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you do cenfure me 7, by what you were, Not what you are, I know, it will excufe This fudden execution of my will.



And fo conduct me, where, from company,
I may revolve and ruminate my grief.
Glou. Ay; grief, 1 fear me, both at first and last.
[Exit Gloucefter.
Suf. Thus Suffolk hath prevail'd, and thus he goes,
As did the youthful Paris once to Greece,
We hope to find the like event in love;
But profper better than the Trojan did :
Margret fhall now be Queen, and rule the King:
But I will rule both her, the King, and realm. [Exit.

If you do cenfure me, &c.] To cenfure is here fimply to judge. If in judging me you confider the paft frailties of your own youth. ruminate my grief.] Grief in the first line is taken generally for pain or uneafinefs; in the second specially for forrow.


Of this play there is no copy earlier than that of the folio in 1623, though the two fucceeding parts are extant in two editions in quarto. That the fecond and third parts were published without the firit may be admitted as no weak proof that the copies were furreptitiously obtained, and that the printers of that time gave the publick thofe plays not fuch as the authour defigned, but fuch as they could get them. That this play was written before the two others is indubitably collected from the series of events; that it was written and played before Henry the fifth is

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