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Buckle (Harry O.).—Civil Practice of the Magistrates' Courts in the



Bullen and Leake’s Precedents of Pleading (6th ed. by Cyril

Dodd, K.C., and T. Willes Chitty).


Burdett (Halford G.).-See Tudor's Charitable Trusts.

Burney (Charles).-See Annual Practice.

Butterworth (Arthur R.).—See Benjamin (Judah P.).

Cane (A. B.).-See Revised Reports.

Carr (C. T.).-General Principles of the Law of Corporations


Carter (A. T.).-History of English Legal Institutions

Centralization and the Law.-(Introduction by Melville M. Bigelow) 320

Cherry (B.L.).-See Wolstenholme's Conveyancing and Settled Land Acts.
Chironi (G. P.).—La Colpa nel diritto Civile Odierno
Chitty (T. Willes).-See Bullen and Leake.

See Yearly Supreme Court Practice.

Clerk (J. F.) and Lindsell (W. H. B.).-Law of Torts (4th ed. by

Wyatt Paine)


Code Civil Allemand


Cohen (E. Arakie). — London Building Acts, 1894-1905 ·

Coltman (F. J.).-See Ward (D.).

Comyns (Henry J.).-See Mackenzie (William W.).

Davenport (F. G.).- Economic Development of a Norfolk Manor,



Dernstedt (M.) and Voigtländer (F.).—Der Nachweis von Schrift-

fälschungen, Blut, Sperma u. s. w.... mit einem Anlange über



Disney (Henry W.).-Law of Carriage by Railway.

· 114

Dodd (Cyril, K.C.).-See Bullen and Leake.

Dunn (R. H.).—See Norton (Robert, K.C.).

Eades (E. J.).—See Bennett (J. F. C.).

Ehrlich (Eugen).-Soziologie und Jurisprudenz


Ellis (Geoffrey). --- See Law Annual, 1906.

Elphinstone (Sir Howard W.).-See Goodeve (L. A.).

Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, Vols. IX, X, and XI (edited

by Arthur Underbill, assisted by H. B. Bompas, C. O. Blagden,

W. E. C. Baynes, E. J. Naldrett, Horace Freeman, R. Powell-

Williams, H. B. Vaisey, and H. H. King).

103, 227, 456

Encyclopaedia of Local Government Law.--Vols. I and II, ed. by

Joshua Scholefield

108, 344

Encyclopaedia of the Laws of England (2nd ed. by Mr. Justice A.

Wood Renton and Max. A. Robertson)




Evans (Frank).-See Palmer (Francis B.).
Farran (E. C.).--See Walker (R. A.).
Fox (John C.).-See Yearly Supreme Court Practice.
Francke (P. M.).-See Yearly Supreme Court Practice.
Fraser (H.).—Law of Parliamentary Elections and Election Petitions 225




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Free Church of Scotland Case, An American criticism of (n.).
Freeman (Horace).-See Encyclopaedia of Forms.

(W. Marshall) and Abbott (J. Carson).-ABC of Parlia-

mentary Procedure


Gardner (Samuel).-See Melsheimer (Rudolph E.).
Goodeve (L. A.).—Modern Law of Real Property (5th ed. by Sir
Howard W. Elphinstone and Frederick T. Maw)


Grasserie (Raoul de la).—Les Principes sociologiques du droit civil 320

Gray (John Chipman).-Rule against Perpetuities (2nd ed.)


Hart (Heber)
.Law of Banking (2nd ed.)

Hartmann (Adolf).—Die Strafrechtspflege in Amerika mit Ausfüh-
rungen zur Deutschen Strafprozessreform


Hartshorne (Charles H.).—Courts and Procedure in England and in

New Jersey


Hearth, The, as a memorial of ownership (n.)

Henderson (J. S.).— Analytical Digest of Cases published in the Law
Journal Reports and the Law Reports, 1901-5.


Henriques (H. S. Q.).—Law of Aliens and Naturalization

Hicks (W. Joynson).-See Barlow (C. A. Montague).

Highmore (N. J.).—The Customs Laws

Hill (G. R.).—See Yearly Digest.

Hogg (James Edward).— Treatise on the Law relating to Ownership

and Incumbrance of Registered Land


Holland (T. E., K.C.).—Elements of Jurisprudence (10th ed.)

Hudson (Alfred A.), assisted by Miller (H. E.), Peck (W. A.), and
Humphries (S.). --Law of Compensation.

Hume-Williams (W. E., K.C.).-See Pitt-Taylor (His Honour Judge).
Humphries (S.).-See Hudson (Alfred A.).
Hunt (Cecil A.). - See Tudor's Charitable Trusts.
Hurst (Joseph) and Cecil (Lord Robert).—The Principles of Com-
mercial Law (2nd ed.)

