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and the Mouth of the Columbia

River. 120 – Importance of these Discoveries, 124.

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and the Navigation of the Pacific, 202 – The Owners of the Vessels seized at Nootka

apply for Redress to the British Government, which demands Satisfaction for the alleged

Outrages, 203 — Spain resists the Demand, and calls on France for Aid, agreeably to the
of Louisiana, 277 – Erroneous Supposition that its Limits towards the North had been
fixed by Commissaries agreeably to the Treaty of Utrecht, 281 – President Jell'erson sends
Lewis and Clarke to examine the Missouri and Columbia, 284 - Account of their Expedi.
tion from the Mississippi to the Pacific, 285.


Family Compact, 207 — Proceedings in the National Assembly of France on the Subject,
208 Spain engages to indemnify the British for the Property seized, 205 — Further De-
mands of Great Britain - Designs of Pitt against Spanish America, 206 — Secret Mediation
of France, through which the Dispute is settled, 200 — Convention of October, 1790,
called the Nootka Treaty, 210 — Proceedings in Parliament, and Retlections on this Con.
vention, 211.

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Cession of Louisiana by France to the United States, 276 — Inquiries as to the true Extent

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