Senate Documents, Otherwise Publ. as Public Documents and Executive Documents: 14th Congress, 1st Session-48th Congress, 2nd Session and Special Session, Volume 5

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Page 299 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that a monument be erected in the Cathedral Church of ST.
Page 767 - His Majesty the King of the Belgians; His Majesty the King of Spain...
Page 349 - ... issued primarily by the Bank of England and in a secondary manner by the country banks, the variations of which in relative value may be as indefinite as the possible excess of that circulating medium. But whether our present measure of value, and standard of prices, be this paper currency thus variable in its relative value, or continues still to be gold, but gold rendered more variable than it was before in consequence of being interchangeable for a paper currency, which is not at will convertible...
Page 675 - The bills and notes of the bank originally made payable, or which shall have become payable, on demand, in gold and silver coin? shall be receivable in all payments to the United States.
Page 459 - ... One gold piece, equal in weight and value to ten units, or dollars. One gold piece, equal to a tenth part of the former, and which shall be a unit or dollar. One silver piece, which shall also be a unit or dollar. One silver piece, which shall be, in weight and value, a tenth part of the silver unit or dollar. One copper piece, which shall be of the value of a hundredth part of a dollar. One other copper piece, which shall be half the value of the former.
Page 113 - All the rivers run into the sea, and yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers came, thither do they return again...
Page 459 - The largest copper piece will nearly answer to the half-penny sterling, and the smallest, of course, to the farthing. Pieces of very small value are a great accommodation, and the means of a beneficial economy to the poor, by enabling them to purchase, in small portions, and at a more reasonable rate, the necessaries of which they stand in need. If there are only cents, the lowest price for any portion of a vendible commodity, however inconsiderable in quantity, will be a cent ; if there are half...
Page 441 - ... would, probably, be a greater evil than occasional variations in the unit from the fluctuations in the relative value of the metals, especially if care be taken to regulate the proportion between them with an eye to their average commercial value.
Page 441 - Hamilton, in his able and invaluable report in 1791 on the establishment of a mint, declared that " to annul the use of either gold or silver as money is to abridge the quantity of circulating medium, and is liable to all the objections which arise from a comparison of the benefits of a full circulation with the evils of a scanty circulation.
Page 748 - A Practical Plan for Assimilating the English and American Money as a Step towards a Universal Money. Cr.8vo.2*.6a'.

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