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every other means he can properly use, aid in suppressing the rebellion and restoring obedience to the Constitution and laws of the United States. XXII. All transportation of coin or bullion to any State or section

heretofore declared to be in insurrection is absolutely Transportation of, or payments in; prohibited, except for military purposes, and under coin or bullion military orders, or under the special license of the strictly prohib- President. And no payment of gold or silver or foreign

bills of exchange shall be made for cotton or other merchandise within any such State or section. All cotton or other merchandise purchased in any, such State or section, to be paid for therein, directly or indirectly, in gold or silver, or foreign bills of exchange, shall be forfeited to the United States.

XXIII. Authorities to purchase products, unless renewed, and all Certificates of Local Special Agents recommending permits for trans

portation, shall expire thirty days after date. Permits Limitation revocation of au

for transportation shall expire ten days after date; and thorities, certifi- all authorities, certificates, and permits, will be liable to cates, and per- revocation by the Secretary of the Treasury, or the mits.

proper Supervising Special Agent, as the public interests may require. XXIV. Permits will be granted to Sutlers to transport to the regi.

ments sutlered by them such articles as they are auSutlers' permits, thorized to sell, free of the five per cent. fee; but no per

and upon what mit will be granted to a Sutler except on presentation conditions. to the proper permit officer of the original certificate

of his appointment from the commanding officer of his regiment, countersigned by the Division commander thereof, and an application and affidavit in the form prescribed. Transportation shall not be permitted to any Sutler for an amount of goods exceeding $2,500 per month; nor for over two months supply at one time; nor for any goods except such as be is by law and War Department orders allowed to deal in.

XXV. Supplies and other property belonging to the United Supplies moving States for the use of the army or navy, moving under

under military military or naval orders, are excepted from the operaorders or un tion of these Regulations. Supplies for the army or der contract.

pavy, furnished under contract, will be permitted free of charge, upon the certificate of the proper military or naval officer that such supplies are required and are to be shipped in fulfilment of an actual existing contract with the government.

XXVI. In order to prevent, under the pretence of legitimate trade, Restricted

the conveyance of supplies which there is reason to betricts, not de. lieve are ultimately intended for persons in rebellion clared in in- against the government, or for places under the consurrection, to trol of insurgents, and to prevent undue accumulation which goods must be per

of goods at points in dangerous proximity to districts mitted. under control of insurgents, transportation of any goods,


wares, or merchandise, without the permit of a duly authorized
officer of this Department, is prohibited to any place on the south
side of the Potomac River, or to any place on the north side of the
Potomac and south of the Washington and Annapolis railroad, or on
the eastern shore of the Chesapeake, or on the south side of the Ohio
River below Wheeling, except Louisville; or on the west side of the
Mississippi River below the mouth of the Des Moines, except St.
XXVII. Permits for shipment of goods into districts or places with

which commercial intercourse is restricted, but which Conditions upon

which goods have not been declared to be in insurrection, may be to restricted granted by Collectors or Surveyors of customs, or other districts may specially authorized officers of the Department located be permitted.

near the point of destination, in conformity with Regulations and local rules; and Collectors or Surveyors at any other port or place, when applied to by parties wishing to make shipments into such districts or places, if satisfied of the loyalty of such parties and the good faith of the proposed transaction, may furnish certificates to that effect, which will be received as sufficient evidence on those points by the Collector, Surveyor, or other proper officer near the point of destination, to whom application for permits will be made by the shipper, and by wbom, on compliance with Regulations and Local Rules, such permits will be granted ; and all questions of detention or seizure of goods en route to points above indicated will be decided by the Collector or Surveyor at the last port to be passed before entering a restricted district. Any information touching the character of any goods or transaction in the possession of any officer of this Department likely to be useful in such decisions should be promptly forwarded to the officer on whom rests the decision or who grants the permit, and also to the Secretary,

