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1817 to 1821.-James Monroe, of Virginia, President, inaugurated March 4, 1817. He was born in Westmoreland county, Va., 1759, and died in New York, July 4, 1831.

Daniel D. Tompkins, of New York, Vice-President. Born June 21, 1774, at Fox Meadows, N. Y., and died at Staten Island, June 11, 1825.

ELECTORAL VOTE. -For President, James Monroe, 183; Rufus King, 34.—Total, 221. Nineteen States voting. For Vice-President, Daniel D. Tompkins, 183; John Eager Howard, Maryland, 22; James Ross, Pennsylvania, 5; John Marshall, Virginia, 4; Robt. Goodloe Harper, Maryland, 3.

1821 to 1825.-James Monroe, President, inaugurated March 4, 1821.

Daniel D. Tompkins, Vice-President.

ELECTORAL VOTE.- For President, James Monroe, 231; John Quincy Adams, Massachusetts, 1.—Total, 232. Twenty-four States voting. For Vice-President, Daniel D. Tompkins, 218; Richard Stockton, New Jersey, 8; Robert G. Harper, 1; Richard Ruah, Pennsylvania, 1; Daniel Rodney, Delaware, 1.

1825 to 1829.—John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, President, inaugurated March 4, 1825. He was born at Quincy, Massachusetts, July 11, 1767, and died at Washington City, Feb. 23, 1848.

John Caldwell Calhoun, of South Carolina, VicePresident. Born in Abbeville district, S. C., March 18, 1782, and died March 31, 1850, in Washington City.

POPULAR VOTE.-For President, John Quincy

Adams, 105,321; Andrew Jackson, Tennessee, 152,899; Wm. H. Crawford, Georgia, 47,265; Henry Clay, Kentucky, 47,087.

ELECTORAL VOTE.For President Andrew Jackson, 99; John Quincy Adams, 84; Wm. H. Crawford, 41; Henry Clay, 37.—Total, 261. Twentyfour States voting.

There being no choice by the Electoral colleges, the vote was taken into the House of Representatives.

Adams received the votes of thirteen States, Jackson seven, and Crawford four. John Quincy Adams was therefore declared elected President.

For Vice-President, the Electoral vote was John C. Calhoun, South Carolina, 182; Nathan Sanford, New York, 30; Nathaniel Macon, Georgia, 24; Andrew Jackson, Tennessee, 13; Martin Van Buren, New York, 9; Henry Clay, Kentucky, 2.

1829 to 1833.- Andrew Jackson, of Tennessee, President, inaugurated March 4, 1829. He was born in Mecklenburg county, N. C., March 15, 1767, and died at the Hermitage, Tenn., June 8, 1845.

John Caldwell Calhoun, Vice-President, until his resignation, Dec. 28, 1832.

POPULAR VOTE.- For President, Andrew Jackson, 650,028; John Quincy Adams, 512,158.

ELECTORAL VOTE.—For President, Andrew Jackson, 178; J. Q. Adams, 83.-—Total, 261. Twentyfour States voting.

For Vice-President, John C. Calhoun, 171; Richard Rush, Pennsylvania, 83; Wm. Smith, South Carolina, 7.

1833 to 1837.- Andrew Jackson, President, inangurated March 4, 1833.

Martin Van Buren, of New York, Vice-President. He was born at Kinderhook, N. Y., Dec. 5, 1782.

POPULAR VOTE.—For President, Andrew Jackson, 687,502; Henry Clay, 550,189; Opposition, (John Floyd, Virginia, and Wm. Wirt, Maryland,) 33,108.

ELECTORAL VOTE.- For President, Andrew Jackson, 219; Henry Clay, 49; John Floyd, 11 ; Wm. Wirt, 7.—Total 288. Twenty-four States voting.

For Vice-President, Martin Van Buren, 189; John Sergeant, Pennsylvania, 49; William Wilkins, Pennsylvania, 30; Henry Lee, Massachusetts, 11; Amos Ellmaker, Pennsylvania, 7.

