The ship captain's guide; or Instructions to masters of vessels in the merchant service

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H. Hewison, 1854 - Shipping - 36 pages

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Page 19 - All Her Majesty's Sailing Vessels when under sail, or being towed, approaching or being approached by any other vessel or vessels, are to show between sunset and sunrise a bright light in such a position as can be best seen by such vessel or vessels, and in sufficient time to avoid collision. " All Sailing Vessels at anchor in roadsteads or fairways, are to exhibit, between sunset and sunrise, a constant bright light at the mast-head, except within harbors or other places where regulations for other...
Page 22 - ... and, therefore, if either party is not ready by the time appointed for the loading of the ship, the other may seek another ship or cargo, and bring an action to recover the damages he has sustained.
Page 16 - Kingdom without touching on the way at any foreign port, the master shall within forty-eight hours after his arrival deliver any such effects as aforesaid remaining unsold, and pay any money which he has taken charge of or received from such sale as aforesaid, and also the balance of wages due to the deceased, to the shipping master at the port of destination in the United Kingdom...
Page 16 - One thousand eight hundred and fifty-one shall at the Time when the same is made, or as soon afterwards as possible, be read over distinctly and audibly to the Offender or upon the Quarter Deck of the Ship, and a Statement to the Effect that the same has been so read shall be added to such Entry, and signed as required for the Signature of such Entry ; and, except in the Cases aforesaid, no such Entry shall be admissible in Evidence on the Part of the Master or Owner, or otherwise available for the...
Page 22 - And when the time is thus expressly ascertained and limited by the terms of the contract, the merchant will be liable to an action for damages if the thing be not done within the time, although this may not be attributable to any fault or omission on his part — for he has engaged that it shall be done...
Page 22 - If a ship be so detained, the daily rate of demurrage mentioned in the charterparty will in general be the measure of the damages to be paid ; but it is not the absolute or necessary measure ; more or less may be payable as justice may require, regard being had to the expense and loss incurred by the owner ; and the amount must be settled by a jury if the parties cannot agree.
Page 16 - ... be added to such entry, and signed, as required, for the signature of such entry ; and, except in the cases aforesaid, no such entry shall be admissible in evidence on the part of the master or owner, or otherwise available for the purposes of such master or owner, if not so stated to have been read over as herein required, (a) (a) See SEAMKN'S WAGES.
Page 19 - Vessel, shall be bound to show, between sunset and sunrise, a bright Light in such a position as can be best seen by such vessel or vessels, and in sufficient time to avoid collision. All Sailing Vessels at anchor in roadsteads or fairways shall be also bound to exhibit between sunset and sunrise, a constant bright Light at the mast-head, except within harbours or other places where regulations for other Lights for ships are legally established.
Page 19 - The mast-head light to be visible at a distance of at least five miles in a clear dark night, and the lantern to be so constructed as to show a uniform and unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of...
Page 28 - Queen's enemies, restraint of princes and rulers, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation of whatever nature and kind soever during the said voyage always mutually Sect.

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