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vigorous efforts. All that can be done shall be done ; and as we continue to receive assurances of the same Dignified protection to which we have hitherto been so deeply obliged, nothing within our power shall be wanting to manifest our sense of this favour, among many others.

To add to this Address would be very easy ; but we flatter ourselves, that to those who know us it is unnecessary. We have received too substantial proofs' of Public encouragement to hesitate in committing our welfare to our countrymen, and we hope that we shall ever present a work, worthy of being honoured by the favourable report of those who wish to ünite information with amusement, and a competent knowledge of the World and its affairs, with a steady adherence to good morals, good manners, and good humour. I

We take this opportunity of requesting our Subscribers to complete their copies as soon as convenient : the contents of certain Numbers having lately excited considerable attention, there hus been a demand for them, which reduces the Edition considerably. The First Volume has been reprinted, and may now be had complete.

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The London Weekly Returns (Wheat, Bread, Meat, Hay and

Straw, Hops, Leather, Tallow, Coals) - Meteorological Tables-Course: of

Exchange and Bullion-Premiums of Insurance--Prices Carreni-- Prices

of Stocks, &c. are referred to under the genera! Denomination of “ Tables."


Ver of the state of Europe, &c. in the

Chinese MS. in British Museum......

pablic relations of its nations to each

Derogatory (langers attendant on the situa-

other, during the first six months of

tion of acires. es.......



xvii Lavater's general appearance..


(Great Britain, America, Austria, Den-

Biographical notice on the inarquis d Pom.

mark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy,

bal, of Portugal, ......


Po and, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Spain,

Account of the indig plant, and its prepa-

ration (from the Freich.)..
Oicial Gazette information, chronologi-

Description of the public entry into Paris of
cally arranged, from Jan. 1, to June

Isabella, Queen of France ; from Frois-

30, both inclusive....



Register of events, foreign and domestic,

Account of the Boschimans in Africa, by

from Jan. 1, to June 30, 1808, both in-

Col. Jansens...



xlix Fencion's method of correcting the irasci-

Events of interest to the papacy.

bility of the duke of Burgundy.... 129

Afairs of Spain...,

lxv Original Russian anecdcres...


lasasion of India...

On the birch-tree..


(Explanation of the map of Hindoostan

Ancient game at Gensano : festival, &c.


in Sicily.....


Considerations on the projected invasion of Origin of placing holly in churches..


India by the French, Russians, and Per-

White Negro, and pievald Negress..... 140

5 Comparison of monkish s. clusion from the
Dangers of British India.

18 world in pillar towers, with that in Eddy-

Considerations on the Practicabillity, &c.

stone lighthouse


of communicating Christianity to India 24 Recipes in painting..


Daniel's African Scenery and Animals

Present state of religion in the Low Coun-

(vide also p. 79.)...

28 tics


British Gallery of Engravings...


The Gatherer.-No. II...


Dsuce's Illustrations of Shakespeare.. 40 (Hyde Park--Spring Gardens Of fools
Scott's Marmion, a Tale of Flodden Field 53

and their wit--Contrast contrived

Hawkins's Sermons on the Iniquity of

Name imposed by inch of candle.)



Particulars of French East India Company 152

Madame de Genlis's Siege de la Rochelle

M. de St. Pierre's theory of currents.... 153

-Sainclair. ,,...




Singer's Statement of the Clergy, &c. of

(Baron of Cottinghu's Aith--Epilogue

Scotland, .....


to 'Begone dull Care'--Song in • Who

Gilchrist's Stranger's East Indian Guide to

wius? (Leather and Latin) — The tiger

the Hindoostanee..

69 and deer-The Hindoo widow.)

Capper's Topographical Dictionary of the

Observanda Externa....


United Kingdom......

70 (Africa: Ashantees and Fantees-Aus-

Dr. Moseley on Hydrophobia....

71 tria : singular duel-Denmark: casual-

Letter on the Poor Rates in Scotland.. 73 ries by bombardment of Copenhagen ;

Boorli's Posthumous Essaye....

