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Tal. Thou never hadît renown, nor canst not lose it John: Yes, your renowned name ; thall fight abuse it Tal. Thy father's charge Mall clear thee from that

stain, John. Youcannot witness for me, being Nain, 9.1103 If death be so apparent, then both fly. 11 inci so

Tal. And leave my followers here to fight and died My age was never tainted with fuch shame. post

John. And thall my youth be guilty of such blame? No more can I be sever'd from your Gide, turi 1}} Than can yourself yourself in twain divide's Stay, go, do what you will, the like dol, For live I will not, if my father die.

Tal. Then here I take my leave of thee, fair for, Born to eclipse thy life this afternoon. Come, side by side, together live and die; And soul with soul from France to heaven fly. [Exeunt.

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Alarm :. excursions, wberein Talbot's fon is hemm'd

about, and Talbot rescues him. í Tal. St. George, and victory! fight, soldiers, fight: The Regent hath with Talbot broke his word, And left us to the rage of France's sword, Where is John Talbot ? pause, and take thy breath; I gave thee life, and rescu'd thee from death.

John. O, twice my father! cwice am I thy son ;
The life thou gav'st me first was lost and done,
Till with thy warlike sword, despight of fate,
To my determin'd time chou gav'st new date.
Tal. When from the Dauphin's crest thy sword

struck fire,
It warm’d thy father's heart with proud desire
Of bold-fac'd victory. Then leaden age,
Quickend with youthful spleen and warlike rage,
Beat down Alanson, Orleans, Burgundy,
And from the pride of Gallia rescu'd thee.


The ireful bastard Orleans, that drew blood
Froin thee, my boy, and had the maidenhood
Of thy first Fight, I foon encountered,
And, interchanging blows, I quickly shed
Some of his baftard blood, and in disgrace?
Bespoke him thus ; Contaminated, bale,
And mis-begotten blood I spill of thine,
Mean and right poor, for that pure blood of mine,
Which thou didit force from Talbot, my brave boy -
Here, purposing the Bastard to destroy,
Came in strong rescue. Speak, thy father's care, !
Art not thou weary, John ? how doft thou fare?
Wilt thou yet leave the battle, boy, and fly,
Now thou art seald the son of Chivalry?
Fly, to revenge my death, when I am dead;
The help of one stands me in little stead.
Oh, too much folly is it, well I wor,
To hazard all our lives in one small boat.
If I to-day die not with Frenchmens' rage,
To-morrow I shall die with mickle age;.
By me they nothing gain ; and, if I stay,
? I'is but the shortning of my life one day ;
In thee thy mother dies, our houshold's name,
My death’s revenge, thy youth, and England's fame,
All these, and more, we hazard by thy stay,
All these are fav’d, if thou wilt fly away.

John. The sword of Orleans hath not made me smart,
These words of yours draw life-blood from my heart.
Oh what advantage bought with such a shame,
To save a paultry life, and Nay bright fame!


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* On that advantage, bought timent better. I have ventur'd with fucba Shame,

åt a flight Alteration, which deTo jave a {altry life, and slay parts fo little from the Reading

brigle Fame!) This paf- which has obtain'd, but so much fage seeins to lie obscure and dif. raises the Sense, as well as takes jointed. Neither the Grainmar away the Obscurity, that I am is to be justified; nor is the Sen- willing to think it sestores the


O o 3


Before young Talbot from old Talbot fly, ym asciw 3;& The coward horse, that bears 'me," falland die 109T And like me to the peasant boys bf Fkanteb 29-yssia To be shame's fcorn, and Tubject of nitebandebbu2 Surely, by all the glory you have wonnistul oris omni An if I fly, I am not T clbot's fond to $9) jadi ni boA Then talk no more of fight, it is no booty-'19vo 2H If fon to Talbot, die at Talbot's foot ym 12

Çal. Then follow thou thy desp'rate Sire of Crete, Thou Icarus ! thy life to me is fweet If thou wilt fight, fight by thy father's side ; And, commendable prov’d, let's die in pride. [Exeunt.

