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Tax refunds amounting to $25,000 or over, fiscal year 1927—Continued

Name and address of taxpayer


Class of



[blocks in formation]

Baker, Hamilton & Pacific Co., 700 Seventh Street, San Francisco, Calif.
Colorado Fuel & Iron Co., 820 Boston Building, Denver.
Colorado Milling & Elevator Co., 1441 Seventh Street, Denver.
Hunter, Absalom V., estate, Geral Hughes, John W. Morey, and Geo. W. Trim-

blo, executors under will, 307 International Trust Building, Denver.
Nelson Co., The Chas., 230 California Street, San Francisco, Calif..
Verner Z. Reed, Jr., 1216 First National Bank Building, Denver.
West, Thomas J., 721 West California Street, Pasadena, Calif..

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Auburn Woolen Co., Providence, R. I.
Billard, John L., estate of, the Meriden Trust & Safe Deposit Co., and Frederick

H. Bíllard, executors under will, Meriden.
C. Cowles & Co., Water Street at Chestnut, New Haven.
Eagle Lock Co., Terryville...
Hartford Fire Insurance Co., Hartford.
International Textile Co., care of American Fabrics Co. (successor), Bridgeport.
Jockmus, Charles H., proprietor Ansonia Manufacturing Co., Ansonia.
London & Lancashire Insurance Co. (Ltd.), 20-22 Trinity Street, Hartford.

0. K. Tool Co., Shelton.
Porter & Blanchard, 703 Main Street, Hartford.
Tuttle, Mary A., 380 Church Street, Naugatuck.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Lynch, 8. A., Enterprise Finance Corporation, 169 Peachtree Street, Atlanta...
Muscogee Manufacturing Co., Columbus..
Williamson, J. J., 35 Ivy Street, Atlanta.

38, 899.83 Income. 34, 510.74

Do. 37, 112.26



44, 166. 46. Income. 34, 922. 69


Ewa Plantation Co., care of Castle & Cooke (Ltd.), Honolulu.
Isenberg, Mrs. Paul (Beta), trust No. 12811, Alien Property Custodian, Wash-

ington, D. C.
Libby, McNeill & Libby, Honolulu.
Von-Hamm-Young Co. (Ltd.), Honolulu.

[blocks in formation]


Hecla Mining Co., Gyde-Taylor Building, Wallace.--

34, 435. 02



51, 133. 14 Income.

37, 646. 52 113, 784. 71 162, 438. 48 33, 967, 56

Do. Do. Do. Do.


Barber-Colman Co., care of Lybrand Ross Bros. & Montgomery, Investment

Building, Washington, D. C.
Bastian-Blessing Co., 240 East Ontario Street, Chicago..
Bowman Dairy Co., 140 West Ontario Street, Chicago.
Calumet Baking Powder Co., 4100 Fillmore Street, Chicago.
Central Safety Deposit Co., care of Lybrand Ross Bros. & Montgomery, Invest-

ment Building, Washington, D. C.
Chicago Tailors Association, 841 West Adams Street, Chicago..
Consumers Co., Chicago..
Consumers Co., 111 West Washington Street, Chicago.
Cross-Roy & Saunders, 140 West Van Buren Street, Chicago..
Cusack, Thomas, Co., Harrison and Loomis Streets, Chicago..
Douglass, William A., 317 North Kenilworth Avenue, Oak Park.
Durand McNeil Horner Co., formerly Durand & Kasper, post-office box 1436,

[blocks in formation]

Elevator Milling Co., Third and Washington Streets, Springfield.
Erwin, Charles R., 844 Rush Street, Chicago..
Farwell, John V., Co., 102 South Market Street, Chicago.
Florsheim Shoe Co., The, 541 West Adams Street, Chicago.
Forgan, James B., estate, First Trust & Savings Bank, and R. L. Forgan, ex-

ecutors, 78 West Monroe Street, Chicago.

57, 439, 24 64, 316. 65 115, 194. 78 50, 852. 62 41, 398. 99

Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.

Tax refunds amounting to $25,000 or over, fiscal year 1997-Continued

Name and address of taxpayer


Class of



Forschner, T.J., Contracting Co., rear 621 Transportation Building, Washington, $271, 205.33 | Income.

