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tempts to seize one of the Sandwich Islands,

ADAMS, John Q., United States minister at Becerra, Diego, voyage from Mexico by order

St. Petersburg, correspondence with the of Cortes, 52.
• Russian government respecting American Benyowsky, Augustus, a Polish exile in

traders on the north-west coast, 275. Sec- Kamtchatka, performs the first voyage
"retary of state of the United States ; nego- from that couniry to Canton, 138.
liations with Spain on the southern and Bering, Alexander, first voyage from Kam.
western limits of the United States, 316. tchatka to the Arctic Sea, 129. Second
Correspondence with the Russian minister voyage, 129. Third and last voyage, 130.
at Washington on the ukase of 1821, 332. Reaches the American continent, 131.
Instructions to Mr. Rush, United States Shipwreck and death, 133.
minister at London, on claims of the United Bering's Strait discovered, 129. Described, 4.

States, in 1823, 340. President of the Berkeley, Captain, rediscovers the Strait of
United States ; message recommending the Fuca; murder of part of his crew off
adoption of measures respecting Oregon, Destruction Island, 171.

Billings, Joseph, engaged by the empress of
Aguilar, Martin de, voyage and supposed Russia to explore the North Pacific, 162,

discovery of a great river on the north-west His voyage produces, no valuable results,

coast, 91.
Alarcon, Hernanilo, voyage up the Californian Bodega y Quadra, Juan Francisco de, first
Gulf and the Colorado River, 58.

voyage, under Heceta, from Mexico, along
Aleutian Islands described, 39. Discovered, the north-west coast, 117. Importance of

his discoveries, 123. Second voyage, under
Aliaska described, 36. Discovered, 132. Arteaga, 125. (See Maurelle.) Commis-
America. This name first given to Brazil in sioner to treat with Vancouver at Nootka,
1508. Never used by Spanish government 231. (See Nootka Convention.) Letter to
and historians until recently, 46.

Captains Gray and Ingraham, 242, 443.
Anian, Strait of, said to have been discovered Death, 255.
by Cortereal, probably the same now called Brobdignag, placed by Swift on the north-
Fludson's Strait, 45. Voyages in search west

coast, near Columbia River, 94.
of it, 76. See Urdaneta, Ladrillero, Mal. Broughton, William, sent by Vancouver to
donado, Fonte, Vizcaino.

survey the lower part of the Columbia River,
Archer, William S., his speech in the Senate


Unfairness to the Americans, 248.
of the United States on the bill for the Sent to England, 249. Commands an ex-
Occupation of Oregon, 388.

ploring expedition in the North Pacific,
Arteaga, Ignacio, voyage, 125.

256. Finds Nootka Sound deserted, 257.
Asbley, William H., conducts trading ex- Buchanan, James, secretary of state of the

peditions fro'n St. Louis to the Rocky United States, negotiations with Mr. Pak-
Mountain regions, 357.

enham, minister of Great Britain at Wash-
Asiento de Negros, or treaty by which the ington, 399, 400. Concludes treaty, settling

British mouopolized the slave trade of the boundaries west of the Rocky Moun-
Spanish America, 99, 321.

tains, 402.
Astoria established, 296. Described, 299 Bulfinch's Harbor described, 22. Discovered

313. Ceded to North-West Company, 303. by Captain Gray, of Boston, 235. Examined
Taken by British, 304. Restored to the by Vancouver's lieutenant, Whidbey, 246.
United States, 309. Burnt, 313. See Pacific

Fur Company:
Atlantis, Island, placed by Bacon on the

north-west coast, 94.

Caamano, Jacinto, voyage in the North-West

Archipelago, 241.

Cabeza-Vaca, Alvaro Nunez, journey from

Florida to ihe Californian Gulf, 65.
Baranof, Alexander, governor of Russian Cabot, John, and Sebastian, voyages, 45.

America, his character, 271. Founds Sitka, Cabrillo, Juan Rodriguez, exploring voyage
270. His mode of conducting negotiations, from Mexico, and death, 62.
302. Seizes part of California, 327. At- Calhoun, John C., his speech in the Senate

of the United States on the bill for the Convention of 1790, between Great Britain
occupation of Oregon, 383. Secretary of and Spain, see Nootka Convention. Of
State of the United States negotiation with 1818, between Great Britain and the United
Mr. Pakenham, Minister of Great Britain. States, concluded, 315, 477. Renewed in

1827 for an indefinite period, 354. Reflec-
California, origin of the name unknown, 55. tions on, 389. Of 1824, between the United
California, Peninsula of, described, 13. Dis- States and Russia, concluded, 341, 478.

covered; fruitless attempts of the Spaniards Virtually abrogated by Russia, 342.
to settle, 88, 95. Jesuits engage to civilize Cook, James, undertakes a voyage of discor-
the inhabitants, 96. Their partial success, ery in the North Pacific; his instructions,
97. Their History of California, 98. Ex- 147. Discovers the Sandwich Islands, 150.
pulsion of the Jesuits, 106.

