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Many of the finest pieces in this volume have been drawn out from corners where they had long lain forgotten and neglected. Some of the devotional melodies are almost as sweet as any in the language. There are several fugitive anonymous pieces, that deserve a place along with those of the truest poets. The extracts from acknowledged sources are as various as they are beautiful. None can describe nature with a simpler and more affecting beauty than Bryant None could draw an American landscape in truer colors, and throw more endearingly around it the charm of moral and devout reflection, than Wilcox. In the bold delineation of external scenery, and in painting human passion, philosophy, religion, and the domestic affections, none have displayed a more powerful fancy, or a deeper pathos of feeling, than Dana. Few have written nobler odes than Pierpont. Burns himself could hardly have thrown off a sweeter extempore effusion than some of Brainard's. In the difficult field of sacred drama, Hillhouse has shown a rich and classic imagination. Few will contest the beauty of Willis's Scripture pieces. Others might be named, whose poetry at once individualizes their genius in the mind; but it is unnecessary. May the volume, thus selected, please and do good.




A Sacred Melody.

Anonymous. 17

Active Christian Benevolence the Source of Happiness. Carlos Wilcox. 17

Inscription for the Entrance into a Wood.

Bryant. 19

The Death of Sin and the Life of Holiness.

R. H. Dana. 20

A Demon's false Description of fallen Intelligences. Hillhouse. 22

Hadad's Description of the City of David.

Hillhouse. 25

The Song at Twilight.

Lucretia Maria Davidson. 25

Hagar in the Wilderness.

N. P. Willis. 27

Return of the Buccaneer.

R. H. Dana 30

Appearance of the Spectre Horse and the Burning Ship. R. H. Dana. 31

The Death of.the Flowers.

Bryant. 35

The Skies.

Bryant. 36

From “ The Minstrel Girl."

J. G. Whittier. 37

« Weep for yourselves, and for your

Children.' Mrs. Sigourney. 38

The sudden coming on of Spring after long Rains. Carlos Wilcor. 39

Slavery. :

Carlos Wilcor. 41

Hymn for the African Colonization Society.

Pierpont. 42

Dedication Hymn.

Pierpont. 43

Evening Music of the Angels.

Hillhouse. 44

Vernal Melody in the Forest.

Carlos Wilcor. 45

Close of the Vision of Judgment.

Hillhouse, 46

"As thy Day, so shall thy Strength be.”

Mrs. Sigourney. 48

The Pilgrims.

Mrs. Sigourney. 48

The Coral Grove.

Percival. 50

Hebrew Melody.

Mrs. J. G. Brooks. 51

To a Child.

Anonymous. 51

The Western World.

Bryant. 52

To a Waterfowl.

Bryant. 54

The Constancy of Nature contrasted with the Changes in Life. Dana. 55

s And fare thee well, my own green, quiet Vale.”

Dana. 56

Sonnet The Free Mind.

W. L. Garrison. 57

Marco Bozzaris.

F. G. Halleck. 58


F. G. Halleck. 60

On laying the Corner Stone of the Bunker Hill Monument. Pierpont. 61




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Rousseau and Cowper.

Carlos Wilcor. 61

To the Dead.

Brainard. 63

The Deep

Brainard. 64

Scene after a Summer Shower.

Andrews Norton 65

The Child's Wish in June.

Mrs. Gilman. 66

J. G. Whittier. 66

Description of a sultry Summer's Noon.

Carlos Wilcor. 68

The Dying Child.

Christian Examiner. 70

Luoking unto Jesus.

Christian Eraminer. 71

Scene from Hadad.

Hillhouse. 72

Roman Catholic Chaunt. From “ Percy's Masque.” Hillhouse. 76


From the Talisman. 77


Carlos Wilcor. 77

On the Loss of Professor Fisher.

Brainard. 78
Idle Words.

Anonymous. 79

“ He knoweth our Frame, He remembereth we are Dust." R. H. Dana. 80


R. H. Dana. 80

The mysterious Music of Ocean.

Walsh's National Gazette. 82

Summer Wind.

Bryant. 83

Summer Evening Lightning.

Carlos Wilcoz. 84


N. P. Willis. 85

To Seneca Lake.

Percival. 85

Mount Washington, N. H.

G. Mellen. 86

To the Dying Year.

J. G. Whittier. 87

The Captain. A Fragment.

Brainard. 88

“ They that seek me early, shall find me.”

Columbian Star. 89

A Son's Farewell to his Mother, &c.

Connecticut Observer. 90
" Hushed is the Voice of Judah's Mirth."

From the Port-Folio. 90
Extract from a Poem delivered at the Departure of the Senior Class of
Yale College, in 1826.

N. P. Willis. 91


Anonymous. 94

To the River Arve.

Talisman. 95

The Burial.

Anonymous. 96

On the Loss of a pious Friend.

. Brainard. 96


From the Port-Folio. 97

Sunset in September.

Carlos Wilcor. 98

From “ The Buccaneer.