D. C.
Griffiths, John, & Son Co., 112 West Adams Street, Chicago.

73, 777.74

Do. Gulbransen-Dickinson Co., 3232 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago.

59, 253. 70

Do. Gunthorp Warren Printing Co., care of Butler, Lamb, Foster & Pope, Munsey 40, 139. 78

Do. Building, Washington, D. C. Hillsboro Coal Co., Hillsboro.

31, 841. 70

Do. Illinois Malleable Iron Co., 1001 West Diversey Parkway, Chicago.

33, 827. 43 Do. Indiana Steel Co., 208 South LaSalle Street, Chicago:..

39, 446. 65

Do. Interstate Insurance Etchange, Union Stock yards, Chicago.

28, 198. 93

Do. Keep, Frances R., estate, Alice Keep Blair, residuary legalee, u/w, care of Watson

27, 109. 32

Estate. F. Blair, 230 South Clark Street, Chicago. Keystone Oil & Manufacturing Co., 111 North Market Street, Chicago.

31, 108.48

Do. Kroehler Manufacturing Co., Naperville...

40, 298. 54

Do. Link Belt Co., The, 910 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

61, 198. 92

Do. Loeb, Allen M., executor, estate of Albert H. Loeb, 5017 Ellis Avenue, Chicago.. 186, 599.90

Do. London Guarantee & Accident Co. (Ltd.), United States Branch, 55 Fifth 42, 209.09

Do. Avenue, New York, N. Y. Manz, J., Engraving Co., 4015 Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago.

49, 923.77 Do. McKinney, Henry Nelson, estate, May McKinney and William Ayer Mc- 48, 397.69

Do. Kinney, executors, 17 North Wells Street, Chicago. Morris, Edw., jr., 38 South Dearborn Street, Chicago..

27, 121.15

Do. Nartzik, J. J. (Inc.), 1966 Maud Avenue, Chicago...

31, 775. 15

Do. National Cattle Loan Co., National Stock yards..

42, 957. 38 Pick, Albert, 212 West Randolph Street, Chicago.

28, 031. 16

Do. Roloson, Robert W., estate, Robert M. Roloson, residuary legatee, 209 South 53, 318.58 Estate.

La Salle Street, Chicago.
Seeburg, J. B., Piano Co., care of Kirkland, Patterson & Fleming, Union Trust 44, 731. 52 Sales.

Building, Chicago.
Standard Oil Co. of Indiana, care of Elisha Hanson, 612 Albee Building, Wash- 6,062, 893. 82 Income.
ington, D. C.
Swist & Co. Employees' Benefit Association, Union Stockyards, Chicago.

27.509. 49

Do. Tilden, Antje, Averill Tilden, trustees, estate of Edward Tilden, 76 West 39, 980. 17

Do. Monroe Street, Chicago. Victor Chemical Works, Fisher Building, Chicago.

32, 372. 50

Do. Wabash Screen Door Co., 310 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

37, 548, 51

Do. Ward, Elizabeth J., estate of, Charles H. Thorne and George P. Merrick, exec- 30, 884. 82

Do. utors, 30 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago. Wasey, Louis R., 844 Rush Street, Chicago...

42, 478. 95




Advance Rumley Co., La Porte.
Citizens Gas Co., Majestic Building, Indianapolis..
Indianapolis Light & Heat Co., 48 Monument Place., Indianapolis.
Oliver Chilled Plow Works, South Bend.
Peru Chair Works, 728 Chili Avenue, Peru..
Rink, Jos. A., estate, Carrie R. Rink, sole legatee, 4204 North Meridian Street,

State Savings & Trust Co., care of B. D. Spradling and Charlton N. Carter, 5

East Market Street, Indianapolis.
Stephenson Underwear Mills, care of F. J. Fisher and John E. Lenox, 338 Main

Street, Racine, Wis.
Turner Bros. Co., Terre Haute...

