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The political news is the utter failure of the Ohio delegation to come to any agreement, and the loss of influence by that State.

CHICAGO, May 16th.

This is the morning of the first day of the Convention. The crowd is prodigious. The hotel keepers say there are more people here now than during the National Fair last year, and then it was estimated that thirty thousand strangers were in the city. This figure was probably too high, but there are, beyond doubt, more than twenty-five thousand persons here in attendance upon the Convention. This is a great place for hotels, and the multitude is fortunately distributed through them all over the town. There are only a few points where the jam is painfully close. One of those places is the Tremont House, where about fifteen hundred persons are stowed away, and which is the focus of political excitement.

As in the case of all other Conventions, the amount of idle talking that is done, is amazing. Men gather in little groups, and with their arms about each other, and chatter and whisper as if the fate of the country depended upon their immediate delivery of the mighty potitical secrets with which their imaginations are big. There are a thousand rumors afloat, and things of incalculable moment are communicated to you confidentially, at intervals of five minutes. There are now at least a thousand men packed together in the halls of the Tremont House, crushing each other's ribs, tramping each other's toes, and titillating each other with the gossip of the day; and the probability is, not one is possessed of a single political fact not known to the whole, which is of the slightest consequence to any human being.

The current of the universal twaddle this morning is, that " Old Abe" will be the nominee.

The Bates movement, the McLean movement, the Cameron movement, the Banks movement, are all nowhere. They have gone down like lead in the mighty waters. "Old Abe" and "Old Ben the field against Seward. Abe and Ben are representatives of the conservatism, the respectability, the availability, and all that sort of thing.

are in

The out-and-out friends of Mr. Chase here are very much embittered against the Wade movement. They are mistaken about it in some particulars. While this movement has certainly been used to slaughter Mr. Chase, it was not, in my judgment, originated with any such pur



The room mates, the pleasure of whose society I have the pleasure of enjoying, were in magnificent condition last night. They were glorious,' 'o'er all the ills of life victorious," and, to use the expression which is here in every body's mouth every minute, they were irrepressible until a late hour. And this morning I was aroused by a vehement debate among them, and rubbing my eyes, discovered that they were sitting up in bed playing cards to see who should pay for gin cock-tails all around, the cock-tails being an indispensable preliminary to breakfast.

The badges of different candidates are making their appearance, and a good many of the dunces of the occasion go about duly labeled. I

saw an old man this morning with a wood-cut of Edward Bates pasted outside his hat. The Seward men have badges of silk with his likeness and name, and some wag pinned one of them to Horace Greeley's back yesterday, and he created even an unusual sensation as he hitched about with the Seward mark upon him.

The hour for the meeting of the Convention approaches, and the agitation of the city is exceedingly great. Vast as the wigwam is, not onefifth of those who would be glad to get inside can be accommodated.



The following is the Official Roll of the delegates admitted to seats in the Convention :

[blocks in formation]

Iowa-H. P. Scholte.

Illinois-David Davis.

Indiana-John Beard.

Kentucky-W. D. Gallagher.

Maine-Samuel F. Hersey.
Maryland-Wm. L. Marshall.
Massachusetts-Ensign H. Kellogg.
Michigan-Thomas White Ferry.
Minnesota-Aaron Goodrich.
Missouri-Henry T. Blow.
New York-Wm. Curtis Noyes.
New Jersey-E. Y. Rogers.
New Hampshire-Wm. Haile.
Ohio-Geo. D. Burgess.
Oregon-Joel Burlingame.
Pennsylvania-Thad. Stevens.

Rhode Island-Rowland G. Hazard.
Texas-Wm. T. Chandler.

Vermont-Wm. Hebord.

Wisconsin-Hans Crocker.

Virginia-R. Crawford.

Nebraska-A. S. Paddock.
Kansas-W. W. Ross.

District of Columbia-Geo. Harrington.


California-D. J. Staples.

Connecticut-H. H. Starkweather.

