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every one who may break the peace, molest his nolds, Hunter, Franklin, Rosecrans, Buell, Mansfellow-citizens, or retain arms, the property of field, McDowell, and Meigs.-Philadelphia Inthe Federal Government. He also notifies all- quirer, August 5. those citizens of other States, who may be in

-The Twenty-ninth Regiment of Pennsylarms within the boundaries of Missouri, (in the vanis Veloropre, andnes the

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to meet at Louisville; 3, the delegates to agree responded to in an able speech by Rev. Mr. upon a modified Constitution; or 4, a peaceable Willets, of Brooklyn, and Paymaster Bingham, separation.

of the Twenty-sixth Regiment.-(Doc. 162.) One of its plans for reconstruction is to have

-ADMIRAL SIR ALEXANDER MILNE, Coma Northern and Southern section in each House mander-in-Chief of the British forces, at Haliof Congress, and no bill to become a law until fax, in a private letter to the British Consul agreed to by a majority on both sides!(Doc. at Boston, says: “I see a long article in the 160.)

papers and extracts from a letter from Fort -An engagement took place at Messila, N. Pickens, alluding to orders I have given; all I M., between a body of Federal troops and can say is that it is not my version of blockade seven hundred Confederates, under command nor my orders on the subject.”—Buffalo Evenof Capt. Baylor. Capt. McNeely and Lieutenant ing Courier, August 5. Brooks, of the Federal army, wore wounded in -DELAWARE has contributed two regiments the engagement, and twelve of the Confederates for the war. One is already in the field. The killed. Night coming on put an end to the other has not yet been complete, and is comengagement.- Baltimore American, August 21. manded by Colonel Charles Wharton, brother of

-The secret expedition from Fortress Mon- George M. Wharton, of Philadelphia. One comroe to the eastern shore of the Chesapeake pany of the regiment is entirely made up of Bay, under the command of Captain Crosby, U. Philadelphians. It is the Hancock Guards, S. A., returned to Old Point Comfort. The Capt. John F. IIeishley. The men are remarkobject of the expedition was to search for ves-ably well fed, clothed, and sheltered. In this sels engaged in illegal trade, and to reconnoitre particular Delaware has equalled, if not surthe coast for defences erected by the rebels.- passed, the other States. They are encamped (Doc. 161.)

at Camp Brandywine, Wilmington.-PhilaAugust 4.-About five o'clock, this morning, delphia Bulletin, August 5. the Second Regiment of Connecticut Volun August 0.-At Washington, the representateers, passed through Philadelphia, Pa., on their tives of the newspaper press held a consultation way home. The regiment is under Colonel A. with Gen McClellan by his special invitation, H. Terry, and participated in the engagement when it was unanimously decided that the folat Bull Run. In the fight they lost sixteen lowing suggestions from him be transmitted to men killed and wounded. The officers of this the editors of all the newspapers in all the loyal regiment deny that it was through hunger that States and in the District of Columbia: the men were exhausted. The Connecticut 1st. That all such editors be required to remen were supplied with full haversacks; and frain from publishing, either as editorial or corthe only drawback in their opinion to final respondence, any description, from any point success, was the impetuous feeling to go ahead of view, of any matter that might furnish aid and fight. In order to get within the enemy's and comfort to the enemy. lines, a long march was necessary to this end. 2d. That they be also requested and earnestly From two o'clock A. M. until ten they marched; solicited to signify to their correspondents here and even then the men were unable to rest. and elsewhere their approval of the foregoing To this fact alone, the officers of this regiment suggestion, and to comply with it in spirit and attribute, in a great measure, the reverse. The letter. regiment acted as part of the reserve, and did It was resolved that the Government be renot get into battle till late in the day.-Phila- spectfully requested to afford the representadelphia Bulletin, August 5.

tives of the press facilities for obtaining and -A MEETING was held this evening in Rev. immediately transmitting all information suitDr. Adams' Church, on Madison-square, New able for publication, particularly touching enYork city, to aid in measures taken for the pre

gagements with the enemy. vention and suppression of intemperance in the —THE following queries were put to the National Army. A. R. Wetmore, Esq., pre- Confederate District-Attorney at Charleston : sided, and Dr. De Witt offered a prayer. Reso First-Is it lawful for a citizen of the Conlations were read by Dr. Marsh, which were federate States to purchase of our enemy State

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