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Keokuk Electro-Metals Co., Keokuk.
Royal Union Mutual Life Insurance Co., succeeded by Royal Union Life Insur-

ance Co., care of Thomas Watters, jr., 902 Register-Tribune Building, Des


Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Co., Ninth and Jackson Streets, Topeka....
Carey Salt Co., Hutchinson..
Duluth Oklahoma Oil Co., care of Milliken Co., Arkansas City
Elmhurst Investment Co., New England Building, Topeke..
Milliken Co., The, Arkansas City...

[blocks in formation]

Andrews Steel Co., Ninth and Lowell Streets. tport...
Ewald Trust, Philip Louls, Fidelity & Colur. Trust Co., trustee, Louisville.
Guthrie, E. O., Harlan...
Louisville Ry. 'Co., 316 West Jefferson Street, Louisville.
Norton, Geo, W., estate of, Fidelity & Columbia Trust Co. and Geo. W. Norton,
jr., executors, Louisville.

SD-70-1--vol 24- -54

[blocks in formation]

Tax refunds amounting to $25,000 or over, fiscal year 1927Continued

Name and address of taxpayer


Class of



[blocks in formation]

Cottam, H. T., & Co., Cottam Block, New Orleans....
Diamond Music Co. (Inc.), care of J. Marvin Haynes and Ralph H. Allen,

Union Trust Building, Washington, D. C.
Excelsior Cypress Co., Timberton.
Fox, C. B., Co. (Inc.), 809 Canal, Commercial Building, New Orleans.
Grant Timber & Manufacturing Co. of Louisiana (Inc.), Selma.
Werner, Louis, Stave Co., Shreveport...
Whitney-Central National Bank, care of Monroe & Lemann, 1114 Carondelet
Building, New Orleans.

Rines, Albert S., estate of R. Hight Rines, executor, 172 State Street, Portland.-

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Bingham, Millard F., estate, M. Tilghman Johnston, executor u/w of, 1405 Citi

zens National Bank Building, Baltimore.
Dietel, Alwin, Trust No. 2582, Alien Property Custodian, Arlington Building,

Washington, D. C.
Griswold, B. Howell, jr., Edgevale and Harvest Roads, Baltimore.
Hubbard Fertilizer Co., 802 Keyser Building, Baltimore.
Isenberg, J. C., Trust No. 12616, Alion Property Custodian, Washington, D. C.
Isenberg, Mrs. Paul (Beta), Trust No. 12611, Alien Property Custodian, Wash-

ington, D. C.
Jackson Bros. Co., Salisbury..
Kenny, C. D. Co., 520 South Eutaw Street, Baltimore..
Kleinjung, Emil, care of Geo. S. Ward, agent for Trust No. 2165, Alien Property

Custodlan, 212 Metropolitan Bank Building, Washington, D. C.
Morton, Levi Parsons, estate, Charles H. Allen and Bronson Winthrop, surviv-

ing executors, u/w of , 32 Liberty Street, New York, N. Y.
Phelps Can Co., Fulton Avenue and Eagle Street, Baltimore..
Reschke, Mrs. Julie B., Trust No. 12376. Alien Property Custodian, Washing-

ton, D. C.
Stockholms Enskilda Bank, Stockholm, Sweden..
Suskin, Louis B., 809 Brooks Lane, Baltimore..
Thistle Cotton Mills (Inc.), Ilchester.
Union Mining Co., Mount Savage
United Railways & Electric Co. of Baltimore, Continental Building, Baltimore.
Volkmann, Mrs. Paula, Trust No. 12601, Alien Property Custodian, Washing-
ton, D. Ć.


[blocks in formation]

Alberthaw Construction Co., care of Earl S. Clark, Turks Head Building,

Providence, R. I.
Algonquin Printing Co., Bay Street, Fall River.
Algonquin Printing Co., care of N. H. Kilbourne, Metropolitan Bank Building,