75 ships that passed the Sound-France :

Aikia's Designs for Rural Villas...

76 improved manufacture of soap; Dr.

Owen's Christian Monitor for the last Days


Gall's first lecture epitomized; con-

Continuation of the article on Mr. Daniel's

scripts; Persian embassy ; French army.
African Scenery (one page of which was

in Spain-Germany: destruction of
omitied by accident) from p. 28....., 79 British property ; scarcity of commodi-

Literary Prospective. , .

81 ties in Russia and Poland ; new transla-

Correspondence with the Review Depart-

tion of New Testament-Holland: par-


84 ticulars of late storm at Amsterdam ;

(E. R, in reply to the reviewer of Mr.

taly : winter presents at Naples ;

Carpenter's pamphlet.)

downfall of the Pope-Netherlands :

Proposita Philanthropica...


sicte of taxes-Persia: French embassy

(Friendly Female Socieryblull Society

--Russia : account of Adm. Siniavin
for the Suppression of Vice,)

Spuin: conspiracy agaitist the king ;
Di tascalia

88 plenty of money but no wool, &c. -
(Presaces to · Begone Dull Care' and

Sweden: alterations of fortifications.)

Kais'-New FarcesOn the Italian

Observanda Interna...


opera ; state of the drama in Britain ;

(State of British forces--trial of Gen.
with hints for erecting an English grand

Wirelock-rots of admiralty--exemp-
national opera.)

tion ot duty to foreigners-cultivation of
Dissertation on the possibility of introduc-

hemp and Menno wool-fall in the
ing the culture of cotton in France.

price of copper-Smithfield markere

(From the French)..

97 ciergy - property improved Saxon




at blindman's buff-M. Montbeliard's in.
sca-lottery profits-mites and weeyils

vitation to his friends, &c.- Epilogue to

destroyed-Ireland: new dock at Dub..

the World.')

lin; Irish post-boy.)

Observanda Externa....

Parliamentary History..

179 Africa : state of the western coast-Den-

Political Periscope....

137 mark: death of the king; Lieut. Ville-

Report of births, marriages, deaths, mi-

moes - France: orders and titles of no-
litary and university promotions...... 192 bility ; decrease of olive trees and oil-

Medical Report, by C. Pears, F. L. S. &c.. 194 Holland : Dutch budget-Indies East :

Bankrupts and certificates..

197 Increase of trade at Calcutta ; theatre

State of trade, imports, &c. &c.

201 demolished ; sons of Tippoo Sultan; be-


203 nevolence of Mr. Baretto; marriage of

Letter from right hon. Spencer Perceval,

ditto ; comet; increase of tigers; shark ;
chancellor of his majesty's exchequer,

anniversary of battle of Delhi-Italy: mi-
&c. to Rev. Dr. Mansel, of Trin. Coll.

litary conscription; population at Naples;

Cambridge, on the subject of the curates'

- Portugal : state of Prussia : dlearness

bill: given entire....

209 of bread---Spain : gold and silver accu.

Local militia. ...

229 mulated--Sweden : state of public spirit;

(Suggestions on the proposed bill of lord

Russian perfidy--Turkey in Asia : revo-

Castlereagh, for establishing a local mi-

lution at Bagdat-New South Wales co-


lony : state of.)

Heads of the bill......

237 | Observanda Interna....

Addenda to the article on the French inva..

(Cold Bath Fields prison-imports and

sion of India, in our last...


exports official-printed and dyed cot-

Communications to the Board of Agricul-

tons official.-extraordinary expenses of

ture, vol. V. part II.....

241 the army-commerce-militia bounty

Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Carter..

255 surplus of consolidated fund-woollen

Wilkinson's Translation of Reinegg's Des-

trade-Spanish wool and manufacture

cription of Caucasus...

266 -new first rate--Folkestone harbour

Dallas's Translation of Madame de Genlis's

Mungo Park-addition to assessed taxes--

Siege of Rochelle....

281 report to house of commons on distillery

Weyland's Letter on Education of the lower

from sugar and molasses : priated entire


215 - North Wales : improvements in ;-in-

Bingley's Economy of a Christian Life..


creased population in į agriculture in.)