Reaches Nooika Sound, 151. Passes
California, Continental, or New, described, through Bering's Straits, 156. Killed at the

15. Discovered, 36. Settled by the Span- Sandwich Islands, 157.' Importance of his
iards, 109. Claimed by Mexico, 317. At. discoveries, 158. Knew no particulars of the
tempied insurrections in, 367.

recent Spanish voyages, 149; though he
California, Gulf of, or Vermillion Sea, or Sea knew that such voyages had been made,

of Cortes, described, 12. Discovered, 52. 152.
Examined by Ulloa, 56, and by Alarcon, 58. Coronado, Francisco Vazquez, expedition
Canada, pretension that it exiended to the from Mexico, lo conquer the rich countries
Pacific, exposed, 159, 277.

supposed to lie farther north-west, 59.
Carver, Jonathan, travels in the central Cortereal, Gaspar, discovers Labrador; Strait

regions of North America, 141. Pretended of Anian said to have been found by him,
discovery of a river called Oregon, flowing leading from the Atlantic north-west to the
into the Pacific, 142. His accounts chiefly Pacific, 45.

derived from old French travellers, 144. Cortes, Hernando, conquers Mexico, and
Cavendish, Thomas, voyage around the proposes to explore the coasts of that

world; takes and burns a Spanish ship near country, 18. Expeditions made by his
the coast of California, 76.

order on the Pacitic, 51. Leads an expedi
Cermenon, Sebastian, wrecked on the coast tion into California, 53. Superseded in
of California, 66.

the government of Mexico, to which country
Cibola, a country or city north-west of he returns, 54. Claims the right to make

Mexico, discovered by Friar Marcos de conquests in America; returns to Spain,
Niza, 59. Supposed position, 62. Expedi- and dies, 58.
tion of Vazquez de Coronado to conquer it,

Clarke. See Lewis and Clarke.

Clarke River discovered, 287. Described, 23.
Colnett, James, engaged by Meares to com- Dixon, George, voyage in the North Pacific,

mand the Argonaut, 189. Made prisoner 169. Dispute with Meares, 218.
by the Spaniards at Nootka, and sent to Douglas, William, master of the Iphigenia
Mexico, 195. Liberated by order of the voyage under Meares to the North Pacific,
viceroy of Mexico, 200.

172. Taken prisoner by the Spaniards at
Colorado River described, 20. First discov- Nooika, 191. Released, 192.
ered by Alarcon, 58.

Drake, Francis, voyage around the world,
Columbia, American trading ship, fitted out 70. Arrives in the North Pacific, and

at Boston, 179, Sails under Kendrick to lands on the American coast, 71. Receives
the North Pacific, 180. Puts into Juan from the natives the crown of the country,
Fernandez in distress, 181. Reaches wbich he calls New Albion, and returns to
Nootka Sound, 181. Sails for Canton and England, 72. Review of accounts of his
the United States, under Captain Gray, voyage in the North Pacific, 73.. Deception
200. Second voyage under Gray, 229. practised by his biographer Barrow, 75.
Winters at Clyoquot, 230. Discovery of Part of the coast probably seen by him, 76.
the Columbia River, 235. See Gray and Duffin, Robert, mate of Meares's vessel, enters

the Strait of Fuca, 176. Testimony re-
Columbia River, (called, also, Oregon,) de- specting events at Nooika, 244.

scribed, 21. Mouth seen by the Spanish
commander Heceta, 120, 430. Meares
seeks for it in vain, and denies its existence,

177; yet the British plenipotentiaries claim
the discovery for Meares, 178, 440. Mouth Falkland Islands, dispute between Great
seen by the American Captain Gray, 181. Britain and Spain respecting them, 111.
Gray first enters the river, 236. Lower Lord Palmerston's letier to the minister
part explored by the British Lieutenant of Buenos Ayres on the subject of their
Broughton, 247, who unfairly pretends to occupation by Great Britain, 111 - 313, 374.
have discovered it, 248. Head-waters dis- Fidalgo, Salvador, voyage of, 220.
covered by Lewis and Clarke, who trace ihe Fleurieu, Clairet de, his Introduction to the
river thence to the sea, 285.

Journal of Marchand's voyage, 223. Ad.
Congress of the United States; Resolution mits the discovery of the Washington or

for abrogating the Convention with Great North Marquesas Islands by Ingraham, 228.
Britain, 402.