Washington, D. C.
Ames Shovel & Tool Co., care of Lybrand, Ross Bros. & Montgomery, Invest-

ment Building, Washington, D. Č.
Appleton Co., 50 Congress Street, Boston..
Bacon, Josiah E., estate, Wm. H. Bacon and Isabella Bacon, executors, under

will of, care of Boston Safe Deposit & Trust Co., 100 Franklin Street, Boston. Bates Manufacturing Co., care of J. A. Vanden Heuvel and J. V. Giblin, 317 Met

politan Bank Building, Washington, D. C.
Ben Levy Co., 125 Kingston Street, Boston.
Bertelsen, P.J., ancillary receiver, Crowell & Thurlow Steamship Co., 80 Border

Street, East Boston.
Bird, Amos, Co., 72 South Market Street, Boston..
Chemical Paper Manufacturing Co., care of George V. Newton, 727 Transpor-

tation Building, Washington, D. C.
Cooley, Arthur N., estate, Merle D. and Clara S. Graves, executors under will

of, 249 Holmes Road, Pittsfield.
Crane, W. Murray, estate of, W.M. Crane, Jr., Ralph B. Marean and Josephine

[blocks in formation]

51, 687. 96


B. Crane, executors, Dalton.
Dennison Manufacturing Co., care of Lybrand, Ross Bros. & Montgomery,

Investment Building, Washington, D. C.
Employers Liability Assurance Corporation (Ltd.), 33 Broad Street, Boston....
Everlastik (Inc.), 52 Chauncy Street, Boston
Firestone Apsley Rubber Co., Hudson.
George Willcomb Co., 62 Chardon Street, Boston..
Gorton Pew Fisheries Co., 329 Main Street, Gloucester.

Graton & Knight Manufacturing Co., 358 Franklin Street, Worcester
Grew, Annie Crawford, estate, Randolph C. Grew and Henry S. Grew, execu-

tors u/w of, care of Hutchins & Wheeler, 511 Sears Building, Boston.
Hallowell, Frank W., 65 Suffolk Road, Newton.
Hamilton Manufacturing Co., care of Frederick A. Flather and Charles F.

Rowley, Lowell,

42, 458. 22


35, 047. 44
104, 034. 87
34, 366. 48
27, 969, 77
43, 960.04
96, 671. 36
124, 046. 27
58, 451.81



Do. Estate,

27, 837.07 | Income 85, 495. 76 Do.

Tax refunds amounting to $25,000 or over, fiscal year 1927Continued

Name and address of taxpayer


Class of



[blocks in formation]

Hathaway Manufacturing Co., Cove Street, New Bedford.
Hill Manufacturing Co., 30 State Street, Boston.
Hilliard & Merrill (Inc.), 130 Eastern Avenue, Lynn.

Jones, William E., 15 Farlow Road, Newton
Lawrence, A. C., Leather Co. (Maine), 161 South Street, Boston.
Long, Richard F., 3 Nelson Street, Framingham..
Long, estate of Mabelle H. F., Richard H. Long, administrator, Winter Street,

Mason Machine Works Co., Taunton..
Massachusetts Cotton Mills, 843 Exchange Building, Boston..
McKee, William L., 667 Atlantic Avenue, Boston
New England Structural Co., Second Street, Everett.
Nonquitt Spinning Co., Belleville Avenue, New Bedford.
Osgood Bradley Car Co., care of B. P. Newton, 1163 Frick Building Annex,

Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pitman, estate of Benj. J., Mrs. Almira Pitman, executrix, 121 Carlton Street,

Plymouth Cordage Co., North Plymouth..
Pope, F. H., Leather Co., 33 Lincoln Street, Boston.
Reece Button Hole Machine Co., 502 Harrison Avenue, Boston.
Stevens, M. T., & Sons Co., North Andover
Stevens Manufacturing Co., care of I. V. Giblin and S. A. Vanden Heubel,

Metropolitan Bank Building, Washington, D. C.
Stevenson, Hattie Cooley, Louis T., and J. McAllister Stevenson, executors,

441 Lexington Avenue, New York, N. Y.
Taber Mills, Coffin Avenue, New Bedford.
Tedcastle, Arthur W., 667 Atlantic Avenue, Boston...
Union Twist Drill Co., Athol.
United Mattress Machinery Co., care of Howard Co. Connor, 45 Milk Street,

White, George R., estate, First National Bank of Boston, Harriet J. Bradbury

and Charles L. Hamilton, executors, 129 Bedford Street, Malden.
White, R. H., Co., 518 Washington Street, Boston..
Whitman, William, Co. (Inc.), 78 Chauncey Street, Boston.

