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determined in the recent adjudications by the Federal courts, upon the maritime captures made by the naval forces of the government in the prosecution of the war-the many interesting subjects involved in those adjudications, connected with the practice and proceedings of courts, organized for the administration of the law of prize-and the recent congressional legislation upon matters incident to maritime warfare, have combined to render desirable, if not necessary, the new and greatly enlarged edition of this work, which is now presented to the profession and the public.

The additions, which exceed in volume the original text, are placed at the termination of the respective chapters of the first edition, which treat of subjects cognate to those of the addenda, instead of being given the awkward and inconvenient position of foot-notes, or the more undesirable form of an appendix.

The opportunity has not been neglected to correct several errors which had escaped notice in the original text, to supply a more copious and convenient index, or table of contents, for reference, and also a complete list of cited authorities.

The author desires to avail of this occasion, to express his acknowledgments for the many kind and flattering notices of his work, by the press of the country, as well as for its gracious and favorable reception in the navy and by the profession; and he ventures to indulge a hope, that his larger labors in the preparation of this edition, will be amply rewarded, by its greatly enhanced value and utility, as a textbook for future reference.

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