Bourn's Concise Gazetteer..

290 Political Periscope...

Bogue's Sermon on good Education.. 291

Recent information from the South Sea..

Letter in reply to Roscoe..

292 | Medical Report....

Literary Prospective.....

294 Report of births, marriages, and deaths,

Correspondence with the Review Depart-

military and university promotions....

297 Bankrupts and certificates..

(Letter from professor Martyn, Cambridge.) State of trade, imports, &c. &c. .........

Didascalia ..

299 Tables ......

(Drury Lane Theatre : “ The World';'. Distillation of sugar and molasses........
Caractacus Covent Garden : Boni-

(Report of committee of hon. house of
facio and Bridgetina ; Two Gentlemen

commons on the distillation of sugar :
of Verona.)

with observations : also, abstracts of

Manners of the court of France, under

those parts of the evidence that are most

Henry IV.

305 interesting to the public.)

Method adopted by Mr. Roebuck, to make Lord Selkirk on National Defence.....

ice at Madras..

310 | Dr. Graves's Lectures on the four last Books

Explanation of Hindoo theatricals vindi-

of the Pentateuch

cated ..

314 | Dr. Davis's More Subjects than One....

Civilization of American Indians..

319 Foster's Journey from Bengal to England,

Curious specimen of courtship at Madras

through Persia, &c.....

by public advertisement..

324 Matilda Betham's Poems...

Sketches of Vienna.....

325 Hendricke's Address to the Archbishop of

English beneficent government in India..



Relative value of coins of the realm at dif-

The Cruise, a Poctical Sketch..
ferent periods....

332 Cary's New Universal Atlas.....

Eddystone-rocks and light-house..

339 Print of Sir Charles Malet delivering to

Particulars and details of late events in Por-

the Peshwa, at Poonah, the ratified crea-

345 ty of 1790.....


348 Literary Prospective..

Bite of a sea snake mortal.....

349 Correspondence with the Review Depart-

351 ment .....

(Extempore effusion, by Eliza-Son-

(Reviewer of Mr. Carpenter's pamphlet,
net, in memory of Henry Kirke White-

in answer to E. R.).
The hopeless marine-Plainte d'Aline-

Proposita Philanthropica..

Translation of dito-0: a child playing

(British and Foreign Bible Society -Asy-



lom for Deaf and Dumb-Society for

question-Spain: great coats wanted by

Msions to Africa-British Lying-in Hos-

the French troops ; sword of Francis 1;

p tal-Hibernian Society Sons of the

yellow 'fever, origin of-Switze; land:
Cergy-Middlesex Hospital-widows

Lavater and Gessner; collection of agri-
ei dissenting ministers--Literary Fund.)

cultural implements ; Fuseli, life of

Discalia ...

515 Turkey : glut of cotton.)

Drury-Lane : Mr.Cumberland's Jewof Observanda Interna...

Mogadore'-Covent-Garden : * Bonduca'

(National debt-Mr. Arthur Young's
- Managers censured for reviving ill-

opinion of committee on distillation from
timed plays-lieut. Kemble, Mr. Sheri-

Sugar Turkish ordnance-small pox
dan and lord Burleigh-French revolu-

inoculation--fine arts-Opera Glass, M.
tionary players, and Italian opera.)

Caralani-royal marines-bequest to the

Deprivation of Rev. Francis Sione.... 517 nation-palace court-London Institu-

Present state of the country by Mr. Wilber-

tion-non-resident clergy-methodists~

force ...


French royal family--illuminations Por-

Tables exhibiting the population of Great

tuguese-Ireland : bank of ; culture of

Britain, with its effective force...... 523 hemp ; wretched state of Ireland; monu-

Number of offenders in 1805, according to

ment to lord Nelson.)

the circuits.i.

525 | Medical Report..


Diminution of enormous offences in Bri Political Periscope..



527 | Report of births, marriages, and deaths,

The Gatherer, No. III....

