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Transfer of Reserve Corps to Alexandria-Guarding the railroad-

Efforts to retire the Reserves-Change of officers; resignations

and promotions-Colonel Ent-Colonel S. M. Jackson-General

Crawford-Lee's march northward-Hooker's march to Fred-

erick-Advance of the Rebel army into Pennsylvania-Destruc-

tion of the Columbia bridge-The Reserves ask to be led against

the invaders of their native State-General Meade assumes com-

mand of the army-Meade's plans-Movements-Position-

Advance on Gettysburg-Movements of the enemy-Reynolds'

corps at Gettysburg-Beginning of the battle-Death of Reynolds

-General Howard falls back to Cemetery hill-Concentration

of the army-Line of battle-Operations of the second day-

Topography of the field-Position of the Third corps-The

attack on the left-Charge of the Reserves-Capture of Round-

top-The battle on the right-Close of the second day--Prepara-

tions for the third day-Desperate fight on Friday morning—

The lull-The artillery fire and the charge in the evening-

General Meade in the battle-Slaughter of the enemy-The

second charge of the Reserves-End of the battle-The casual-

ties-Surgeon Jackson-Colonel Taylor-General Reynolds-

Retreat of the enemy-The pursuit-Position of the enemy at

Falling Water-The council of Generals-The escape of Lee's

army-Pursuit into Virginia-End of the campaign-General

Meade Presentation of sword to Meade-Operations on the

Rappahannock-The retrograde movement to Centreville-

Battle of Bristoe station-Advance to the Rapidan-Battle on

the Rappahannock-Mine run campaign-Marches and skir-

mishes of the Reserves-The withdrawal-Winter quarters....... 432

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