R. H. Dana. 100


Bryant. 101

Power of the Soul in investing external Circumstances with the Hue of

its own Feelings.

R. H. Dana. 102

Spring in Town.

Bryant. 103

The Sabbath. .

Carlos Wilcoz. 105

Industry and Prayer.

Carlos Wilcor, 106

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Consolations of Religion to the Poor.

Percival. 107

Extract from The Airs of Palestine »

Pierpont. 107

On the Death of Mr. Woodward, at Edinburgh.

Brainard. 109

From "The Minstrel Girl."

J. G. Whittier. 110

The Torn Hat.

N. P. Willis. 111

“ The Memory of the Just is blessed."

Mrs. Sigourney. 112

The Wife.

N. Y. Daily Advertiser. 113

Song of the Stars.

Bryant. 114

Summer Evening at a short Distance from the City. Alonzo Lewis. 115

Introduction to the Poem of " Yamoyden.”

Robert C. Sands. 116


N. P. Willis. 119

The Restoration of Israel.

J. W. Eastburn. 120

The Buried Love.

Rufus Dawes. 121

The Missionary.

W. B. Tappan. 123


Mrs. Sigourney. 123

The Fear of Madness.

Lucretia Maria Davidson. 125

The Matin Hour of Prayer.

Anonymous. 125


From Yamoyden. 127


Mrs. Sigourney. 127

Bishop Ravenscroft.

G. W. Doane. 128

The Life of God in the Soul of Man.

R. H. Dana. 130

To Pneuma.

J. W. Eastburn. 133

To a Star.

Lucretia Maria Davidson. 134


Bryant. 133

Sacred Melody.

N. Y. American. 137

The Graves of the Patriots.

Percival. 138

Funeral Hymn.

Christian Eraminer. 139

To Laura, two Years of Age.

N. P. Willis. 141

« The dead Leaves strew the Forest-walk."

Brainard. 142

Feasons of Prayer.

Henry Ware, Jr. 143

Effect of the Ocean and its Scenery on the Mind of the Buccaneer, when

agitated with Remorse for his Crime.

R. H. Dana. 145

The third and last Appearance of the Spectre Horse, &c. R. H. Dana. 147

God's first Templos. A Hymn.

Bryant. 149

Scene from “ Hadad."

Hillhouse. 152

Extract from "The Airs of Palestine."

Pierpont. 156

The Falls of Niagara.

Brainard. 157

At Musing Hour.

T. Wells. 157

Evergreens. .

Pinkney. 158

The Flower Spirit.

Anonymous. 158

“ Man giveth up the Ghost, and where is he?" Christian Examiner. 159

Woods in Winter.

Longfellow. 160

A Last Wish. .

Anonymous. 161

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The Winged Worshippers.

Charles Sprague. 162

Death of an Infant.

Mrs. Sigourney. 163


F. G. Halleck. 163

Mary Magdalen. From the Spanish.

Bryant. 166

Be Humble.

Jones. 167

Sabbath Evening 'Twilight.

Anonymous. 168

The Burial of Arnold.

N. P. Willis. 169

Lines to a Child on his Voyage to France, &c. Henry Ware, Jr. 170

New England. .

Percival. 172

The Damsel of Peru.

Bryant. 173

Power of Maternal Piety.

Mrs. Sigourney. 175

Niagara. From the Spanish. U. States Review and Literary Gazette. 177


N. P. Willis. 173

Hymn of Nature.

W. O. B. Peabody. 181

The Garden of Gethsemane.

Pierpont. 183

Trust in God.

Percival. 183

Heaven. .

Christian Examiner. 184

Geehale. An Indian Lament.

Anonymous. 185

Scene from “ Percy's Masque.”

Hillhouse. 186

To S****, weeping.

Anonymous. 191


· Longfellow. 193

The Backet.

Samuel Woodworth, 194

The Snow-Flake.

Hannah F. Gould. 195

“ I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.”

Anonymous. 196

The Iceberg

J. 0. Rockwell. 197


Pierpont. 198

The Bride.

Anonymous. 199

On seeing an Eagle pass near me in Autumn Twilight. G. Mellen. 200

To the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, on reading his eloquent Speech

in Defence of Indian Rights.

W. L. Garrison. 201

Genius Slumbering.

Percival. 202

Genius Waking.

Percival. 204

The Spirit of Poetry.

Longfellow. 206

Incomprehensibility of God.

Miss Elizabeth Townsend. 207

Lament of a Swiss Minstrel over the Ruins of Goldaa. J. Neal. 209

Lines on visiting the Burying-Ground at New Haven. Christian Disciple. 211

The Pilgrim Fathers.

Pierpont. 211

Song of the Pilgrims.

T. C. Upham. 212

Dedication Hymn.

N. P. Willis. 213

Extract from a Poem written on reading an Account of the Opinions

of a Deaf and Dumb Child, before she had received Instruction.

She was afraid of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. .

Hillhouse. 214

The Land of the Blest

W. O. B. Peabody. 215

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