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New Volumes of "The International Scientific Series."


An Exposition of the Principles of Monocular and Binocular Vision. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL. D., author of "Elements of Geology," "Religion and Science," and Professor of Geology and Natural History in the University of California. With numerous Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

"It is pleasant to find an American book which can rank with the very best of foreign works on this subject. Professor Le Conte has long been known as an original investigator in this department; all that he gives us is treated with a master-hand."-The Nation.

Animal Life,

As affected by the Natural Conditions of Existence. By KARL SEMPER, Professor of the University of Würzburg. With 2 Maps and 106 Woodcuts, and Index. 12mo, cloth, $2.00.

"It appears to me that, of all the properties of the animal organism, Variability is that which may first and most easily be traced by exact investigation to its efficient causes; and as it is beyond a doubt the subject around which, at the present moment, the strife of opinions is most violent, it is that which will be most likely to repay the tror ble of closer research. I have endeavored to facilitate this task so far as in me lies."-From the Preface. This is in many respects one of the most interesting contributions to zoological literature which has appeared for some time."-Nature.

The Atomic Theory.

By AD. WURTZ, Membre de l'Institut; Doyen Honoraire de la Faculté de Médecine; Professeur à la Faculté des Sciences de Paris. Translated by E. CLEMINSHAW, M. A., F. C. S., F. I. C., Assistant Master at Sherborne School. 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

"There was need for a book like this, which discusses the atomic theory both in its historic evolution and in its present form. And perhaps no man of this age could have been selected so able to perform the task in a masterly way as the illustrious French chemist, Adolph Wurtz. It is impossible to convey to the reader, in a notice like this, any adequate idea of the scope, lucid instructiveness, and scientific interest of Professor Wurtz's book. The modern problems of chemistry, which are commonly so obscure from imperfect exposition, are here made wonderfully clear and attractive."-The Popular Science Monthly.

The Power of Movement in Plants.

BY CHARLES DARWIN, LL. D., F. R. S., assisted by FRANCIS DARWIN. With Illustrations. 12mo, cloth, $2.00.

"Mr. Darwin's latest study of plant-life shows no abatement of his power of work or his habits of fresh and original observation. We have learned to expect from him at intervals, never much prolonged, the results of special research in some by-path or other subordinated to the main course of the biological system associated with his name; and it has been an unfailing source of interest to see the central ideas of the evolution and the continuity of life developed in detail through a series of special treatises, each wellnigh exhaustive of the materials available for its subject."-Saturday Review.

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers,

1, 3, & 5 Bond Street, New York.



The Life and Words of Christ. By CeNNINGHAM GEIKIE, D. D. New cheap édition. From the same stereotype plates as the twovolume illustrated edition. 8vo. Cloth. Price, $1.50.

This edition of Geikie's Life of Christ is the only cheap edition that contains the copious notes of the author, the marginal references, and an index."

"A work of the highest rank, breathing the spirit of true faith in Christ."-Dr. Delitzsch, the Commentator.

"A most valuable addition to sacred literature."-A. N. Littlejohn, D. D., Bishop of Long Island. II.

In two volumes,

Mind in the Lower Animals, in Health and Disease. By W. LAUDER LINDSAY, M. D., F. R. S. E., etc. 8vo, cloth. Price, $4.00.

"I have studied the subject of mind in other animals, as compared with that of man, for a series of years, simply as a physician-naturalist. . . . Regarding the whole subject of mind in animals from a medical and natural-history point of view, I have studied it from first to last without any preconceived ideas, with no theory to defend, support, or illustrate. . . . All that I attempt is to outline the subject of mind in the lower animals, to illustrate their possession of the higher mental faculties as they occur in man."-Extract from Introduction.


Memoirs of Madame de Remusat. Complete in one

vol., with an Index, 12mo, 740 pages, cloth, price, $2.00. In three vols., octavo, paper covers, price, $1.50; or, 50 cents each.

"Madame de Rémusat's Memoirs' will remain as the most finished picture of the Napoleonic Court in its outward glory and its inner pettiness."-London Athenæum.

"Notwithstanding the enormous library of works relating to Napoleon, we know of none which cover precisely the ground of these Memoirs. Madame de Rémusat was not only lady-inwaiting to Josephine during the eventful years 1802-1808, but was her intimate friend and trusted conddant. Thus we get a view of the daily life of Bonaparte and his wife and the terms on which they lived not elsewhere to be found."-New York Mail.


Memoirs of Napoleon, his Court and Family.

By the Duchess D'ABRANTES (Madame Junot). New edition. In two vols., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $8.00.

The interest in the first Napoleon and his Court, which has recently been so stimulated by the "Memoirs of Madame de Rémusat," has induced the publishers to reissue the famous “Me. moirs of the Duchess d'Abrantes." These memoirs, which hitherto have appeared in costly Svo volumes, are now published at a much lower price, to correspond with the De Rémusst 12mo volume. The work at the present juncture will be read with attention, especially as it presents a much more favorable portrait of the great Corsican than that limned by Madame de Remusat.


The Life of David Clasgow Farragut, First Admiral

of the United States Navy, embodying his Journal and Letters. By his Son, LOYALL FARRAGUT. With Portraits, Maps, and Illustrations. 8vo. Cloth. Price, $4.00.

"The book is a stirring one, of course; the story of Farragut's life is a tale of adventure of the most ravishing sort, so that, aside from the value of this work as an authentic biography of the greatest of American naval commanders, the book is one of surpassing interest, considered merely as a narrative of difficult and dangerous enterprises and heroic achievements."—New York Evening Post.

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D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 1, 3, & 5 Bond Street, New York

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