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Aberdeen, Brown & Co.
Cheltenham, Lovesy.
Hereford, Child.

Manchester, Bancks & Co. ; Shrewsbury, Eddowes
Alnwick, Smith.
Chertsey, Wetton.
Heriford, Simpon.

Webb and Simms.

Sidmouth, Harvey.
Appleby. Briggs.
Chester, Seacome; Harding; Hoddesdon, Tuffs.

March, Sarjeant

Sittingbourn, Coulter. Ashford, Jennings ; Elliott. Poole & Boult.

Horncastle, Babington. Market Raisin, Walter. Skipton, Tasker.
Ashton-under-Line and Staley Chichester, Glover.
Huddersfield, Lancashire. Maryport, Adair.

Southampton, Skelton. Bridge, Cunningham. Clitheroe, Whalley.'

Hull, Wilson ; Goddard and Mold and Holywell, Lloyd. Slatfordshire Putteries, Watts, Banbury, J. G. Rusher. Cockermouth, Baily,

Monmouth, Heath.

Lane End.
Bangor, Shone.
Colchester, Walter & Taylor. Huntingdon, Edis.

Nantrich, Butterworth. Stamford, Mortlock; Rooe,
Barnet, Cowing.
Colne, Earnshaw.
Hythe, Tiffen.
Neath, Hayward.

Stockport, Claye.
Barnstaple, Brightwell. Coventry, Merridew.

Ipswich, Deck.
Newark, Ridge.

Stockton, Robinson.
Bath, George.
Derby, Wilkins & Son, Jersey. Le Ber.

Newcastle-on Tyne. Finlay & Sunfl'ham, Albin, Birmingham, Langbridge. Devizes, Randle.

Kendal, Hudson & Co.

Co.; Currie & Bowman. Tavistock, Helms.
Blackburn, Morrice.
Devunport, Byers.
Kettering, Dash.

Northampton, Birdsall. Tirerton, Boyce.
Bolton, Heaton & Sons,

Doncaster, Brooke & Co. Kidderminster, Pennell. Norwich, Muskett; Smith, Totness, Hannaford.
Boston, Noble.
Dover, Batchellor.
Kimbolton, Ibbs.
Nottingham, Wright.

Ulverstone, Tyson.
Bourn, Daniells.
Dublin, Curry & Co.
Kirby Lonsdale, Foster. Oxford, Slatter.

Wakefield, Stanfield. Bradford, Inkersley & Co. Dundee, Shaw

Lancaster, Milner.
Penrith, Allison.

Ware, Batty.
Braintree, Joscelyne.
Durham, Andrews.

Leamington, Merridew, Peterborough, Cliftons. Warwick. Merridew ; Soden.
Bridport, Tucker.
Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd. Leeds, Robinson.

Plymouth, Nettleton.

Weymouth, Commins,
Bristol, Vickery.
E.ceter, Gain.
Leicester, Combe.

Portsmouth, Comerford. Whitby, Rodgers.
Burnley, Sutcliffe.
Falmouth, Philp.
Lewes, Baxter.
Retford, Turvey.

Whitehaven, Robinsoa.
Bury, Lankester; Thompson. Faversham, Thiselton. Lincoln, Brooke & Sons. Richmond, Bowman & Co Wigton, Ismay.
Bury, (Lanc.) Crompton. Glasgow, Murray.

Liverpool, Hughes.
Royston, Warren.

Winchester, Jacob & Co.
Cambridge, Stevenson,
Gloucester, Jew.
Llandovery, Rees.
Rugeley, Leonard.

Worcester, Deighton. Canterbury, Barnes. Greenock, Neill & Fraser, London, Berger.

Salisbury, Brodie & Co. Workington, Kirkconel
Guernseys Moss.
Long Sutton, Swain,' Sandbach, Lindop.

Worthing, Carter.
Carlisle, Thurnam.
Guildford, Russells.
Lynn, Smith.

Scarborough, Theakston, Yarmouth, Alexander. Carnarvon, Potter & Co. Halifar, Whitley & Booth. Lajme Regis, Dunster.

Settle, Gibbins.

Yeovil, Porter.
Chatham, Burrill.
Harrogate, Blackburn. Macclesfield, Swinnerton. Sheffield, Innocent.

York, Bellerby,
Chelmsford, Guy.
Haslingden, Read.

Sherborne, Penny.
Amsterdam, Nayler & Co.-Berlin, A. Asher.— Hamburg, Perthes & Besser.—Leipsic, Black, Young, and Young, (of London.)