Delaware-B. J. Hopkins.

Iowa-William B. Allison.

Illinois-0. L. Davis.

Indiana-Daniel D. Pratt.

Kentucky-Stephen J. Howes.
Maine-C. A. Wing.

Maryland-William E. Coale.

Massachusetts-Charles O. Rogers.
Michigan-W. S. Stoughton.
Minnesota-D. A. Secombe.
Missouri-J. K. Kidd.
New York-Geo. W. Curtis.
New Jersey-Edward Brettle.

New Hampshire-Nathan Hubbard.
Ohio-N. J. Beebe.
Oregon-Eli Thayer.
Pennsylvania-J. B. Serrill.

Rhode Island-R. R. Hazard, jr.

Texas-Dunbar Henderson.

Vermont-John W. Stewart.

Wisconsin-L. F. Frisby.

Kansas-John A. Martin.
Nebraska-H. P. Hitchcock.



At Large.

George F. Talbot, Machias.
William H. McCrillis, Bangor.
John L. Stevens, Augusta.
Rensellaer Cram, Portland.

1 Mark F. Wentworth, Kittery.
Leonard Andrews, Biddeford.

2 Charles J. Gilman, Brunswick.
Seward Dill, Phillips.

8 Nathan G. Hichborn, Stockton.
George W. Lawrence, Warren.
4 C. A Wing, Winthrop.

J. S. Baker, Bath.

5 Samuel F. Hersey, Bangor,

Going Hathorn, Pittsfield.

6 John West, Franklin.

Washington Long, Fort Fairfield.

At Large.

Hon. Edward H. Rollins.

Hon. Aaron H. Cragin.

Hon. William Haile.

Hon. Amos Tuck.


1 Nathaniel Hubbard.
George Matthewson.
2 B. F. Martin.
F. H. Morgan.
8 Jacob Benton.
Jacob C. Bean.


At Large.

E. N. Briggs, Brandon.
Peter T. Washburn, Woodstock.
E. D. MASON, Richmond.

E. C. Redington, St. Johnsbury.


1 John W. Stewart, Middlebury.
E. B. Burton, Manchester.
2 Hugh H. Henry, Chester.
Wm. Hebord, Chelsea.

3 Wm. Clapp, St Albans.
E. B. Sawyer, Hyde Park.


At Large.

John A. Andrew, Boston. Ensign H. Kellogg, Pittsfield. George S. Boutwell. Groton. Linus B. Comins, Boston.


1 Joseph M. Day, Barnstable.

Jonathan Bourne, jr., New Bedford.

2 Robert T. Davis, Fall River. Seth Webb, jr., Scituate.

3 Edward L. Pierce, Milton. William Claflin, Newton.

4 Charles O. Rogers, Boston. Josiah Dunham, Boston.

5 Samuel Hooper, Boston.

George William McLellan, Cambridge.

6 Timothy Davis, Gloucester.

Eben F. Stone, Newburyport.

7 George Cogswell, Bradford. Timothy Winn, Woburn.

8 Theodore H. Sweetser, Lowell. John S. Keyes, Concord.

9 John D. Baldwin, Worcester. Edward B. Bigelow, Grafton.

10 John Wells, Chicopee.

Erastus Hopkins, Northampton. 11 John H. Coffin, Great Barrington. Matthew D. Field, Southwick.

At Large.

James F. Simmons, U. S. Senate.
Nathaniel B. Durfee, Tiverton.
Benedict Lapham, Centreville.
W. H. S. Bayley, Bristol.


1 Benjamin T. Eames, Providence. Rowland R. Hazard, jr., Newport. 2 Rowland G. Hazard, Peacedale. Simon Henry Greene, Phenix.

At Large.

Gideon Welles. Hartford
Eleazer K. Foster, New Haven.
Chauncey F. Cleveland, Hampton.
Alexander H. Holley, Salisbury.


