The queen of hearts, and other nursery rhymes and jingles

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Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Company, 1883 - Nursery rhymes, English - 73 pages

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Page 32 - I'll tell thee, Little Lamb, I'll tell thee, He is called by thy name, For he calls himself a Lamb.
Page 11 - There was a little man and he had a little gun, And his bullets were made of lead, lead, lead; He went to the brook, and saw a little duck, And shot it through the head, head, head.
Page 72 - Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn, The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn.
Page 64 - FOR every evil under the sun, There is a remedy, or there is none. If there be one, try and find it; If there be none, never mind it.
Page 38 - Little Bo-peep has lost her sheep, And can't tell where to find them; Leave them alone, and they'll come home, And bring their tails behind them.
Page 62 - I saw a peacock with a fiery tail, I saw a blazing comet...
Page 59 - Piping down the valleys wild, Piping songs of pleasant glee, On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me : — ' Pipe a song about a lamb : ' So I piped with merry cheer. ' Piper, pipe that song again : ' So I piped ; he wept to hear.
Page 51 - The Blossom MERRY Merry Sparrow, Under leaves so green, A happy Blossom Sees you swift as arrow Seek your cradle narrow Near my Bosom. Pretty Pretty Robin, Under leaves so green, A happy Blossom Hears you sobbing, sobbing, Pretty Pretty Robin Near my Bosom. The Chimney Sweeper WHEN my mother died I was very young, And my father sold me while yet my tongue Could scarcely cry ' weep, weep, weep, weep,' So your chimneys I sweep & in soot I sleep.
Page 9 - The Queen of Hearts She made some tarts, All on a summer's day; The Knave of Hearts He stole those tarts, And took them clean away. The King of Hearts Called for the tarts, And beat the Knave full sore; The Knave of Hearts Brought back the tarts, And vowed he'd steal no more.
Page 32 - I'll tell thee, He is called by thy name, For he calls himself a Lamb : He is meek, and he is mild ; He became a little child. I a child and thou a lamb, We are called by his name. Little lamb, God bless thee ! Little lamb, God bless thee ! TO THE TIGER.

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