Paris, Bennis.-Rotterdam, T. Marshall. --St. Petersburgh, A. Asher.


Moiopmi.!! University ch

Coison 72€ 9,0 Madison, WI 53/06-1494

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Addison, remark by, 233

Cinque Ports, account of, 15

Good example, remark on, by Boyle, 62 Michael's, St., Orange-plantations of,

Adversity, remarks on, 158, 171 Cities of Old, 54

Good Works, remark on, 138


A Miction, 72

Civilization, its tendency to prolong Grass-tree, (or Black Loy), brief de- Milton's opinion of Books, 14.

Africa, Great Desert of, 39

life, 238

scription of, 150

Mines of Great Britain, No. 111., 76;

Ahmed, the Cobbler; a Persian story, Clergy, remarks on their beneficial in. Great Numbers; I. Numbers descrip. No. IV., 180; No. V , 223.


Mience, 58

tire of Maguitude, 139

Moderation, remarks on, by Bishop

Air Vulcanoes of Turbero, il

Coleridge, address of, to a Godchiled, 79 Grecian Architecture. 147

Hall, 230

Albat oss, the Wanderioz, description

extracts from, 138, 171, 191 Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, anec. Moral Discipline, remarks on, 233

of, 197

Collingwood, Lord, his remarks on dote of, 23

More, Hannah, Letters of, 205

Alexis St. Martin, singular case of, 238 Education, 54

Guy, Thomas, biographical notice of, 42

Kemarks by, 171, 187,

Alligator-Hunt in Ceylon, 192

Common Sense, remarks on, 136 Gymnotus, or Electrical Eel, 108


Amiens, history of its Cathedral, 50 Conisborough Castle, Yorkshire, 45

Mull, Isle of, 83, 250

Amusements of Life, 203

Conscience, 71

Habit, Power of, 150

Ancient Church in Dover Castle, 132 Contentment, 59

Habits, remarks on their influence, 91 Naturalist's Autumnal Walk, 140
Animals, structure of, 80

Contrition, remark on, by Middleton, Half-way Island, in the Indian Sea, 182 Natural History, remark on the study

Ants, ravages of, in the West Indies, 75

Halifax Gibbet-law, 32

of, 171


Cornwall, St. Michael's Mount, 52 Hall, Bishop, extracts from, 4, 110, Natural Phenomena, Familiar Mus.

Aphorisms, 24, 31, 53, 62, 77, 80, 112

Chair, 53

115, 132, 150, 171, 182, 230

trations of:

Archery and Arms, 126

Cotton, cultivation of, 63

Happiness, how attained. 159

XII. Water, 103

Architecture, Grecian, 117

its manufacture, 100

how produced, 175

XUT. Water, in its solid state, 143

Arisaig, Isle uf, described, 84-Ferry Crosraquet, Abbot of, remark by, 67 Ilart and Hind, ile, 248

XIV. Water in a fluid state, 236

at, 255

Croydon Palace, its history, 63

Henry, Prince of Wales, son of James Nature and Art, the works of, com.

Aristotle's opinion of Books, 203 Curfew, Inquiry into its Origin, 7

1., biographical notice of, 93

pared, 112

Armadale, accommodations of the Inn

Herbert, Lines by, on self-examina. Nature, remarks on, by Sir Ilumphry

at, 255

Daisy, Address to, in India, 95

tion, 28

Dary, 150

Armles, ancient British and Saxon, 122 Dary, Sir Humphry, extracts from,

llereford Cathedral, 74

Navigation, Commerce, and Discovery,

of the Middle Ages--Feudal 62, 132, 150

Ileresy, test of in the time of Henry llistory of; Part I, 22; Part II..

System, 122

Diligence, remark on, by Dr. Johnson, VIII,75

43; Part III., 173

Armour, and ancient military customs,

Hervey, remark by, 239

Noedle making. art of, when intro-


Discontented, a word of advice to Ilighlanders, attachment of, to Charles duced into England, 77

Asbestos, and incombustible Cloth, 23 the, 115

Edward, 354

Needle Rocks, the, 172

Asia, Central, Table Land of, 40 Discovery of Mineral Veins, 76 Hindoo Music, specimen of, 228 Nelson, Horatio, Lord, biographical