530 military and university promotions.... 607

(Dr. Walker's letter to his friends--Man

Bankrupts ard certificates...


dame de Sévigné's reflections-letter State of trade, imports, &c. &c...


to the king of Otaheite, in the Taherian 'Tables...

language-the same in English.)

Fast-India Company's affairs with tables of

Views of Spain, No. I....

533 receipts and expences, from the seport of

(Characteristic disposition of Spaniards.)

hon. house of commons


Exhibition of Royal Academy....

539 Distillation from sugar and molasses-se-

Society of painters in water colours.. 543 cond report of the committee of house


of commons on the..


Cornish tin mines..

547 | Third report of ditto..

Famine among the buffalocs in East Indies, Clergy non-residence.
* with means of prevention.....

551 Mr. Fox's History of James II....

Prayers in London for the kng of Sweden's Douce's Illustrations of Shakespeare (con-

success, &c. ..

552 tinued.)

On the Aya-Pana plant..........

553 Wanostrocht's Petit Tableau de la Constitu-

Remains of Louis XVI................ 554 Lion, &c.


Travels in North America............ 555 Letter to Rt. Hon. Spencer Perceval on the
M. de Rulhière-recentive meinory.. 557 Situation of Stipendiary Carates......


Anecdotes of Russian admiral, Ribas.. b. Critical Essays on the Performers of the

Tiger fascination

559 London Thcatres.



560 Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks

(Songs from Jew of Mogadore'—Death

and Umbrellas....


and Skinner-the lawyer, priest, and Ryder's Sermon on the Propriety of prcach-


ing the Calvinistic Doctrines...


Parliamentary History......

563 Robinson's Sermon on serious Attention to

Observanda Externa....

577 personal Holiness..


(Algiers : despotism and ? Barbarity:

Kathleen, a ballad


America, North : cotton factories-Ame- . Literary Prospective..


rica South : Portuguese royal- family Proposita Philanthropica

France : French Marine ; order against

(Bill to prevent the infection of the small
America ; officers rewarded ; beaver

poz from spreading.)

killed in the Rhone; respiration; Biitish Museum...


shawls; cultivation of cotton ; Archi-

(Royal visit --New gallery of antiquities.)

medes ; rapid printing ; police of thea Anecdote of capt. Holloway..


ties–Germany: Luther's monument ; Improvements in Westminster..


Teutonic language ; 'travels into the Didascalia


East ; equestrian statue of Joseph II;

(Anglicus on theatrical spies.)
catalogue of books at Leipsic fair (Sept. Monument to Locke..


1807. ;) conventual life-Indies East: Medical Report,

Westminster school ; prospect of plen State of Maynooth Catholic College, &c. 721

ty; commodore Trowbridge; indi Cruelly to animals..


go and rice; the monsoon-Indies, British improvements in manufacture of

West : destruction of Port de Spain by


fire-Italy : tobacco; documents on Sketches of Vienna, No. II...


papyrus-Morocco: island ceded to Eng. Travels and literary life of Rev. J. F. Usko 740

land Portugal : state of Lisbon-Prus Progress of civilization among the Ameri-

da ; servitude abolished-Russia : prize

can Indians..,





Magnetic needle, variation and non-varia-

tion of.....

Literary Intelligence from America...

(Connecricut academy-theological li-

brary - another - Griesbach's Greek

Testament Thomson's translation of

the Sacred Scriptures.)

Views of Spain, No. Il...

(The Spanish arıy.)

Kelp manufacture in Scotland.......

Cultivation of the cacao, or chocolate


Proceedings of Society for encouragement

of arts, manufactures, and commerce..

The Gatherer, No. IV..

(Curious method of collecting books-

Champagne versus Burgundy-an egg in
a salt spring-antiquities of oil painting

-Vox Stellarum : fate of Buonaparte.)


(Ode for his Majesty's birth-day, by

Richard-prologue in dialogue for Bryn-
y-pys theatricals -- appointment disap-

pointed-Death the publican.)

Parliamentary History..

Observanda Exter.a..