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Burt, Willington R., estate, Second National Bank of Saginaw, trustee, u/w

of, Saginaw.
Central Paper Co., care of George B. Furman, 626 Southern Building, Wash-

ington, D. C.
Champion Ignition Co., now A. C. Spark Plug Co., Flint.
Columbia Sugar Co., Bay City...
Davis, Charles Henry, estate of:

Charles Henry Davis, jr., coheir, 808 Northwestern Bank Building, Port-

land, Oreg.
Edith M. Davis, coheir, 452 South Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, Calif..

Harriet Davis Weyerhauser, cobeir, 480 Grand Avenue, St. Paul, Minn.
Detroit Free Press, 11-17 West Lafayette Boulevard, Detroit.
Detroit Terminal R. R. Co., 14517 Woodward Avenue, Detroit
Evening News Association, care of J. Marvin Haynes and Robert H. Mont-

gomery, Investment Building, Washington, D. C.
Hayes Wheel Co., Jackson..
Hoover Steel Ball Co., Ann Arbor.
Hudson, J. L., Co., 1206 Woodward Avenue, Detroit.
Michigan Paper Co., Plainwell..
Mitchell Bros. Co., Cadillac.
National Automatic Music Co., care of Seidman & Seidman, 911 Fifteenth

Street NW., Washington, D. C.
National Piano Manufacturing Co., care of Erwin M. Treusch, Grand Rapids..
National Standard Co., Niles.
Newcomb, Endicott Co., 1240 Woodward Avenue, Detroit.
Tobin, Benj. F., estate of, Security Trust Co. and Laura M. Tobin, executors,
735 Griswold Street, Detroit.


[blocks in formation]

56, 766. 81
26, 390. 10
29, 069. 40
55, 709. 72



Bennett, Russell M., 710 Security Building, Minneapolis.
Brooks-Scanlon Co., 311 East Fourteenth Street, Minneapolis.
Dispatch Printing Co. and subsidiaries, Fourth Street, St. Paul.
Donaldson, Lawrence S., estate of, the Minnesota Loan & Trust Co., Isabelle


Donaldson, and Joseph Chapman, executors, Minneapolis.
Gordon & Ferguson (Inc.), Fourth and Sibley Streets, St. Paul.
Kelley-How-Thomson Co., South Fifth Avenue West, Duluth.
Minneapolis Fire & Marine Insurance Co., 430 Oak Grove Street, Minneapolis..
Minneapolis & St. Louis R. R. Co., W. H. Breminer, receiver, Transportation

Building, Minneapolis.
Northern Bag Co., 101 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis...
Peavey, F. II., & Co., 312 Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis.
Sheffield King Milling Co., 1010 Chamber of Commerce, Minneapolis.
Tweed, Geo. P., 307 Lonsdale Building, Duluth..

27. 983. 24
30, 308. 36
43, 120.93
59, 909.60



179, 573. 12
31,027. 88
39, 391. 13
38, 467. 13


[ocr errors]


Tax refunds amounting to $25,000 or over, fiscal year 1997-Continued

Name and address of taxpayer


Class of



Beltzhoover, Melchoir S., estate, Melchoir R. Beltzhoover, executor, Natchez..
Henshaw, Stanley, Greenville...

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Aunt Jemima Mills Co., Second and Edmonds Streets, St. Joseph.
Bird, J. T., estate of, J. Bird, residuary legatee, care of G. E. Å. Goodner and

J. A. Mathews, Munsey Building, Washington, D. C.
Bird, J. T., estate of, Annie R. Bird, residuary legatee, care of G. H. Goodner,

and J. A. Mathews, Munsey Building, Washington, D. C.
Curby, Clarence J., estate of, by Rose D. Curby, curator for Ruth D. Curby and

John E. Curby, residuary legatees, 4 Washington Terrace, St. Louis.
Desloge Consolidated Load Co., care of George H. Moore and William M. Fitch,

1124-1134 Boatmen's Bank Building, St. Louis.
Hudson River Lumber Co., R. A. Long Building, Kansas City..
Lacledo Gas Light Co., 1017 Olive Street, St. Louis.
Murphy, P. C., Trunk Co., 1125 Title Guaranty Building, St. Louis.
Pulitzer Publishing Co., Twelfth and Olive Streets, St. Louis.

