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to the commander of a near military post, whose duty it shall be to take possession thereof, and hold them for safe-keeping, reporting the facts promptly to the Secretary of the Treasury, and awaiting instructions.


XXXVIII. No clearance or permit will be granted for the shipment

of prohibited articles, viz : cannon, mortars, fire-arms, Prohibited arti- pistols, bombs, grenades, powder, salt petre, sulphur,

balls, bullets, pikes, swords, boarding.caps, (always excepting the quantity of the said articles which may be necessary for the defence of the ship and of those who compose the crew,) sad. dles, bridles, cartridge-bag material, percussion and other caps, clothing adapted for uniforms, sail-cloth of all kinds, hemp and cordage, intoxicating drinks, other than beer and light native wines, or other articles prohibited by the proper authorities, except upon certificate and request under Regulation XXXII, or by the special direction of the Supervising Special Agent sanctioned by the General commanding Department or District into or from which the shipment is to be made.

XXXIX. Every vessel, on approaching a gunboat or revenue Vessels to report cutter, or vessel appearing to be such, before pro. ; to gunboats or ceeding further, shall bear up and speak said boat

cut- or cutter, and submit to such examination as may be re.


revenue ters.



XL. All vessels, boats, and other vehicles used for transportaViolations

tion, violating Regulations or Local Rules, and all these regula cotton, tobacco. or other merchandise shipped or transtions,

ported or purchased or sold in violation thereof, will punished.

be forfeited to the United States. If any false statement be made or deception practiced in obtaining an Authority, Certificate, or Permit under these Regulations, such Authority, Certificate, i or Permit, and all others connected therewith or affected thereby, will be absolutely void, and all merchandise purchased or shipped under them shall be forfeited to the United States. In all cases of forfeiture, as aforesaid, immediate seizure will be made and proceedings instituted promptly for condemnation. The attention of all officers of the government, common-carriers, shippers, consignees, owners, masters, conductors, agents, drivers, and other persons connected with the transportation of merchandise, or trading therein, is particularly directed to the acts of July 13, 1861, May 20, 1862, and March 12, 1863, and to the orders of the Secretaries of War and of the Navy hereto appended.

XLI. In cases where military or naval Commanders shall have

ordered all packages sent by friends to the officers and Packages to offi- soldiers of their command to be delivered only to desig.

sol diers how sent: nated regimental or vessel officers for delivery to the

proper parties, such packages may be transported, without Collector's or Surveyor's permits, by the Adams Express Com

pany, or other carriers having authority for that purpose from the Secretary of the Treasury, on such carriers giving bond conditioned to render a true account of all such packages by them transported, and to carry no goods without proper permits, other than such packages.

XLII. The following fees are prescribed : Fees for administering oath and certifying affidavit...... 10 cents. for each Authority from agent......

3 dolls. for certificate of Local Special Agent..

10 cents. for each permit for purposes of trade....

20 cents. for each permit to purchase cotton in any insurection

ary district, and to transport the same to any
loyal State :

· per pound.. 4 cents. for permit so to purchase and transport tobacco per bhd. 2 dolls. for permit so to purchase or seil and transport to or

from such district other products, goods, wares, or
merchandise, five per centum on the sworn invoice

value thereof at the place of shipment. '
for each permit for individual, family, or plantation sup-
plies, on every purchase over $20 and not over $50, 5 cents.

over $50 and not over $100, 10 cents. over $100 ...

15 cents. For permits for individual, family, or plantation supplies,

not over twenty dollars in amount, no charge is allowed, except for revenue stamps, on affidavits and certificates in districts under restriction; and no charge, except five cents for permit and five cents for each revenue stamp on affidavit and certificate, is allowed in States declared in insurrection. When purchases are less than five dollars, the permit officer may dispense with affidavits and certificates when no ground to suspect fraud or imposition appears. XLIII. Internal revenue stamps are required by law to be attached

to affidavits, certificates, and bonds, but not to any Internal revenue other instruments or writings provided for by these stamps to be attached.

Regulations. Stamps will be furnished by the proper

Special Agents at the rates fixed by the internal revenue act, namely: For affidavits.

5 cents. For certificates of Local Special Agents or Collectors and Surveyors

5 cents. For bonds.

25 cents. XLIV. Every officer authorized by the Secretary of the Treasury to

grant permits under these Regulations shall keep in his Oficers to keep Office a record of every permit granted by him, show

mits and fees ing the names of the owner, shipper, and consignee, received, and the place from and to which each transportation is per

make reports. mitted, the character and invoice value of the merchan. dise permitted, and shall transmit to the Secretary, and also to the proper Supervising Special Agent, as near as possible on the first day

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of every month, a transcript of such record; and will also at the same time transmit to the Supervising Special Agent an abstract statement showing the permits granted daily to parts of States not declared in insurrection but in wbich trade is restricted, and also showing the permits granted daily to States declared in insurrection, with the invoice value of the merchandise permitted, the fees received, and the disposition made of the same, together with the names of all Agency Aids reporting to bim, and the compensation paid to each. XLV. All money received by each Assistant or Local Special Agent

shall be paid over as promptly as possible to the SuperSupervising, As

sistant, and vising Special Agent, or to an Assistant Treasurer or Local Special Designated Depository as directed by him, and so that Agents to pay all receipts duriug each month shall be paid over before over money as the making of his required monthly report; and all

money received by each Supervising Special Agent or Collector, Surveyor, or other officer authorized to grant permits, under these Regulations, shall be promptly paid over to the Assistant Treasurer or Designated Depository most convenient to him, and so that all receipts for each month shall be so paid over before the making of his monthly report.