1 Samuel Q. Porter, Unionville P. O. Leverett E. Pease, Somers.

2 Stephen W. Kellogg, Waterbury. Arthur B Calef, Middletown. 3 David Gallup, Plainfield.

Henry H. Stark weather, Norwich. 4 Edgar S. Tweedy, Danbury. George H. Noble, New Milford.

At Large.

William M. Evarts, New York.
Preston King, Ogdensburgh.
John L. Schoolcraft, Albany.
Henry R. Selden, Rochester.

1 George W. Curtis, New York.
Robert L. Meeks, Jamaica, L. I.

2 James S. T. Stranahan, Brooklyn. Henry A. Kent, Brooklyn.

3 John A. Kennedy, New York. John A. King, Jamaica.

4 Owen W. Brennan, New York. Robert T. Haws, New York.

5 Thomas Murphy, New York. Charles M. Briggs, Williamsburg. 6 Joseph C. Pinckney, New York. Marshall B. Blake,

7 Daniel D. Conover,

John Keyser,

8 Wm. Curtis Noyes,

James W. Nye,






9 Edmund J Porter, New Rochelle. John G. Miller, Carmel.

10 Ambrose S. Murray, Goshen.

C. V R. Luddington, Monticello. 11 Peter Crispell, jr.

Henry Green.

12 Albert Van Kleeck, Poughkeepsie. John T. Hogeboom, Ghent.

13 Jonathan W. Freeman.

Gideon Reynolds, Troy.

14 H. H. Van Dyck, Albany.

Henry A. Brigham, West Troy. 15 Edward Dodd, Argyle.

Jas. W. Schenck, Glensfalls. 16 Orlando Kellogg.

Wm. Hedding.

17 John H Wooster, Newport.
A. B. James, Ogdensburgh.
18 Henry Churchill, Gloversville.
Thomas R. Horton, Fultonville.
19 Horatio N. Buckley, Delhi.
Samuel J. Cooke.

20 Palmer V. Kellogg, Utica.
Henry H. Fish, Utica.

21 Giles W. Hotchkiss, Binghamton. Benj. S. Rexford, Norwich. 22 Samuel F. Case, Fulton.

Robt. Stewart, Chitten: ngo, 23 Isaac H. Fiske, Watertown. Hiram Porter, Louisville. 24 Vivus W. Smith, Syracuse.

D. C. Greenfield. Baldwinsville. 25 Alex B. Williams, Lyons.

Theodore M. Pomeroy, Auburn. 26 Obadiah B. Latham, Seneca Falls. Charles C. Shepard, Penn Yan. 27 Wm. W. Shepard, Waverly. Geo. W. Schuyler, Ithaca. 28 Wm. Scott, Geneseo.

Stephen T. Hayt, Corning. 29 D. D. S. Browne, Rochester.

Alexander Babcock, Rochester. 30 Joshua H. Darling, Warsaw. John H. Kimberly, Batavia.

31 Wm. Keep, Lockport. Noah Davis, jr.. Albion.

32 Alexander W. Harvey, Buffalo. Joseph Candee,

[blocks in formation]

Edward Y. Rogers, Rahway.
Ephraim Marsh, Jersey City.
F. T. Frelinghuysen, Newark.
Jonathan Cook, Trenton.
Dudley S. Gregory, Jersey City.
John J. Blair, Blairtown.


1 Providence Ludlam, Bridgeton. Robert K. Mattock, Woodbury. Edward Brettle, Camden. Jonathan D. Ingham, Salem. 2 Archibald R Pharo, Tuckerton. Stephen B Smith, Pennington. Amzi C. McLean, Freehold. Bernard Connolly, do 3 A. P. Bethonde, Washington. A. N. Voorhees, Clinton.

Wm. D. Waterman, Janesville. Moses F. Webb, New Brunswick. 4 Henry M. Low, Paterson.

Wm. G. Lathrop, Boonton. Thomas Cumming, Hackensack. Henry B. Crosby, Paterson. 5 Hugh H. Bowne. Rahway. H. N. Congar, Newark. Marcus L. Ward, Newark. Denning Duer, Weehawken.

