift and hopeless destruction, and be stood with sleepless zeal upon the ramparts of lieved that the desire for disunion had origi- the Constitution ingloriously surrendered their nated more in ultra-ambitious schemes than in posts, and the reign of anarchy was thus inaua determination to protect their peculiar sys- gurated in our own happy land. tem of domestic servitude from encroachment. All this increased, and seriously too, the emBut States with which the heresy originated barrassment which surrounded the question. and had been cherished, had long revelled in But still the spirit of the times, the voice of dreamy theories and vague notions of benefits the people in every section, South as well as which would flow to them from a dissevered North, demanded peace—that abstractions Union, and madly hastened to destroy the should be laid aside, that every substantial fabric of their fathers before it could be res. cause of grievance should be redressed, and cued. The most sordid passions of man, seek that the interests of a great and prosperous ing indulgence of their appetites in the prom- nation should not be disturbed, nor the moral ised land of Secession, lent their absorbing sense of the world shocked by a conflict of stimulants to urge forward the catastrophe. arms among brethren. There was yet hope Avarice clanked her chains for the necessitous that the cup of intestine war might in mercy and mercenary, and fortunes sprung up unbid- be permitted to pass. The report of the first den on either hand to greet them, seeking hostile gun which was discharged, however, masters and service. Ports, and harbors, and proclaimed to the world that all chances of marts, and entrepots rushed in upon a heated peaceful adjustment were over; that “heaven imagination, as they heard in the distance the in anger for a dreadful moment had suffered knell of the Union tolling; they beckoned, and hell to take the reins "—that Pandora's box the contributions of a world's commerce weré was opened again, and the deadliest plagues poured into their lap by direct trade, and uni- known to earth let loose to curse it; but like versal expansion came over all the votaries of that repository of evil, hope yet smiled at the disunion, as if by magic. “The three-hooped bottom. Argument and opinion were thrust pot had' ten hoops," and what was “Greek aside for violence and blood with deliberate Creek once was Tiber now." Mammon erected preparation. Is it strange that the natural elehis court, and they heard the clinking of gold ments sympathized with the occasion, as the in the world's exchequer, as it accumulated at intelligence was flashed through the land? A the counters of their exchange. Ambition kin- sheet of cimmerian darkness, near midnight, dled her torch, which, like the bush of Horeb, hung like a death-pall over the earth-the burned and was not consumed, and rank, and winds moaned heavily, like the wail of spirits place, and station, and stars and garters, and lost-doors creaked and windows clattered, the gew-gaw trappings of nobility, were show-driving currents and counter-currents of sleet ered in promiscuous profusion; wreaths of lau- and rain descended like roaring cataracts; but rel adorned the brows of the brave, and the the hoarse and startling shriek of the New devotees of pleasure danced at the music of York newsboy rose above all with the appallsecession sackbut and psaltery and harp, “ and ing cry, “the bombardment of Fort Sumter," all went merry as a marriage bell.” Though and sectional feeling had, after many years of profit

" Gave e'gns of woe less conflict, culminated, and the wise and

That all was lost." Union-loving were engaged in restoring friendly relations, under circumstances more favor- The blood-fiend laughed loud; the evil genius able to success than thirty years of struggles of humanity clapped his hands in triumph; had furnished, and thongh Congress was or- Monarchy “grinned horribly a ghastly smile," ganizing the Territories without restriction | but Liberty, bathed in tears, was bowed in

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shame, for the madness of her degenerato chil- / by the Government of the Union, in theory or dren.

in practice. This State was the last Southern The first Aash of artillery kindled anew a State gathered under the flag of the Unionfame of patriotic devotion to country, which admitted in 1845, more as a Southern than a will burn with a pure and constant glow when Northern measure; admitted, too, under pethe lamp of mortal existence shall pale and culiar circumstances, after a most memorable flicker in death. Its first reverberations upon struggle, and in the highest branch of the Nathe air, aroused a slumbering love of Constitu- tional Legislature, by a single vote. tion and of Union, and of the cherished em