Florida, the name applied originally by the

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Spaniards to the whole eastern side of

America, north of the Mexican Gulf, 53.
Expeditions through it under Narvaez, 55, Harmon, D. W., important evidence afforded
and Soto, 63. Ceded to the United States, by him respecting the first trading posts

established by the British west of the
Fonte, Admiral, supposed voyage, in the Rocky Mountains, 291.

North Pacific, by a person so named, 82. Hawaii. See Owyhee.
Forsyth, John, secretary of state of the Hearne, Samuel, discoveries in the territory

United States, instructions respecting the west of Hudson's Bay, 143. Reaches the
meaning of the convention with Russia, Arctic Sea, at the mouth of Coppermine
362. Endeavors to procure information River, 146.
respecting the north-west coast, 376. Heceia, Bruno, voyage along the north-
Fox, Charles J., his speech in Parliament on west coast of America, in 1775, 117. Dis-
the Noutka convention, 212.

covers a river, called by him Rio de San
Fremont, John C., captain in the army of Roque, now known as the Columbia,

the United States exploring expedition to
Oregon and California, 386.

Howel's account of the negotiation at
Fuca, Juan de, voyage in the North Pacific, Nooika, between Vancouver and Quadra,

and supposed discovery of a new passage 245.
leading to the Auantic, 85, 407.

Hudson, Henry, discovers Hudson's Bay, 94.
Fuca, Strait of, described, 22. Discovered Hudson's Bay Company established by

by Juan de Fuca, 85. Search for it by charter, 93. Efforts to discover a north-
Heceta, 119. By Cook, 150. Found by west passage, 141. Disputes with the
Berkeley, 171. Rediscovery claimed by North-West Company, 260, 324. Union
Meares, 175. Entered by Gray, 199, 234. of these two companies, 326. Receives a
Kendrick passes through it, 200, 217. grant of exclusive trade in the Indian terri-
Surveyed by Vancouver, and Galiano, and tories, 326. General view of its system
Valdes, 238.

and establishments, 397. Papers relating
Furs and fur trade, general account, 411. to it, 465.

See 'Russian American Company, Hud- Hudson's Strait, probably the same called by
son's Bay Company, and North-West the Portuguese ihe Strait of Anian, 45.

Hunt, Wilson P., chief agent of the Pacific

Fur Company, 295. His negotiations with

Governor Baranof at Sitka, 302.


Gallatin, Albert, minister plenipotentiary of

the United States at London ; negotiations
at London, 314, 344. Counter statement Ingraham, Joseph, mate of the ship Columbia,
respecting the claims of the United States, in her first voyage from Boston to the
presented by him to British commissioners, north-west coast, 180. Returns to the
347, 455.

Pacific as master of the brig Hope, and
Gali, Francisco, his voyage, 66.

discovers the Washington or Norih Mar-
Galiano and Valdes, their voyage through quesas Islands, 226. At the Sandwich
* the Strait of Fuca, 240. Journal published Islands, 227. At Queen Charlotte's Island,

by the Spanish government ; Introduction At Macao, where he meets Marchand,
to that Journal reviewed, 241.

and communicates his discovery of the
Gray, Robert, first voyage to the North Washington Islands, the priority of which

Pacific, in command of the trading sloop is admitted by Marchand and Fleurieu, 228.
Washington, from Boston, 180.

Sees an

At Nootka, where he writes a letter, signed
opening supposed to be the mouth of by himself and Gray, respecting the pro-
the Columbia River, 181. First examines ceedings at that place in 1789, 242. Copy
the east coast of Washington's or Queen of that letter, 414. Unfair synopsis of it
Charlotte's Island, 199. Enters the Strait by Vancouver, 244. His journal, 231.
of Fuca, 200. Returns to Boston in the His death, 237.
ship Columbia, 200. Second voyage to
the North Pacific, in the Columbia, 226,
229. Meets Vancouver near the entrance

of the Strait of Fuca, and makes known his
discovery of the mouth of a great river, 233. Jesuits undertake the reduction of California,
Discovers Bulfinch's Harbor, 235. Enters 96. Their system and establishments, 97.
the great river, which he names the Their History of California, 98. Expelled
Columbia, 236. Makes known his dis- from the Spanish dominions, 106. Results
covery to the Spanish commandant at of their labors in California, 107.
Nooika, 237. Letter of Gray and Ingraham Jesup, Thomas S., quartermaster-general
to the Spanish commandant, respecting the of the United States; report on the best
occurrences at Nooika in 1789, 242, 413. means of occupying Oregon, 336. Effect
Returns to the United States, 237.

of that report on ihe negotiations in Europe,
Great Britain obtains Canada, Florida, and 337.

East Louisiana, by the treaty of Paris, Jewitt, J. R., his captivity among the Indians

at Nootka, 268.

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