(America North : nautical survey ; dark

day-France : sugar cane cultivated ;

Lavater's physioghuiny improved ; Tou-

louse academy re-established; voyage

to Java, &c.--completed education in the

Lyceums - Germany: tetanus cured ;

decline of religious distinctions ; delicate

electrical instrumen:---Hoiland : Ley-
den, restoration of--Indies, East: si-
tuation of Juan de Novo ; tides in riyer
Hoogly; town-hall lottery at Culcuita ;
cocoa nut day; pearl oysters; Muscat ;
Hindoo religious ceremony; horse fair
-Sweden : public prayer ; Bourbons-

N. S. Walei, agriculture, lea.)

Observanda Interna..

(His Majesty's birth-day, with Poet

Laureat's ode-l'ope's nuncio in London

Grand Junction Canal increase of as-

sessed taxes, droits of almiralty-licensed

trade-fees to clerks of the council-

quarantine-privy council cierk's fees--

value of Danish stores taken at Copen-

hagen-Portuguese property-city privi-

leges-Louis XVIII and Charles IV-

anniversary of Mr. Pitt's birth-day--the
Spanish club-imber for the navy-hay

and com harvest-hay.)

Political Periscope..

Report of births, marriages, and deatlis,

military and university promotions....

Bankrupts and certificates..

State of trade, imports, &c. &c...

Proportionate consumption and exportation

of sugar imported into G. B. from the

West Indies : 1781 to 1808....


Hints on parliamentary exertions during

last session..

Report of committee of hon, house of com-

mons on the dangers and evils of lotteries

Gaming-number of shares-lawful agents

unful ageulis -- Surcis --expences


of offices--profit of ditto-legal oppres-

750 sions—miseries produced by lotteries-

750 suppression of insurance....

Caledonian canal, report on........

Memoirs of Capt. Carleton....

Strutt's Queen Hoo Hall.....

Westall's Day in Spring and other Poems
753 | Thoughts on the Danger from Increase

of Sectarists..


Mr. Whitbread's Letter to Lord Holland

on Situation of Spain......


Public Spirit....

Itinerarium Cambria..

763 Bouthroyd's History of Pontefract.

709 Crabb's Preceptor and his Pupils...

Theory of Dreams....

Attempt to shew by what Means the Uni-

ted Kingdom, &c. may be saved from

Subjection to France...,

775 | Tuke's Daries of Religion and Morality,

Dr. Bell's Madras School...


(Letter from Rev. Mr. Nares to major

Scott Waring, on his sermon on the con-

781 version of the Hindoos to Christianity.)

790 Literary Prospective.....

Proposita Philanthropica...

(London Fomale Penitentiary--eighth

ar niversary of Society for missions to

Africa, &c.-scarcity in the Highlands

-Charity children of the metropolis

society of friends of foreigners in distress.)


(Stricture, on the impropriety of playing

The Critic,' at the present period.)

British Museum (Additional statutes)....

Iinprovements in Westminster...

Views of Spain, No. III....

(Entrance into Spain---passes from Ba-
yonne-from St. Sebastian 10 Sarragossa

to Madrid-manners and character of the
798 Spacish nation-additional description of

the passes into Spain, by the Chevalier de


On vine-leaf tea, by Rev. J. Hall........

Instinct of pigeons, by Hermit...

Lord Justice Clerk Hope's state of Scotland

and its criminal jurisprudence..

Banyan tree of India..

Unpublished letter of David Hume on the

subject of king Janies II's MSS.

Comparison of superstitions, Christian and

heathen, in S. America..

De la Harpe's eulogium on Racine, con-

807 cluded

Improved moral habits of British scamen..

817 Swiss military system..

821 Medical Report...

823 | Animals' friend

Whip Club..

Parliamentary History..

825 Poetry..


(An acrostic on Napoleon Buonaparte

Bridal sous by late Mr. Strutt-Address

to patriots of Spain, by W.T. Fitzgerald,

esq.-Latin cpitaph by Somerville the

poet- Verses on ale--Ode Sapphique

Portuguaise, &c. par le Chevalier de


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