“Sir John of Hynford, 'twas my blade, blein of all, the Stars and Stripes, which will

That knighthood on thy shoulder laid; not again seek repose until the roar of hostile

For this good deed, permit me then,

A word to these misguided men." guns shall be silenced. It startled to their feet, as if by a common impulse, twenty millions of

Not to those who would seek to maintain but freemen, to guard the citadel of their faith to those who labor to destroy the Union. You from destruction, as war was driving his ebon have widely mistaken both the temper and the car upon his remorseless mission.

purpose of the great body of people of the Free This civil intestine war is one of the inost States in the present crisis. "In this unnatural fearful and ferocious that ever desolated earth ; struggle, which your leaders have forced upon and its authors will be cursed, when the atro- them, they seek only to uphold and maintain, cities of Bajazet and Tamerlane, and the Khans and preserve from destruction a Government of Tartary and India, and other despoilers of which is a common inheritance, and in the the earth shall be forgotten. It is a war be- preservation of which you are equally intertween and among brethren. Those whose eyes ested. They seek not to despoil your States, should have beamed in friendship now gleam not to disturb your internal relations, but to in war; those who close in the death-struggle preserve the Union which shelters and protects upon the battle-field, were children of the same all, and vindicate the Constitution, which is household and nurtured at the same gathering especially your only defence from aggressionplace of affection ; baptized at the same font, is both your sword and shield. They war not and confirmed at the same chancel :

upon your peculiar system of domestic servi.

tude, nor will they, but they adınonish you in "They grow in beauty, side by side, They filled one house with glee ;

a spirit of kindness that, during this brief strug

gle, its friends and advocates have been its Whose voices mingled as they prayod

worst enemies, and have furnished arguments Round the same parent knee."

against it which will weaken its foundations, But, while we express deep humiliation for when the denunciation of its most persistent the depravity of our kind, and are shocked and Anti-Slavery foes are forgotten forever. You sickened at å spectacle so revolting, we should arraign the people of the free States for rallynot abandon the dear old mansion to the flames, ing around the Government of the Union, of even though kindled by brethren, who should which a few months since you were members, have watched over it with us, and guarded it and sustained it yourselves, and which, at the from harm. And, whilo we should not raise time of your alleged secession, had experienced our hand to shed a brother's blood, we may no change beyond one of political administratorn aside his insane blow, aimed at the heart tions. You rebuko those who stood with you of the venerated mother of all. And, if a great through good and evil report, in defence of the power of Europe is disposed to sympathize with Constitution and all its guarantees, in its dark rebellion, and believes this Government and days of trial, when menaced only by opinion, this people can be driven by the menace of for- for sustaining it, now, when it is assailed by eign and domestic forces combined, to avoid armed forces, and insist that, after having dethe curses of war, let her try the experiment. fended that sacred instrument so long and so But when they come, to save time and travel, faithfully, they are bound now to assist in its let them bring with them a duly executed quit- overthrow !—a system of law, logic, and moralclaim to the Union for such portions of the ity peculiar to disunion ethics alone. You reNorth American Continent as they have not pudiate the Constitution with no sufficient surrendered to it in former conflicts, for they cause of revolution, for all the alleged causes will have occasion for just such an instrument, of grievance as stated were insufficient to juswhenever their impertinent interference is tify it, and proclaimed a dissolution of the manifested practically in our domestic affairs. Union, defied and dishonored its flag, and me

Conspicuous in this strange passage of the naced the Government by denouncing actual new world's history is the secession of Texas. war. You seized by violence its fortresses, A State with extended territories, and the right armories, ships, mints, custom-houses, navy. to form four more States from them without yards, and other property, to which you had restriction, south of the old Missouri line,-a not even a pretence of right, and threatened to State requiring the protection of the Federal take possession of the National Capital. You Government to guard it from marauding sav. bombarded Fort Sumter, a fortress of the ages and other hostile bands—a State which United States, garrisoned as a peace establishwas nover wronged by a Northern Stato, nor I ment only, and in a state of starvation, from

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