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other vehicle


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XXVIII. No vessel, boat, or other vehicle, used for transportation

from any place in the loyal States, shall carry goods, No, vessel or wares, or merchandise into any place, section, or State

not declared in insurrection, but with which commercial goods into,or, intercourse has been or may be restricted, without the put off goods permit of a duly authorized officer of the Treasury Dedistricts with. partment, application for which permit may be made to out permit.

such authorized officer near the point of destination as

may suit the convenience of the shipper. Nor shall any vessel, boat, or other craft, or vehicle used for transportation, put off any goods, wares, or merchandise, at any place other than that named in the permit or clearance as the place of destination of such goods, wares, and merchandise. XXIX. Before any boat or vessel running on any of the western

waters south of Louisville or St. Louis, or other waters Boats on west

within or adjacent to any State or section commercial must present

intercourse with which now is, or may hereafter be, remanifest and stricted as aforesaid, shall depart from any port where clearance.

there is a collector or surveyor of customs, there shall

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be exhibited to the collector or surveyor, or such other officer as may be authorized to act in his stead, a true manifest of its entire cargo, and a clearance, obtained to proceed on its voyage; and when freights are received on board at a place where there is no Collector or Surveyor, as hereinafter provided in Regulation XXX, then the same exhibit shall be made and clearance obtained at the first port to be passed where there is such an officer, if required by him, and such vessel or boat shall be reported and the manifest of its cargo ex. hibited to the collector or surveyor of every port to be passed on the trip where there is such an officer, if required by him; but no new clearance shall be necessary unless additional freights shall have been taken on board after the last clearance. Immediately on arriving at the port of final destination, and before discharging any part of the cargo, the manifest shall be exhibited to the Surveyor of such port, or other officer authorized to act in his stead, whose approval for landing the cargo shall be indorsed on the manifest before any part thereof shall be discharged; and the clearance and shipping permits of all such vessels and boats shall be exhibited to the officer in command of any Naval vessel or military post whenever such officer may require it. XXX. To facilitate trade, and guard against improper trans

portation, Agency Aids will be appointed by the proper Agency Aids will Supervising Special Agent, or under his direction by an be appointed Assistant Special Agent, from time to time, on cars, ves

sels, and boats, when desired by owners, agents, or

masters thereof, which Aids will have free carriage on the respective cars, vessels, and boats on which they are placed, and will allow proper way freights to be taken on board without permit, keeping a statement thereof, and reporting the same to the first officer to be passed on the trip who is authorized to grant the permit desired, from whom a permit therefor must be obtained, or the goods shall be returned to the shipper under his direction. No permit will be granted for transportation into or within any State or district under restriction, or declared in insurrection, except on cars, vessels, and boats carrying such Aids, or by private conveyance specified in the permit, or on boats, vessels, or cars bonded not to recei thing on board for transportation during the trip, nor to land or discharge anything at any point except that of ultimate destination without proper permit.

on boats.


XXXI. Boats and vessels may be cleared, and merchandise not Conditions

prohibited niay be permitted, from any port which has which clear. not been blockaded to any port which has been blockances and per. aded but opened by proclamation, upon payment of such mits may be fees only as were chargeable therefor before the blockport not block. ade was declared, but subject to Regulations XXXV, aded to port XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII, XXXIX, and XL, and opened by

upon giving bond not to land or discharge any of such proclamation.

merchandise at any intermediate point, except under permit authorized by these Regulations. But no goods, wares, or merchandise shall be shipped or transported from or out of such opened port, except under permits granted upon compliance with Regulations and Local Rules, and payment of the fees prescribed in Regulation XLII.


XXXII. Applicants for permits to ship to any port or place affected

by the existing blockade, but occupied by United States Applications for permits

forces, must present, with their application, a certifi. blockaded cate from the Department of War, or Department of ports, how the Navy, either directly or through a duly authorized made.

officer, that the articles are required for military or naval purposes, and a request that the transportation of the same may be permitted, together with invoices in duplicate of the articles to be permitted, specifying their character, quantity, value, and destination. On receiving such certificate and request and duplicate invoices, the Secretary of the Treasury, or some officer specially authorized by him, will transmit to the proper officer one of the invoices, and direct the permitting of the transportation requested, and forward the other invoice to the Assistant or Local Special Agent at the port or place to which the goods are to be permitted. The Assistant or Local Special Agent will, in all cases, on the arrival of any articles claimed to have been permitted, examine and compare such articles with the duplicate invoice; and in case of any excess or evasion of the permit, he will seize the whole shipment, and report the facts forth with to the Supervising Special Agent, that proceedings may be taken for their forfeiture under the act of July 13, 1861, May 20, 1862, and March 12, 1863.