Ass, the Wild, account of, 183 Dog, remarkable instance of sagacity | Hofwyl, account of M. Pellenberg's notice of, 157

in, 99

Schools at, 234

North Cape, account of, 47

Bacon, remarks by, 44, 197, 208 Dover Castle, ancient Church in, 132 Hogarth, anecdote of, by Bishop Sand. Notes from a Traveller's Scrap-book, 29
Barrow, on the contemplation of the Dunstan, St., Church of, in Fleet- ford, 71

Nothing, Sonnet on, by Porson, 62
works of Nature, 4

street, its history, 98

Honcy-Guide, description of, 112
Bat, the Wing of, 53
Dwight, extract from, 94

Ilood, Sir Samuel, anecdote of, 223 Oaks, remarks on planting of, by Lord
Bee, Common, account of, 91

llorne, Bishop, extracts from, 58, 230 Collingwood, 14
Benares, description of, 194

Early Inhabitants of Britain, remarks Human animal, remark ou, by Paley. Observation, remark on by Bacon, 197
Ben Jonson, remark by, 62

on, by Hollingshed, 64


Ocean, lines on, 67

Bernard, St., remark by, 200

Earth, changes of temperature in, 108

heart, its weakness, 67

Ore, mode of working, in Mines, 223

Beveridge, Bishop, quotation from, 58 East India Stations-No, V., Benares,

life, its uncertainty, 99 ! Orleans, the Cathedral of, 138
Beza, aphorism by, 115

| Our Country and our llome, lines on,
Bible, the, a celestial messenger, 94 Education, religious, its value, 44 Ice, its beneficial effects, 149


Black-Gang Chine, 109

Egg, Rum, Muck and Canna, Scottish Immortality, remark on, by Sir Hum.

Blood, use of, in regulating the animal Isles, notice of, 88

phry Davy, 62

Paley, extracts from, 58, 90

functions, 98

Egotism, remark on, 53

India, Tiinerant Musicians of, 296 Palm-tree, Wild, 146

Borrodalo, the Pretender's Asylum at, Emigration from the Highlands, 250 Indolence, its miseries, 44

Papyrus Plant, 138


England, Reflections of an American Iona, insular Churches of, 82

Passions, unrestrained, their evil ef.

Bowles, Rev. W. L., Lines by, on Chil. Traveller on a Voyage to, 6

Iron Mask, the Man in, 105

fects, 94

dren gathering flowers in the Ca- Ere's Apple-tree, 90

Isfahan, some account of the City of, Peasants, Himalayan, singular use of

thedral Churchyard, 27

Example and Imitation, 54

169—its Early History, 162—its water by, 14

tho Poor Example and Precept, remark on, 4

Situation and Extent, 163—-its In. Persia, barbarous modes of Punish-

Blind Man of Salisbury Cathe- Experimental Science, Familiar Illus. habitants and their Religion, 165- ment in, 112

dral, 156

trations of:

its Commerce and Manufactures, Persian Story, 134


- Epitaph by, 230 II. Indestructibility of Matter, 13

Personal Property, forms to be obserred

Boyle, Extracts from, 62, 80, 94, 99, III. Divisibility of Matter, 55 Italy, Volcanic Regions of, 3