[blocks in formation]

Wm. D. Kelly,


M. S. Buckley, Richmond.

5 James Hooven, Norristown.

Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia. William B. Thomas, Philadelphia. George W. Pumroy, Philadelphia. 6 John M. Broomal, Chester. Washington Townsend, West Chester. Joseph J. Lewis, West Chester. Jacob S. Serrill, Darby.

7 Caleb N. Taylor, Bristol. Joseph Young, Allen Town. George Beisel, Allen Town. Henry J. Saeger, Allen Town. 8 Isaac Eckert, Redding. David E. Stout, Redding. J. Knabb, Redding. J. Bowman Bell, Redding. 9 0. J. Dickey, Lancaster. C. S. Kauffman, Columbia. Samuel Scoch, Columbia. Jos. D. Pownall, Christiana. 10 G. Dawson Coleman, Lebanon. Levi Kline, Lebanon.

Jos Casey, Harrisburg.
Wm. Cameron. Louisburg.
11 Robert M. Palmer, Pottsville.
Jacob G. Frick, Pottsville.
S. A. Bergstresser, Elysburg
Wm. C. Lawson, Milton.

12 W. W. Ketchum, Wilkes barre.
P. M. Osterhout, Junkhannock.
Frank Stewart, Berwick.
Davis Alton, Carbondale.
13 Chas. Albright, Mauch Chunk.
Wm. Davis, Stroudsburg.
W. H. Armstrong, Euston.
Sam'l E. Dimmick, Honesdale.
14 H. W. Tracy, standing one.
Hon Wm. Jessup, Montrose.
F. E. Smith, Tioga Point.
Dr. Abel Humphreys. Tioga Point.
15 Wm. Butler, Lewiston

B. Rush Peterkin. L ckhaven.
Lindsay Mehaffey, Newerry.
G. B. Overton, Coudersport.
16 Kirk Haines, Millerstown.
W. B. Irvin, Mechanicsburg.
Alex. J. Frey. York.

Jacob S. Haldeman, New Cumberland. 17 Wm. M'Clellan, Chambersburg. D. MCaunaghy, Gettysburg. John J. Patterson, Academin. Francis Jordan Bedford. 18 A. A. Barker, Ele isburg. S. M. Green, Bailey's Forge. L. W. Hall, Altoona. Wm. H. Koons, Sumerset. 19 W. M. Stewart, Indiana. Darwin E. Phelps, Kittaning. Addison Leech, Leechburg. D. W. Shryok, Gr e sburg. 20 Andrew Stewart, Uniontown. Smith Fuller, Uniontown.

Alex. Murdoch, Washington. Wm. E. Gapen, Waynesburg. 21 Wm. H. Mersh, Pittsburgh.

Col. James A. Ekin Elizabeth.
John F. Dravo McKeesport.
J. J. Siebeneck, Pittsburgh.
22 D. N. White, ewick ev.

Stephen H. Guyer, Alleghany City.
John N. Purviance Butler county.
W. L. Graham, Butler county.
23 L. L. McGuffin, New Castle.
David Craig New Castle.
Wm. G. Brown, Mercer.
John Allison, New Brighton.
24 Henry Souther Ridgway.
S. P. Johnston, Warren.
Jas. S. Meyers, Franklin.
D. C. Gillaspie, Brooklyn.
25 B. B. Vincent, Erie.

Thomas J. Devore, Erie.
J. C. Hayes, Meadville.
S. Newton Pettis, Meadville.

Nathaniel B. Smithers, Dover.
John C. Clark, Delaware City.
Benjamin C. Hopkin Vernon.
Lewes Thompson, Pleasant Hill.
Joshua T. Heald, Wilmington.
Alfred Short, Milford.

At Large.

Francis P. Blair, Washington, D. C.
Wm. L. Marshall, Baltimore.