1837 to 1841.—Martin Van Buren, President, inaugurated March 4, 1837.

Richard M. Johnson, of Kentucky, Vice-President. He was born in 1780, and died Nov. 19, 1850.

POPULAR VOTE.For President, Martin Van Buren, 762,149; Opposition, (Wm. H. Harrison, Hugh L. White, Daniel Webster, W. P. Mangum,) 736,736.

ELECTORAL VOTE.- For President, Martin Van Buren, 170; Wm. H. Harrison, Ohio, 73; Hugh L.. White, Tennessee, 26; Daniel Webster, Massachusetts, 14; W.P. Mangum, 11.---Total, 294. Twentysix Statez voting.

For Vice-President, Richard M. Johnson, Kentucky, 147; Francis Granger, New York, 77; John Tyler, Virginia, 47; Wm. Smith, Alabama, 23.

1841 to 1815--Wm. Henry Harrison, of Ohio, President, until his death, at Washington, April 4, 1841. He was inaugurated March 4, 1841. He was born in Berkeley county, Va., Feb. 9, 1773.

John Tyler, of Virginia, Vice-President. He was born April, 1730, at Greenway, Charles City county, Va.

John Tyler, of Virginia, became President by the death of W. H. Harrison. He took the oath of office April 6, 1841.

POPULAR VOTE-Nov. 1840.-For President, Wm. Henry Harrison, 1,274,783; Martin Van Buren, 1,128,702; James G. Birney, New York, (Abolition,) 7,609.

ELECTORAL VOTE.-For President, W. H. Harrison, 234; M. Van Buren, 60.-Total, 294. Twentysix States voting.

For Vice-President, John Tyler, 234; Richard M. Johnson, 48; L. W. Tazewell, South Carolina, 11; James K. Polk, Tennessee, 1.

1845 to 1849.—James Knox Polk, of Tennessee, President, inangurated March 4, 1845. born in Mecklenburg county, North Carolina, Nov. 2, 1795, and died at Nashville, Tennessee, June 15, 1849.

George Mifflin Dallas, of Pennsylvania, VicePresident. Born in Philadelphia, July 10, 1792.

POPULAR VOTE. —For President, James K. Polk, 1,335,834; Henry Clay, 1,297,033; James G. Birney, 62,290.

ELECTORAL VOTE.–For President, James K. Polk,

He was

170; Henry Clay, 105.- Total, 275. Twenty-six States voting.

For Vice-President, George M. Dallas, 170; Theodore Frelinghuysen, of New Jersey, 105.

1849 to 1853.—Zachary Taylor, of Louisiana, President, inaugurated March 4, 1849. Born in Virginia, 1784, died in Washington City, July 9, 1850.

Millard Fillmore, of New York, Vice-President. Born in Locke township, Cayuga county, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1800.

Millard Fillmore, President, after the death of Zachary Taylor, July 9, 1850. He took the oath of office, July 10, 1850.

POPULAR VOTE.—For President, Zachary Taylor, 1,362,031; Lewis Cass, of Michigan, 1,222,445; Martin Van Buren, (Free-Soil,) 291,455.

ELECTORAL VOTE.—For President, Zachary Taylor, 163; Lewis Cass, 127.—Total, 290. Thirty States voting.

For Vice-President, Millard Fillmore, 163; William O. Butler, Kentucky, 127.

1853 to 1857.-Franklin Pierce, of New Hampshire, President, inaugurated March 5, 1853. He was born at Hillsboro, N. H., Nov. 23, 1804.

William R. King, of Alabama, Vice-President. He was born in North Carolina, April 7, 1786, died at Cahawba, Ala., April 18, 1853.

POPULAR VOTE.— For President, Franklin Pierce, 1,590,490; Winfield Scott, 1,378,589; John P. Hale, New Hampshire, (Abolition,) 157,296.

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