2. 1 Nou SCENE VII.


vbi it Full Alarm. Excursions. Enter old Talbot, ted by the French.

Ein wis ow Tel. Where is my other life ? mine' own is gone. O! where's young Talbor? where is valiant John ? Triumphane Death, * smeard with captivity! Young Talbot's valour niakes me smile ar thée. When he perceiv'd me shrink, and on my knees ni His bloody fword he brandish'd over me, And, like a hungry Lion, did commence Rough deeds of rage, and stern impatience';;

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Author's Meaning ;

wi! (111* itself, but in this senle it wants Out on that contage:

connection. Sir T. Hanner reads, THEOBALD. And leave me, which makes a Sir T. Hanmer reads, Oh what clear sense and just consequence. e,dvantage, which I have fol. But as change is not to be allowed, though Mr. Theobald's towed without neceffity, I have conjecture may be well enough fuffered like to fand, becaose admitted, must

I suppose the author meant the 2 And like me to the peasant fame as make like, of reduce 10 a

boy's of France,] To 'like one tervel with one of request to the pialanes is, to rempare, to **** Death (meard with raptilevel by comparison ; the line is vits,] That is, death stained therefore intelligible enough by and dishonoured with captivity.


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But when my cy

austy guardarood alone, 3 Tendring my ruin, and affailid of none, il.wo... Dizzy-ey'd fury and great rage of heart

bon Suddenly made him from my side to starters Into the cluftring battle of the French, finoy pisngi And, in that sea of blood, my boy did drench in His over-mounting spirit;; and there dy’d siis il My Icarus! my bloßfoin in his pride! It is th noto 912 5311

TO NORITY Enter John Talbot, borne. ' cxifti ?,54! | Seru. O my dear Lord ! lol where your son is borne. Tal. * Thou antick death, which laught'it us here

to scorn, Anon, from thy insulting tyranný, Coupled in bonds of perpetuity, Two Talbots winged through the lither sky, In thy despight, hall ’scape mortality. O thou, whose wounds become hard-favour'd death, Speak to thy father, ere thou yield thy breath. Brave death by speaking, whether he will or no, Imagine him a Frenchman, and thy Poor boy! he smiles, methinks, as who should say, “ Had death been French, then death had died to day.” Come, come, and lay him in his father's arms , My spirit can no longer bear these harms. Soldiers, adieu. I have what I would have your Now my old arms are young John Talbot's Grave.


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my fall.

* Tendring my ruin, -] $. Through ihe lither sky] Li. Watching me with tenderness in ther is flexible or pielding. In

much the same sense Milton says, 4 Thou antiek death.] The He with broad fails fool, or antick of the play, made Winnow'd the buxom air. {port by mocking the graver per. That is, the obsequious air. fonages,

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Folk V! x2 min1 SCENE I. 1 sd of 9 BubhoƆ Mana to violy sit b`nisido did od V! Continues near Bourdeaux. no Let bolttimdu2 N.]



Enter Charles, Alanfon, Burgundy, Bastard and Pucelle. 1 ?W WOND

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“ ཪ་


AD York and Somerset brought rescue in, We should have found a bloody day of this. Baft. How the young whelp of Talbot's raging brood Did flesh his puny fword in Frenchmens' blood!



Pucel. Once I encounter'd him, and thus I faid : "Thou maiden youth, be vanquish'd by a maid." But with a proud, majeftical, high fcorn He anfwer'd thus: "Young Talbot was not born "To be the pillage of a giglot wench." So, rufhing in the Bowels of the French, He left me proudly, as unworthy fight.

Bur. Doubtlefs, he would have made a noble Knight: See, where he lies inherfed in the arms Of the most bloody nurfer of his harms.

Baft. Hew them to pieces, hack their bones afunder; Whofe life was England's glory, Gallia's wonder.

Char. Oh, no. Forbear. For that which we have fled During the life, let us not wrong it dead.

9 The return of rhyme where young Talbot is again inentioned, and in no other place, ftrength ens the fufpicion, that these verfes were originally part of

fome other work, and were copied here only to fave the trouble of compofing new.


* Giglet is avanton, or a trumpet.


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