in making Wills of, 18.78, 110, 221

159, 171

IV. Heat, Temperature, Radiation, | Itinerant Musiciaus of India, 926 Petersburgh, Śt., some account of the

British Army, some account of its rise Conduction, 95

City of, 210-its streets and palaces,

and progress, 121

V. Heat, &c. continued. 118

Jebb, Bishop, extract from, 247

212-its houses, and mode of warm-

British Museum, its founder, 12

VI. Heat, Expansion, 245

Jesse, extracts from, 148, 159, 171, 176 ing them, 218-public buildings,

British Officer, adventures of a,


Johnson, Dr., Last Days and Thoughts 213-state of religion in, 214-

the Peninsular war, 190

Fable of the Tortoise, Frog, and

of, 205

principal churches of, 215-com-

Browne, Sir T., remark by, 71
Duck, 79

Selections from, 13, 71,

merce of, 216

Buller, Judge, anecdote of, 99

the North Wind, the Sun, 112, 150, 182, 187, 197, 208

Philosopher, Religious, an exalted cha-

Burke, remarks by, 90, 115

and the Traveller, 143

Jones of Nayland, remarks by, 11, |

racter, 182

the Caterpillar, Chrysalis, 182, 230

Philosophy, modern literary, remark

Caernarvon Castle, North Wales, 64 and Butterfly, 179

Jonson, Ben, extracts from, 51, 62, 72

Canary Bird, account of the, 218

the Swan and Donkey, 196 Juvenile Humanity, pleasing instanco

Plaius and Deserts of the Globe, some

Canary, or Fortunate, Islands, 130 Fairy Rings, 200

of, 108

account of, 33

Caraccas, New Protestant Chapel and Falls of Niagara, destruction of au

Plantain, Ribwort, its uses, 56

Burial-ground at, 151

Indian and his canoe at the, all Ken, Rishop, Epitaph for, 230

Pleasure and Pain, 147

Caribito, or Blood-fish, description of, Fidelity, remarkable instance of, in a King, Mrs. remark by, 94

Pool, Cardinal, anecdote of, 8


Negro servant, 158

Klopstock, remark by, 63

Popular Superstitions, notice of, 28, 69

Caterpillar, Chrysalis, and Butterfly; Fire, Water, and Fame, an apologue, Knowledge productivo of Happiness, Prayer, the gift and grace of, 111

a Fable ; 179


Precept and Example, 110

Caterpillars, curious tribe of, 243 Firmness, its efficacy in overcoming

Prepossessions, remark on, 224

Cathedrals described : --Rheims, 2- difficulties, 235

La Harpe, remark by, 44

Presence of mind in a Highlander, 58

Chichester, 26-Amiens, 50-Here. First Impressions, 54

Last Days and Thoughts of Dr. John. | Pride, remark on, by Dr. Johuson, 208

ford, 74-Llandaff, 114-Orleans, Flesh-fly, its utility, 99

Progress of Vegetation, reflections on,

133–Salisbury, 154-Strasburgh, Flowers, scent of, Reflections on the, Lion, extraordinary story of, 206


202-Senlis, 241


Hupt in South America, 146 Prosperity and Adrersity - Souiley,

Lathedral Churchyard, lines written in, Forbidden Fruit, or Eve's Apple-tree Lisbon, Square of the Little Pillar at, 136

of Ceylon, 90


Proverbs, 61

Ceylon, Christianity in, 220

Fort William, account of, 253

Llandaff Cathedral, 114

Proridence, beneficence of, 140-beau-

Chalmers, extracts from, 147, 150, 200, · Fountain-tree of Ferro, 131

Lobster, remarks on the periodical tiful illustration of, 148


Fretfulness, remark on, by Sir Henry casting of its shell, 229

Providence, remark on, by Hall, 14

Chapone. Mrs., her reason for early at. ! Sidney, 77

Loch Leven, beautiful scenery of, 253 Pyrenees, Battles of, 141

tondance at Church. 80

Future state, remarks on preparation Loch Sunart, 251

Pythagoras, Lord Chatham's approval

Cheerfulness of Heart, 147

for, 71

Louvain, the town of, described, 18

of his injunction, 60

Cheerfulness, remark on, by Miss Tal.

Luminous Appearance of the Sea, 204
bot, 23
Gardiner, Colonel, anecdote of, 23

Quarles, extracts from, 181, 182
Chichester Cathedral, description of, 26 Gibbet-law of Halifax, 32

Madagascar, island of, its history, 20
Children, their instruction in religion Glenco, Massacre in the Vale of, 222 Man in the Iron Mask, 103

Raven Oak, the, 232
the first duty of a parent, 23
Globe Volvox, 243

Mant, Bishop, extracts from, 44,113, 132 Reason, aphorism on, 56
Chinese Sage, aphorism of, 51

Glooiny presages, method of fortifying Mathematics, on the study of, 196 Reculver, account of, 24
Cholula (in Díexico), its Pyramid, 175 the soul against, 235

Matter, its Indestructibility, 13-diri. Redbreast, nestling of, 103
Christian Charity, remark on, by Burke, Glory and excellence only acquired by sibility of, 55

Reflections on sitting at ease in a coach


care and labour, 30

Meal-hours, Remarks on the changes that went very fast, 159

Christian Virtues, the diguity of, 179 Goldau, in Switzerland, fall of a moun.

in, 16

on the Beauties of a Calm

Christianity in Ceylon, 220

tain at, 119

Mental Recreation, remarks on, 24

Clear Night, 159

Christianity, remark on, by Rose, 23 Gooch, Sir William, instance of his Merino Sheep and their Migrations, 181

on viewing an old Lutheran

Churches, Primitive Christian, 198

humility, 80

Mexican Bees, 51

Church, 159


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