1 James Bryan, Cambridge.

2 James Jeffery, Churchville.

[blocks in formation]

3 Wm Becket, Hamilton.
P. P. Lowe, Dayton.

4 G. D. Burgess, Troy.
John E. Cummings, Sidney.
5 David Taylor, Defiance.
E. Graham, Perryburg.

6 John M. Barrere, New Market.
Reeder W. Clarke, Batavia.
7 Hon. Thos. Corwin, Lebanon.
A. Hivling, Xenia.

8 W. H. West, Bellefontaine.
Levi Geiger, Urbana.

9 Earl Bill, Tiffin.

D. W. Swigart, Bucyrus.

10 J. V. Robinson, jr., Portsmouth. Milton L. Clark, Chillicothe.

11 N. H. Van Vorhees, Athens. A. C. Sands, Zelaski.

12 Willard Warner, Newark. Jonathan Renick, Circleville.

13 John J. Gurley, Mt. Gilead. P. N. Schuyler, Norwalk.

14 James Monroe, Oberlin.

G. U. Harn, Wooster.

15 Hon. Columbus Delano, Mt. Vernon.

R. K. Enos, Millersburg.

16 Daniel Applegate, Zanesville. Caleb A. Williams, Chesterfield. 17 C. J. Allbright, Cambridge.

Wm. Wallace, Martin's Ferry.

18 H. Y. Beebe, Ravenna.

Isaac Steese, Massillon. 19 Robt. F. Paine, Cleveland. R. Hitchcock, Painesville. 20 Joshua R. Giddings, Jefferson. Milton Sutliffe, Warren.

21 Samuel Stokely, Steubenville.
D. Arter, Carrollton.

At Large.

Geo. D. Blakey, Russellville.
A. A. Burton, Lancaster.

Wm. D. Gallagher, Pewee Valley.
Charles Hendley, Newport.


1 Abner Williams, Covington.
H. G. Otis, Louisville.

2 Fred. Frische, Louisvilie.
E. H. Harrison, McKee.

3 Joseph Glazebrook, Glasgow.
Jos. W. Calvert, Bowling Green.
4 John J. Hawes, Louisville.
5 H. D. Hawes, Louisville.
Lewis M. Dembitz, Louisville.
6 Curtis Knight, Kingston.
Joseph Rawlings, White Hall.
7 A. H. Merriwether, Louisville.
Henry D. Hawes, Louisville.
8 H. B. Broaddus, Ashland.
L. Marston, Millersburg.

9 Edgar Needham, Louisville. J. S. Davis.

10 Jas. R. Whittemore, Newport. Hamilton Cummings, Covington.

At Large.

William T. Ott, New Albany.
Daniel D. Pratt, Logansport.
Caleb B. Smith, Indianapolis.
P. A. Hackelman, Rushville.

1 James C. Veatch, Rockport.
C. M. Allen, Vincennes.

2 Thos. C. Slaughter, Corydon. J. H. Butler, Salem.

3 John R. Cravens, Madison.
A. C. Vorhies, Bedford.

4 Geo. Holland, Brookville.
J. L. Yater, Versailles.
5 Miles Murphy, Newcastle.
Walter March, Muncie.

6 S. P. Oyler, Franklin.
John S. Bobbs, Indianapolis.
7 Geo. K. Steele, Rockville.
D. C. Donohue, Green Castle.
8 John Beard, Crawfordsville.
J. N. Simms, Frankfort.

9 Chas. H. Test, Mudges Station. D. H. Hopkins, Crown Point. 10 Geo. Moon, Warsaw.

Geo. Emmerson, Angola.
11 Wm. W. Connor, Noblesville.
John M. Wallace, Marion.

At Large.

Austin Blair, Jackson.

Walton W. Murphy, Jonesville. Thos. White Ferry, Grand Haven. J. J. St. Clair, Marquette.


1 J. G. Peterson, Detroit. Alex. D. Crane, Dexter.

2 Jesse G. Beeson, Dowagiac. William L. Stoughton, Sturgis.

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