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Did the person that said this was false really read the book or do any independent research on his own? He would know by independent studiy how fake Barton is! To take Barton at his source or any other highly biased sorce is asign!
The Liars For Jesus is a not an easy read. However, the content is exceptional and accurate. Clearly much more the mind set of the vast majority of our Founding Fathers and its result the Constitution. If Jesus is so important to our country's history why is he not mentioned a single time in either the the Declaration of Idepdance or the Constitution.
Barton just lied to a poorly informed people that are dying to have this Country become a Theocracy. I am writing this in 2015 and he is promoting nonsense. Fundamentalist are now believing him along with Ted Nugent the latest Profit out of Texas. Yes the are sending the best of Texas to mess the with the other 49 states.

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This book is false. You can't argue with truth. I would suggest anyone view the Documentary by Kurt Cameron called Monumental. You find out some very interesting facts about how a couple of so called educated "Drs" writer put together a book with no proof or footnotes to create an illusion that this country was not built on Faith.
Check it out!

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For those willing to learn and genuinely interested in the question of whether America was founded on Enlightenment principles as a secular democracy or
whether it was founded on Christian principles as a theocratic republic, this is the book for you. Go ahead and read Barton and Federer and Hutson all you like, and then when you want to know the whole truth behind the sundry decontextualized passages that these shameless revisionists have exhumed for our consideration (after a careful pruning of the undesirable bits) you can either go to the library and do all the research yourself or else simply go online and read this one book.
Along the way, you will come to realize that one side of the church/state debate is willing to tell you the whole story, from soup to nuts, while the other side insists on showing you only the particular passages which may be cleverly chopped up and twisted about to fit the mythology of a Christian America. If you are a very charitable person, it will take until around the fifth or sixth time you see history forcibly tortured into pious myth by revisionist ‘historians’ for you to realize that ‘liars’ is not nearly too strong a term, though ‘propagandists’ might be an even better fit.

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