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tried by a court-martial, and punished as said court shall order, with the approval of the President of the United States;"

And the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy having respectively made and published orders, for the enforcing of said acts; The following Regulations are prescribed for the government of the several Supervising, Assistant, and Local Special Agents and Agency Aids, appointed to carry said acts and the Regulations made under them, into effect, and for the purpose of conducting the commercial intercourse licensed and permitted by the President, and preventing the conveyance of munitions of war and supplies to insurgents, or to localities declared to be in insurrection against the United States, or in such quantities that there will be imminent danger of their falling into the possession or under the control of insurgents; and are published, together with the Proclamations and License of the President, the several acts of Congress, and the Orders of the Secretaries of War and of the Navy, for the information of parties interested.

All officers charged with the execution of these Regulations, while using necessary vigilance to prevent supplies to rebels, either directly or by undue accumulation at points where there will be imminent danger of their falling into their hands, and in collecting abandoned or captured property, will be careful to occasion as little inconvenience as possible to any legitimate trade or intercourse, or to loyal people.

S. P. CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, September 11, 1863.


Washington, September 11, 1863.

The following Revised Regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury having been seen and considered by me, are

hereby approved.




I. The States and parts of States declared to be in insurrection, between which and the citizens of loyal States comDistricts created mercial intercourse has been or may be licensed by the called Special President, to be conducted and carried on in pursuance Agencies. of Regulations and Rules prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, are hereby divided into districts, called Special Agencies, to which Supervising Special Agents, appointed by the Secretary, are assigned.

II. The Special Agencies are distinguished numerically, and described as follows:


Special Agencies The First Special Agency comprises the district of named and de- the United States west of the Alleghany mountains, known as the Valley of the Mississippi, and extending southward so as to include so much of the States of Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as is or may be occupied by national forces operating from the North.

The Second Special Agency comprises the State of Virginia, and so much of the State of West Virginia as lies east of the Alleghany mountains; also the territory north and east thereof, from which trade is carried on with the States or parts of States declared to be in insurrection.

The Third Special Agency comprises the State of North Carolina. The Fourth Special Agency comprises the States of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

The Fifth Special Agency comprises the State of Texas and so much of the States of Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi as is, or may be, within the lines of the national forces operating from the South.

Additional Special Agencies, if established, will be numerically designated in the order of their establishment; and if the boundaries of Agencies already established shall be changed, due notice thereof will be given.

Supervising Special Agents to make Local Rules.

III. Supervising Special Agents will supervise within their respective Agencies the execution of these Regulations; make and from time to time change such Local Rules not inconsistent with them, as may be proper for that purpose, and temporarily suspend or qualify the authority to grant Permits, if the public interest shall require it, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury; and they will confer with Generals commanding Departments and Naval Officers commanding within their Agencies, and obtain, as far as practicable, their sanction to such action as may affect their military or naval movements, and carefully avoid all interference with military or naval operations prosecuted by them.

Officers by whom

and Local Rules
I will be carried
into effect.

IV. These Regulations, and the Local Rules prescribed by the several Supervising Special Agents, for their respective Agencies, will be carried into effect by Assistant Special Agents, Local Special Agents, and Agency Aids. Local Special Agents will take the place and perform the duties of the Boards of Trade heretofore authorized. Assistant Special Agents will be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury; Local Special Agents and Agency Aids will be appointed by the Supervising Special Agents or Assistant Special Agents, as under Regulation XXX, subject to the approval of the Secretary.

Restriction up

V. No goods, wares, or merchandise will be allowed to be transported to, from, or within any State or part of a State under restriction, or declared in insurrection, except under Permits, Certificates, and Clearances, as hereinafter provided.

on transportation.

VI. The officers of the Treasury Department authorized to grant Permits to Districts in States or parts of States hereOfficers author- tofore declared to be in insurrection, but where comized to grant mercial intercourse has been or may be licensed by the permits. President under Regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, are the Surveyors of Customs at Pittsburg, Wheeling, Cincinnati, Madison, Louisville, New Albany, Evansville, Paducah, Cairo, Quincy, St. Louis, Nashville, Memphis, and Baltimore; the Collectors of Customs at Philadelphia, Georgetown, Beaufort in North Carolina, and Port Royal in South Carolina; and the Collector of Internal Revenue at New Orleans. Other officers will be designated to grant permits should the public interests require it; and no permit will be granted except by such officers as shall be authorized by the Secretary of the Treasury, or such as are approved by him.

VII. Commercial intercourse with localities beyond the lines of military occupation by the United States forces is strictly prohibited; and no permit will be granted for the transportation of any property to any place under the control of insurgents against the United States.

Intercourse be

yond the line

of military occupation pro


aded ports, ex

VIII. No clearance or permit whatsoever will be granted for any shipment to any port or place affected by the existing No clearance or blockade, except upon the request of the Department permit for block of War, or the Department of the Navy, either directly cept as a mili- or through a specially authorized officer, addressed to the tary necessity. Secretary of the Treasury, or to some officer specially authorized by him, accompanied by a certificate that the articles are required for military or naval purposes, and in the manner and form prescribed by Regulation XXXII.

IX. The several Supervising Special Agents within their respective Agencies will, after conference with the Generals commanding Departments, when possible, and with their sanction, unless unavoidable circumstances prevent the

how created

Trade districts, and defined. obtaining of it, designate by known geographical boundaries, or by enumeration of counties, that portion of the territory included in their Agencies, respectively, with which trade may be safely permitted, and report such designation to the Secretary. The part of territory so designated shall be called the Trade District; and no transportation of goods, except as hereinafter provided, shall be permitted beyond the lines of such Trade District.

how created

X. If it shall appear that beyond the lines of the Trade District, but within the lines of national military occupation, Supply districts, there is some territory within which the supply of and defined. necessaries is required by humanity and sound policy, while trade cannot yet be safely re-established, then the Supervising Special Agents, with the sanction of the General commanding Department, but in no case without his sanction, and subject to revocation or modification by the Secretary, may in like manner designate the portion of territory in their respective Agencies to which goods may be properly permitted for individual and family supply, but for no other purpose. The territory so designated shall be called the Supply District; and no goods shall be transported thereto for resale except as provided in Regulation XVIII.

Applications for

XI. All applications for permits to transport goods or property under these Regulations shall state the character and value of the merchandise to be transported, the place to which such transportation is to be made, the names of the owner or purchaser, and, if any, of the shipper and consignee thereof, and the number and description of the packages, with the marks thereon.

permits shall state.

XII. Every applicant for a permit to transport goods, wares, or merchandise into or within any place or section where Applications for permits to such transportation may be permitted, shall present transport with his application the original invoices of the goods, wares, and merchandise to be transported, and shall file with the officer granting the permit the certificate of the Local Special Agent authorizing it, if any be necessary, and an

goods, how


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