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'I have,' said Gipps; that is to say, I hope I have. But you must stay supper. I'll bring out the wine.'

It was not very long after this that Gipps' friend Simpson received an elegantly folded note, enclosing two cards united by satin ribands; Mr. Samuel Gipps; Mrs. Samuel Gipps.' Underneath the former, 'Come and take a cup of hyson poured out by the delicate hand of my housekeeper.'



SWEET Fanny! the Bus is half frantic
To find you so long in a fix;
By demurring to cross the Atlantic,

You make us as cross as two sticks.
No more of this silly delaying-

The Western is now under way;
The Yankees grow wild with your staying,
And we with your staying away.

Each step seems as light as a feather
That Congress has taken of late;
Since you and DAN WEBSTER together
Concocted the airy debate.
But grant us the slightest concession,
And our English M.P.-rical fops
Shall bring in a bill by next session

For increasing the duty on hops.
Oh! FANNY, just listen to reason,

And stick to LAPORTE for the future;
Or who's to enchant us next season?

Or who's to attempt the Cachucha?
Or whom, at her benefit bobbing,

Shall our bouquets in thunder-showers cover,
Like the Babes in the Wood, by Cock-Robin,
With leaves smothered over and over.

In the Bus, grown as dull as a hearse,
We sit, like a legion of mopers,
Applauding, for better, for worse,

Those terrible long legs of COPERE'S!
While we gaze at the steps of Miss Hughes, it's
To show us how wilful an elf ye are,
You pretend to prefer Massachusetts,

And fill with your fame Philadelphia.
But beware, lest, when bent on returning,

The Bus should oppose its dread veto!
Certain traitors, our motley concern in,

Hold up their white kids for CERITO!
At present, the ladies and lords

Are as patient as sawyers at top e'er are;
But presto!-on board for our boards!

Or prepare to be hissed from the OPERA!

C. D.

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