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If you

do censure me ?, by what you were,
Not what you are, I know, it will excuse
This sudden execution of my will.
And so conduct me, where, from company,
I may revolve and ruminate my grief. 8 [Exit.
Glou. Ay; grief, 1 fear me, both at first and last.

[Exit Gloucester.
Suf. Thus Suffolk hath prevail'd, and thus he goes,
As did the youthful Paris once to Greece,
We hope to find the like event in love;
But prosper better than the Trojan did :
Margʻret shall now be Queen, and rule the King:
But I will rule both her, the King, and realm. [Exit.

7 If you

do cenfure me, &c.] apparent, because in the epi. To cenfure is here simply to judge. logue there is mention made of If in judging me you consider the this play, and not of the other paft frailties of your own youth. parts.

ruminate my grief.] Henry the sixth in swaddlimg Grief in the first line is taken

bands crown'd king, generally for pain or uneafiness; Whole ftate so many had i'th' in the second specially for forrow. managing

That thy l France, and made Of this play there is no copy

all England rue, earlier than that of the folio in Which ofi our staçe hath mewn. 1623, though the two succeed- France is lost in this play. The ing parts are extant in two edi- two following contain, as the old tions in quarto. That the second title imports, the contention of and third parts were published the houses of York and Lancasier. without the first may be admitted The two first parts of Henry as no weak proof that the co- VI. were printed in 16co. When pies were surreptitiously obtain- Henry V. was written we know ed, and that the printers of thac' not, but it was printed likewise time gave the publick those plays in 1609, and therefore before not such as the authour designed, the publication of the first and but such as they could get them. second parts, the first part of That this play was written be- Henry VI. had been often shoun fore the two others is indubita: on the stage, and would core bly collected from the series of tainly have appeared in its events ; that it was written and place had the authour been the played before Henry the fifth is pablisher.

The End of the FOURTH VOLUME,


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