Ralston Purina Co. (of Missouri), 827 South Eighth Street, St. Louis..
St. Louis-Joplin Lead & Zinc Co., Cunningham Building, Joplin..
Volker, Wm., 228 Main Street, Kansas City..

[blocks in formation]


Orono Pulp & Paper Co., 27 State Street, Bangor, Me..
Perkins, Anna W., estate, Jonathan E. Harlow and Isabel Anderson, executors,

809 Shawmut Bank Building, Boston, Mass.

48,731. 02 Income.
29, 871. 18 | Estate.


[blocks in formation]

Carnegie, Andrew, estate of, Home Trust Co., executor, 51 Newark Street,

Davis-Bournonville Co., 2 Rector Street, New York, N. Y.
Frelinghuysen, Mrs. Adaline H., Normandie Heights, Morristown..
Garfield Worsted Co., care of Louis H. Hall, 2 Rector Street, New York, N. Y..
Hird, Samuel, estate of, Samuel Ainsworth Hird, Mary Eva Hird, and Martha

Hird, executors, 209 Lafayette Avenue, Passaic.
Hollander, A. & Son (Inc.), 143 East Kinney Street, Newark
Little, Helen Beadleston (formerly Helen F. N. Beadleston), Seabright
McMillin, Emerson, estate of, Paul McMillin, Butterworth & Ubaldo Traverso

executors, care of John J. Griggs, 152 Market Street, Paterson.
Peters Marian P., estate of, Hackensack Trust Co., trustee, Hackensack.
Phelps, John J., 5 Mercer Street, Hackensack..
Reynolds, Jas. E., estate, Robert D. Reynolds, Ethel R. Smith, and Frederic C.

Reynolds, executors, 810 Broad Street, Nowark.
Snyder, Watson B., estate of, Fidelity Union Trust Co., exocutor, 755 Broad

Street, Newark.
Thompson, Wm. P., estate of, Central Union Trust Co., and Edith Blight

Thompson, executors, care of Carter, Ledyard & Milburn, 54 Wall Street,
New York, N. Y.


[blocks in formation]

Allen, Frederick W., 43 Exchange Place, New York.
Altman B., & Co., Fifth Avenue and Thirty-fourth Street, New York
American Gas & Electric Co., 30 Church Street, New York.
American Water Works & Electric Co. (Inc.), 50 Broad Street, New York.
Arents, Annie A., 820 Fifth Avenue, New York...
Auchincloss, Mrs. Emma B., 33 East Sixty-seventh Street, New York.
Bamberger, Maurice, estate of, Louis Bamberger, Max Bamberger, and Harry

Bamberger, executors, care of Hays, Hershfield & Wolf, 115 Broadway, New

Bankers Trust Co., care of Lyon & Lyon, Evans Building, 1420 New York Ave-

nue NW., Washington, D. C.
Barrett Co., The, of New Jersey, 17 Battery Place, New York.
Beckers, Marie Antoinette, estate of, William G. Beckers, Richard Muller,

William Kurt Beckers, and Benjamin G. Paskus, executors, 1067 Fifth Avenue,

New York.
Bernicedale Coal Co., Binghamton..
Bird & Archer Co., 33 Rector Street, New York.
Bond & Mortgage Guarantee Co., 175 Remsen Street, Brooklyn..--...
Bostick, Helen C., estate of, Farmers Loan & Trust Co., executors, 22 Williamn

Street, New York.
Bourne, George G., 101 Park Avenue, New York.
British-American Tobacco Co., 511 Fifth Avenue, New York.
British & Foreign Marine Insurance Co. (Ltd.), U. S. Branch, Cotton Exchange

Building, New York.
Brooklyn Union Gas Co., 176 Remsen Street, Brooklyn...

[blocks in formation]
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