XLVI. Every officer authorized to receive money under these Regu.

lations shall transmit to the Secretary on the first of Officers author

each month a report, stating in detail all moneys so reized to receive money to re- ceived by him during the preceding month, and from port on first of what sources received, together with all expenses of each month.

his office incidental to the execution of these Regulations; and if any money has been paid out or otherwise disposed of by him during the month, an account thereof, and by what authority, to whom, or for what purpose it was so paid or disposed of. with the vouchers therefor. A duplicate of this report and account shall at the same time be transmitted to the Supervising Special Agent for the Agency in which it shall be made, and a triplicate to the Commissioner of Customs.

XLVII. Assistant Special Agents shall keep a record of all their

official transactions, showing specifically and in detail Assistant Special Agents

shall every Authority given to traders, (Reg. XIV;) every keep record, &c. Authority for the purchase of products, (XX;) every

inspection of trade store, and the results thereof, (XV;) all appointments of Agency Aids on cars, vessels, and boats, and the compensation of each, (XXX;) all seizures in cases of excess or evasion of permits to blockaded ports, (XXXII;) all seizures or detentions of vessels or vehicles departing, or attempting to depart, when clearance has been refused, (XXXVI;) all cases of security required when goods found in danger of being transported to insurgents, and if security not given, the action taken by them, (XXXVII;) all fees received for affidavits, Authorities to traders, and for the purchase of products, and from whom, and for what received, (XIV, XX, XLII.) And they shall,




on the first day of every month, transmit to the proper Supervising Special Agent a transcript of such record, and all bonds or securities received by them under these Regulations, (XIV, XX, XXXVII.) XLVIII. Local Special Agents shall keep a record of every Authority

to trade or to purchase products presented by the Special holder thereof, and of all certificates given to traders, Agents

or for permits to purchase and transport products, keep a record,

(Reg. XIV;) of all permits for purchase and trans

portation of supplies from trade store, and certificates to buy supplies elsewhere than in trade district, (XVI;) of all per. mits granted where there is no Collector or Surveyor within five miles of trade store, (XVII;) of all certificates to persons bringing products to market and taking back supplies, (XIX;) of all excess or evasion of permits in shipments to blockaded ports, and their action thereon, (XXXII;) of all cases of bonds required of owners or holders of goods in danger of being transported to insurgents, and their action where bond not given, (XXXVII;) of all permits under Regulations XVI and XVII, showing all that is required by those Regulations and of all fees required for certificates, affidavits, and permits, (XII, XVI, XVII, XIX, XLII ) And they will also, as nearly as possible on the first day of every month, transmit to the proper Supervising Special Agent a transcript of such record, and will deliver to such Agent all bonds or securities received by them under these Regulations, (XXXVII.)

XLIX. Supervising Special Agents shall keep a record of all Supervising Spe

their official transactions, showing fully the name cial Agents shall and location of each Local Special Agent and Agency keep record, &c.

Aid appointed by them, and the compensation of each, (Reg. IV;) of conferences with Generals commanding Departments and designations of trade and supply districts, (IX, X;) of all Authorities given for trade stores, stating the date, name of trader, locality, and amount of goods authorized, (XIV;) of the inspection of trade stores and the results, (XV;) of all trade stores authorized in any city or town of a supply district, the date, name of trader, and amount of goods authorized, and of the discontinuance of any such store, (XVIII;) of all Authorities given for the purchase of products, to wbom given, and the locality where purchases are to be made, (XX;) of all revocations of Authorities, Certificates, and Permits, (XXIII;) of all information touching any goods or transactions given to other officers of the department, (XXVII;) of all appointments of Agency Aids upon cars, vessels, and boats, (XXX;) of all seizures and detentions of vessels or vehicles departing, or attempting to depart, after clearance has been refused, (XXXVI;) of all securities required and received of owners or holders of goods in danger of being transported to insurgents, and of their action if security was not given, (XXXVII.) And on the first day of every month, as nearly as possible, they shall transmit to this Department a transcript of such record for the previous month, together with a copy of the transcripts of records and a statement of all bonds and securities received by them from Assistant and Local Special Agents.

L. These Regulations shall supersede those of March 31, 1863,

and all others conflicting herewith, affecting commerRegulations supersede

cial intercourse with States declared in insurrection;

all others. and all permits hereafter granted by any officer of the

Treasury Department will be granted in pursuance of them and of the Local Rules authorized by them, or by virtue of au: thority hereafter given by the Secretary of the Treasury; but all permits granted and acts done in pursuance of former Regulations shall be valid and effectual until the 15th day of October, 1863, unless the Regulations shall bave been sooner received and made known at the place of such permits or acts.

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