Iselin (J. F.).-See Williams (T. Cyprian).
Jackson (J. H.).—Law of Repairs and Improvements, including
Ecclesiastical Dilapidations

Jardine (Willoughby). - See Yearly County Courts Practice, 1906.
Jenks (Edward), Geldart (W. M.), Holdsworth (W. S.), Lee (R. W.),
and Miles (J. C.).—Digest of English Civil Law

100, 333

Johnston (J.).-See Sweet and Maxwell's Diary, 1906.

Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation (ed. by Sir John

Macdonell, C.B., and Edward Manson)


Kenrick (G. H. B.).-See Strahan (J. Andrew).

Ker (Walter C. A.). --See Benjamin (Judah P.).

Kerly (D. M.) and Underbay (F. G.).— Trade Marks Act, 1905


King (Humphrey H.).—See Encyclopaedia of Forms.

Knee (A. W. Colston).-Inequalities of English Law


Koe (Digby L. F.). - See Norton (Robert F., K.C.).

Konstam (E. M.).-Rates and Taxes


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115 116 353 245 115 350 326



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349 454

Kowalewsky (Maxime).--Die ökonomische Entwicklung Europas
Krabbe (H).-- Die Lehre der Rechtssouveränität
Langdell, Professor, the late (n.)
Law List, indexing of Mahometan names in (n.)
Law Annual, 1906 (ed. by Geoffrey Ellis and Max. A. Robertson)
Law Association of Philadelphia
Leage (R. W.).-Roman Private Law
Leake (S. Martin).-

Principles of the Law of Contracts (5th ed. by
A. E. Randall)
Lely (J. M.).-See Best's Principles of Evidence.

Statutes of Practical Utility, passed in 1905
Lindley, Lord, retirement of (n.)
Lindsell (W. H. B.).-See Clerk (J. F.).
Livesey (David).-Manual of Licensing Applications
Lucas (William W.).-See Yearly Supreme Court Practice.
Lushington (S. G.).-See Ward (D.).

See Yearly Supreme Court Practice.
Macdonell (Sir John, C.B.).-See Journal of the Society of Com-

parative Legislation.
McDougall (D. G.).—Self-governing Colonies.
Macgillivray (E. J.).—Digest of the Law of Copyright
Mackenzie (M. Muir).-See Yearly Supreme Court Practice.

(William W.) and Comyns (Henry J.).—Overseer's Hand-
book (6th ed.)
Macnaghten (Hon. C., K.C.).-See Palmer (Francis B.).
Macnamara (W. H.).-See Railway and Canal Cases.
Macqueen (John Fraser, Q.C.).-Rights and Liabilities of Husband

and Wife (4th ed. by Wyatt Paine). Maitland (F. W.).-See Selden Society. Manson (Edward).-See Moore (H).

See Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation. Marion (André).—La loi du domicile en matière successorale selon la

jurisprudence anglaise
Markby (Sir William, K.C.I.E.).— Introduction to Hindu and Mahom-

medan Law
Matthews (Joseph B.).-Law of Money-lending
Maw (F. T.).-See Goodeve (L. A.).
Maxwell on the Interpretation of Statutes (4th ed. by J. Anwyl

Meili (F.).-International, Civil, and Commercial Law as founded

upon Theory, Legislation, and Practice
Melsheimer (Rudolph E.) and Gardner (Samuel).-Law and Customs

of the Stock Exchange (4th ed. by William Bowstead)
Mews (John).-See Annual Digest.
Miller (H. E.).—See Hudson (Alfred A.).
Moore (H.).-Handbook of Practical Forms (4th ed. by E. Manson)
Moore (W. Harrison).--Act of State in English Law






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PAGE Morice (George T.).—English and Roman-Dutch Law (2nd ed.)

236 Morrow (F. St. John).-Building Cases.

460 Moyle (J. B.).—Institutes of Justinian (4th ed.)

351 Mulla (Dinshah Fardunji).-- Principles of Mahomedan Law

99 Naldrett (E. J.).-See Encyclopaedia of Forms. Neave (Frederick G.).-Handbook of Commercial Law Netherlands Civil Code, The (n.) Neville (Ralph).--See Railway and Canal Cases. Norton (Robert F., K.C.), assisted by Dunn (R. H.) and Koe (Digby L. F.).— Treatise on Deeds

337 Oppenheim (L.).--International Law, Vol. II

. Paine (Wyatt). - See Clerk (J. F.).

See Macqueen (John Fraser, Q.C.).
Palmer (Francis B.), assisted by Macnaghten (Hon. C., K.C.) and
Evans (Frank).—Company Precedents (9th ed.)

