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Consolations of Religion to the Poor.

Percival. 107

Extract from The Airs of Palestine »

Pierpont. 107

On the Death of Mr. Woodward, at Edinburgh.

Brainard. 109

From "The Minstrel Girl."

J. G. Whittier. 110

The Torn Hat.

N. P. Willis. 111

“ The Memory of the Just is blessed."

Mrs. Sigourney. 112

The Wife.

N. Y. Daily Advertiser. 113

Song of the Stars.

Bryant. 114

Summer Evening at a short Distance from the City. Alonzo Lewis. 115

Introduction to the Poem of " Yamoyden.”

Robert C. Sands. 116


N. P. Willis. 119

The Restoration of Israel.

J. W. Eastburn. 120

The Buried Love.

Rufus Dawes. 121

The Missionary.

W. B. Tappan. 123


Mrs. Sigourney. 123

The Fear of Madness.

Lucretia Maria Davidson. 125

The Matin Hour of Prayer.

Anonymous. 125


From Yamoyden. 127


Mrs. Sigourney. 127

Bishop Ravenscroft.

G. W. Doane. 128

The Life of God in the Soul of Man.

R. H. Dana. 130

To Pneuma.

J. W. Eastburn. 133

To a Star.

Lucretia Maria Davidson. 134


Bryant. 133

Sacred Melody.

N. Y. American. 137

The Graves of the Patriots.

Percival. 138

Funeral Hymn.

Christian Eraminer. 139

To Laura, two Years of Age.

N. P. Willis. 141

« The dead Leaves strew the Forest-walk."

Brainard. 142

Feasons of Prayer.

Henry Ware, Jr. 143

Effect of the Ocean and its Scenery on the Mind of the Buccaneer, when

agitated with Remorse for his Crime.

R. H. Dana. 145

The third and last Appearance of the Spectre Horse, &c. R. H. Dana. 147

God's first Templos. A Hymn.

Bryant. 149

Scene from “ Hadad."

Hillhouse. 152

Extract from "The Airs of Palestine."

Pierpont. 156

The Falls of Niagara.

Brainard. 157

At Musing Hour.

T. Wells. 157

Evergreens. .

Pinkney. 158

The Flower Spirit.

Anonymous. 158

“ Man giveth up the Ghost, and where is he?" Christian Examiner. 159

Woods in Winter.

Longfellow. 160

A Last Wish. .

Anonymous. 161

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The Winged Worshippers.

Charles Sprague. 162

Death of an Infant.

Mrs. Sigourney. 163


F. G. Halleck. 163

Mary Magdalen. From the Spanish.

Bryant. 166

Be Humble.

Jones. 167

Sabbath Evening Twilight.

Anonymous. 168

The Burial of Arnold.

N. P. Willis. 169

Lines to a Child on his Voyage to France, &c. Henry Ware, Jr. 170

New England. •

Percival. 172

The Damsel of Peru.

Bryant. 173

Power of Maternal Piety.

Mrs. Sigourney. 175

Niagara. From the Spanish, U. States Review and Literary Gazette. 177


N. P. Willis. 179

Hymn of Nature.

W. 0. B. Peabody. 181

The Garden of Gethsemane.

Pierpont. 183

Trust in God.

Percival. 183


Christian Eraminer. 184

Geehale. An Indian Lament.

Anonymous. 185

Scene from “ Percy's Masque.”

Hillhouse. 186

To S****, weeping.

Anonymous. 191

I Autumn.

Longfellow. 193

The Bucket.

Samuel Woodworth. 194

The Snow-Flake. .

Hannah F. Gould. 195

“ I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.”

Anonymous. 196

The Iceberg.

J. 0. Rockwell. 197


Pierpont. 198

The Bride.

Anonymous. 199

On sceing an Eagle pass near me in Autumn Twilight. G. Mellen. 200

To the Hon. Theodore Frelinghuysen, on reading his eloquent Speech

in Defence of Indian Rights.

W. L. Garrison. 201

Genius Slumbering.

Percival. 202

Genius Waking.

Percival. 204

The Spirit of Poetry.

Longfellow. 206

Incomprehensibility of God.

Miss Elizabeth Townsend. 207

Lament of a Swiss Minstrel over the Ruins of Goldaa. J. Neal. 209

Lines on visiting the Burying-Ground at New Haven. Christian Disciple. 211

The Pilgrim Fathers.

Pierpont. 211

Song of the Pilgrims.

T. C. Upham. 212

Dedication Hymn.

N. P. Willis. 213

Extract from a Poem written on reading an Account of the Opinions

of a Deaf and Dumb Child, before she had received Instruction.

She was afraid of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. .

Hillhouse. 214

The Land of the Blest

IV. O. B. Peabody. 215

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To the Moon.

Massachusetts Spy. 216


From Yamoyden. 217

The Light of Home.

Mrs. Hale. 218

The American Flag.

F. G. Hallock. 218

To the Ursa Major.

Henry Ware, Jr. 220

" Look not upon the Wino when it is red.”

N. P. Willis. 224

To ****, on the Death of a Friend.

Andrews Norton. 225

Dirge of Alaric the Visigoth.

Edward Everett. 225

Apostrophe to the San. .

Percival. 228

“I thought it slept.”

Henry Pickering. 230

The Snow-Storm.

Anonymous. 231

“I went and washed, and I received sight." New York Evening Post. 232

The Huma.

Louisa P. Smith. 233

The Paint King

Washington Allston. 233

The murdered Traveller.

Bryant. 239

On the Death of Joseph Rodmao Drake.

F. G. Halleck. 240


Christian Eraminer. 240

The Dying Raven.