XXXIII. Where ports heretofore blockaded have been opened by Licenses muy

the proclamation of the President, licenses will be granted by con- granted by the United States Consuls, ou application suls to block by the proper parties, to vessels clearing from foreign aded ports re- ports to the ports so opened, upon satisfactory evidence opened.

that the vessel so licensed will convey no person, property, or information contraband of war, either to or from said ports, which license shall be shown to the Collector of the port to which the vessel is bound, and, if required, to any officer in charge of the blockade. And on leaving any port so opened, the vessel must have a clearance from the Collector, according to law, showing no violation of the conditions of the license. Any violation of the conditions will involve the forfeiture and condemnation of the vessel and cargo, and the exclusion of all parties concerned from entering the United States for any purpose during the war.


XXXIV. Vessels clearing from domestic ports to any of the ports so Clearances from opened will apply to the custom-house officers of the

domestic ports proper ports, in the usual manner, for licenses or may be grant- clearances under the Regulations heretofore established. ed.

tain cases.

XXXV. Whenever application is made to a Collector, or Surveyor

authorized to grant it, for a permit, license, or clearance, Bonds may be re- for either a foreign or domestic port, if for satisfactory quired in cer.

reasons he shall deem it necessary to prevent the cargo

of the 'vessel from being used in affording aid or comfort to any person or parties in insurrection against the authority of the United States, he shall require a bond to be executed by the master or owner of the vessel, in a penalty equal to the value of the cargo, and with sureties to the satisfaction of such Collector or Surveyor, conditioned that the said cargo shall be delivered at the des. tination for which it is cleared or permitted, and that no part there. of shall be used in affording aid or comfort to any person or parties in insurrection against the authority of the United States, with the knowledge or consent or connivance of the owner or shipper thereof, or with the knowledge, consent, or connivance of the master of the vessel ou which the same may be laden, or of other persons having control of the same, until after delivery to the proper consignee, and the sale or other disposition, by him in good faith, of said cargo.

tain cases.

XXXVI. Collectors and Surveyors will refuse clearances and

permits to all vessels, or other vehicles, whether Clearances may

be refused in cer

with or without cargo, destined for a foreign . or

domestic port, whenever they shall have satisfac. tory reason to believe that such vessels or their cargoes, or any part thereof, whatever may be their ostensible destination, are intended for ports or places in possession or under control of insurgents against the United States. And if any vessel or other vehicle for which a clearance or permit shall have been refused as aforesaid shall depart, or attempt to depart, for a foreign or domestic port, without being duly cleared or permitted, such Collector, or Sur

veyor, or the Supervising Special Agent, or Assistant Vessels may be Special Agent, shall cause such vessel or vehicle to be seized.

seized and detained, and proceedings to be instituted for the forfeiture to the United States of such vessel or other vehicle, with her tackle, apparel, furniture, and cargo.

XXXVII. When any Collector, Surveyor, Supervising, Assistant, or

Local Special Agent, charged with the execution of Merchandise, in these Regulations, and the laws authorizing them, shall

ity, liable to find within his proper limits any goods, wares, reach insurg- or merchandise which, in his opinion, founded on ents. owner to satisfactory evidence in writing, are in danger of give bond.

being transported to insurgents, he may require the owner or holder thereof to give reasonable security that they shall not be transported to any place under insurrectionary control, and shall not in any way be used to give aid or encouragement to the insurgents.

If the required security be not given, such Officer If security

given, goods to shall promptly state the facts to the United States be taken pos- marshal for the district within which such goods are

situated; or if there be no United States marshal, then


session of.

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