231 Parow (Prof. Dr.).--Compotus Vicecomitis

328 Pease (J. G.).-See Revised Reports. Peck (W. A.). - See Hudson (Alfred A.). Pennant (Douglas Falconer).- Trade Unions and the Law

114 Piepowder, The Court of (n.)

Pike (Luke Owen).-See Year Books Edward III.
Pitt-Lewis (G., K.C.).-See Yearly County Court Practice, 1906.
Pitt-Taylor (His Honour Judge).-Treatise on the Law of Evidence

as administered in England and Ireland (10th ed. by W. E.
Hume-Williams, K.C.)

325 Pollock (Edward).-See Russell on Arbitration.

(Sir Frederick).-See Revised Reports.

(Harold Warren).-See Russell on Arbitration.
Porter (James Biggs).- Manual of the Law of Principal and Agent
Potton (Edward).-Index-Digest of the Cases reported in Vols.
I-LXV, Revised Reports .

116 Powell (Arthur, K.C.). - Lawyer's Remembrancer and Pocket Book, 1906

116 Powell-Williams (R.).—See Encyclopaedia of Forms. Powles (L. D.).—Brown and Powles' Law and Practice in Divorce (7th ed.).

116 Railway and Canal Traffic Cases, Vol. XII, ed. by J. H. Balfour

Browne, K.C., W. H. Macnamara, and Ralph Neville
Randall (A. E.).-See Leake (S. Martin).
Raphaely (Siegfried). --See Van Hoytema (J. P. R.).
Redlich (Josef). — Recht und Technik des Englischen Parlamen-
tarismus, &c.

224 Renton (Mr. Justice A. Wood).-See Encyclopaedia of the Laws of

Revised Reports (edited by Sir F. Pollock, assisted by 0. A. Saunders,
J. G. Pease, and A. B. Cane).

116, 235, 351, 462 Ridges (Edward Wavell).--Constitutional Law of England





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Ringwood (Richard).-Outlines of the Law of Torts

229 Roberts (J. R.).-See Stone's Justices' Manual. Robertson (Max. A.). -See Law Annual, 1906.

See Encyclopaedia of the Laws of England.
Robinson, Christopher, K.C., the late (n.)
Roughead (William).--The Trial of Dr. Pritchard

347 Royal Historical Society, Transactions of (n.) .

13 Russell (Arthur E.).—See Wolstenholme's Conveyancing and Settled

Land Acts.
Russell on Arbitration (9th ed. by Edward Pollock and Harold
Warren Pollock)

226 Sanderson (W. A.).--The Law relating to Factories and Shops in Victoria .

462 Saunders (O. A.). --See Revised Reports. Scholefield (Joshua).-See Encyclopaedia of Local Government Law. Scott (S. B.).-See West (Leonard H.). Selden Society Publications: Borough Customs, Vol. II (ed. by Mary Bateson)

462 Year Books of Edward II, Vol. III (ed. by F. W.

Vol. III
Sellers (William).-Handbook of Legal Medicine

462 Simey (Ralph Iliff).-See Smith (John William). Smith (Charles M.).—Treatise on the Law of Master and Servant

(6th ed. by Ernest M. Smith and A. C. F. Boulton, M.P.) 345 Smith (John William).-A Compendium of Mercantile Law (11th ed. by Edward Louis de Hart and Ralph Iliff Simey)

95 Smyly (William Cecil, K.C.).-See Annual County Courts Practice, 1906. Snow (Thomas).-See Annual Practice. Spencer (Aubrey J.).-Agricultural Holdings Acts, 1883-90

350 Speyer (H.).—La Constitution juridique de l'empire colonial britannique 94 Spirit of our Laws .

348 State Divorce Decrees and the Constitution of the United States (n.) 237 Stone's Justices' Manual (38th ed. by J. R. Roberts)

235 Strahan (J. Andrew) and Kenrick (G. H. B.).-Digest of Equity 109 Street (Thomas Atkins).—The Foundations of Legal Liability 462 Stringer (F. A.).—A B C Guide to Practice, 1906 (4th ed.)

107 See Annual Practice.

See Sweet and Maxwell's Diary, 1906.
Sweet and Maxwell's Diary for Lawyers for 1906 (ed. by Francis A.
Stringer and J. Johnston)

116 Taswell-Langmead (T. P.).-English Constitutional History (6th ed. by P. A. Ashworth)

225 Terrell (Courtney).-See Terrell (Thomas, K.C.). Terrell (Thomas, K.C.).-Law and Practice relating to Letters Patent for Inventions (4th ed. by Courtney Terrell)

340 Theobald (J. Anwyl).-See Maxwell on the Interpretation of Statutes.

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