R. H. Dana. 241

After a Tempest.

Bryant. 244

A Winter Scene.

Idle Man. 246

Description of the Quiet Island

R. H. Dana. 247

The Religious Cottage.

D. Huntington. 248

The two Homeg.

Anonymous. 249

To a Sister.

Edward Everett. 250

To the Moon.

Walsh's National Gazette. 251

My native Land-My native Place. .

Anonymous. 252

“Awake, Psaltery and Harp; I myself will awake early." Anonymous. 253

Isaiah xxxv.

Brainard. 254

On listening to a Cricket.

Andrews Norton. 255


Bryant. 256


Longfellow. 257


Percival. 258

Mounds on the Western Rivers.

M. Flint. 259

Burial of the Minisink.

Longfellow. 260

To the Eagle.

Percival. 262

Salmon River.

Brainard. 264

To the Evening Wind.

Bryant. 265

The Grave of the Indian Chief.

Percival. 267

Escape from Winter.

Percival. 267

Bury me with
my Fathers.

Andrews Norton. 269


W. B. Tappan. 269

On the Close of the Year.

Christian Examiner. 270

Saturday Afternoon.

N. P. Willis, 271

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Fall of Tecumseh.

New York Statesman. 272

The Missionaries' Farewell.

Anonymous. 274

Mozart's Requiem.

Rufus Dawes, 275

“ I will be glad in the Lord.” Psalm civ. 34.

Anonymous. 276

To the Memory of a Brother.

Anonymous. 277

A Home everywhere.

S. Graham. 278

The Time to Weep.

Anonymous. 289

The Autumn Evening.

W. 0. B. Peabody. 281

Lines on revisiting the Country. .

Bryant. 282

The Spirit's Song of Consolation.

F. W. P. Greenwood. 283

Colonization of Africa. .

Brainard. 284

Fable of the Wood Rose and the Laurel. Monthly Anthology. 284

A Castle in the Air..

Professor Frisbie. 286

The Consumptive.

Rockingham Gazette. 288

Lines to the Western Mummy.

W. E. Gallaudet. 289

Song. ..

Anonymous. 291

The Life of the Blessed. From the Spanish.

Bryant. 291

The Sunday School.

Mrs. Sigourney. 292

“ They went out into the Mount of Olives.”

Pierpont. 293

The Lily.

Percival. 294

The Last Evening before Eternity.

Hillhouse. 294


Halleck. 296

Sonnet to

Bryant. 298


R. H. Dana. 298


Bryant. 300

Hymn for the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association.

Pierpont. 301

The little Beach Bird.

R. H. Dana. 392

Address of the Sylph of Autumn to the Bard. Washington Allston. 303

Omnipresence. .

Anonymous. 305

Hymn of the Moravian Nuns at the Consecration of Pulaski's Banner.

Longfellow. 306

The Raising of Jairus's Daughter.

N. A. Review. 307

Departure of the Pioneer.

Brainard. 308

The Alpine Flowers.

Mrs. Sigourney. 309

A Child's first Impression of a Star.

N. P. Willis. 310

The Leper. .

N. P. Willis. 310

* Versification of the Beginning of the Last Book of the Martyrs.

Alexander H. Ererett. 314


Anonymous. 315

The Treasure that waxeth not old.

D. Huntingdon. 316

Fragment of an Epistle written while recovering from severc Illness.

R. H. Dana.


Lines occasioned by hearing a little Boy mock the Old South Clock, as

it rung the Hour of Twelve.

Mrs. Child. 321

Hymn to the North Star.

Bryant. 322

Connecticut. From an unpublished Poem.

F. G. Halleck. 323

The Rising Moon.

W. O. B. Peabody. 325

America to Great Britain.

W. Allston. 326

The Night-flowering Cereus.

Unitarian Miscellany. 327

God is Good.

Anonymous. 328

Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles.

Anonymous. 329

The Dying Child.

Carlos Wilcor. 330

To a Musquito.

New York Review. 331

Earth, with her thousand Voices, praises God.

Longfellow. 332

The Blind Man's Lament.

J. W. Eastburn. 334

The Dying Girl.

Mrs. Hale's Magazine. 335


W.0. B. Peabody. 336


W. 0. B. Peabody. 336


W.0. B. Peabody. 337


Mrs. Hale's Magazine. 338

To a young Invalid, condemned, by accidental Lameness, to perpetual


Henry Pickering. 339

The Sage of Caucasus. .

Hillhouse. 340

The Resolution of Ruth.

Christian Eraminer. 341

Live for Eternity.

Carlos Wilcor. 342

Dedication Hymn.

Pierpont. 343

The Indian Summer.

Brainard. 344

To William. Written by a bereaved Father. W.0. B. Peabody. 345

Part of the 19th Psalm.

J. W. Eastburn. 347

“What is that, Mother ?"

G. W. Doane. 347

Scene at the Death-Bed of Rev. Dr. Payson. Mrs. Sigourney. 348

The Indian's Tale.

J. G. Whittier. 349

Setting Sail.

Percival. 351

A Thanksgiving Hymn.

Henry Ware, Jr. 353

The Temple of Theseus.

J. W. Eastburn. 355

On the Death of a beautiful young Girl.

Connecticut Mirror. 356

Lines to a Lady of great musical Taleat.

Mrs. Child. 356

Hymn for the two hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of Charles-


Pierpont. 357

The Family Bible.

Anonymous. 359

The Notes of the Birds.

1. McLellan, Jr. 359

Sentimental Music.

F. G. Halleck. 362

The Silk Worm.

Mrs. Hale. 363

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