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Earle, John, his Gloucester Fragments, reviewed, 418.

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Eastern Seas, 398 Sir Stamford Raffles, 398-Mr. Money on Java, 399-Borneo and Sir James Brooke, 400- Mr. St. John's account of Sarawak, 403-Borneo Proper, 412 - Labuan, 413 Sarawak Mission, 417.

Eugene of Savoy, Prince, 504-Olympia Mancini, 504- hostilities between the Turks and the Roman Empire, 507-victory of Zenta, 509-war of the Spanish Succession, 510- campaign of 1704, 515 -Eugene and Marlborough, 516-siege of Turin, 518-campaign of 1708, 523 — campaign of 1712, 530-conference at Rastadt, 539-Eugene as a politician, 542-military genius, 546. Eyre, E. J., his Expeditions into Central Australia, reviewed, 1.


Fairbairn, W., his Iron, its History, Properties, and Processes of Manufacture; and Lecture on the Properties of Iron, reviewed, 204. Fergusson, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus Restored, reviewed, 461.


German Archives, 178-Dresden State Paper Office, 178-Journey 'to Milan in 1571,' 179- Frederic William, 186-fate of Königsmark and Princess Sophia Dorothea, 196.

Grantham, John, his Iron Ship Building, reviewed, 204.

Grey, Governor, his North-West and Western Australia, reviewed, 1. Gros, E., his Philodemi IIɛpì 'Propins, reviewed, 318.

Guizot, M., L'Eglise et la Société Chrétienne en 1861, reviewed, 378.


Halicarnassus, Mausoleum at, 461-discovery of the site of the Mausoleum due to Mr. Newton, 465-his researches, 473— attempted restorations by Mr. Pullan and Mr. Fergusson, 478. Hartung, J. A., Philodem's Abhandlungen über die Haushaltung und über den Hochmuth, reviewed, 318.

Herculanean Papyri, 318-Herculanensia Volumina,' 324 Epicurean literature, 331-Metrodorus, 335-Philodemus, 337 - M. Gros' edition of his 'Rhetoric,' 345.

Hops, 491 Scot's 'Perfite Platforme,' 493 - Continental hops, 496-Bavarian beer, 499- Belgium, 501-excise on hops, 501 Prynne's Declaration and Protestation,' 502.



its Uses and Manufacture, 204-Lord Dudley, 205-'iron mad' Wilkinson, 207-Menai bridge, 209 — Mr. Fairbairn's experiments on wrought and cast iron, 212-fire-proof buildings, 213 railways, 215-iron boats, 216-Mr. Grantham's chronological list, 217-'Great Eastern,' 218-iron rigging, 219'boiler-plates' and 'boat plates,' 221-iron sides' and 'wooden walls,' 222-quality of iron, 223 - International Exhibition, 231. Irving, Edward, Life of, 426-Mr. Story's 'Life,' 427 - Mrs.

Oliphant's 'Life,' 427 — Moderatism, 429 — Irving's first sermon, 435 - Chalmers, 437- ministry in London, 439 - his 'Orations,' 441 - his 'Journal,' 442-his theology, 444-prophetical studies, 449-'the gift of tongues,' 455.


Kirchhoff, G., his Researches on the Solar Spectrum, reviewed, 295. L

Lacustrine Abodes of Man, 153. pre-historical races of men, 154 — Swedish discoveries, 155 M. Troyon's facts, 158 - discoveries in Switzerland, 158-'objects' discovered, 162- geographical bearings, 168-M. Morlot's daring calculations, 171 -Prof. Owen on 'Mincopies,' 172- Irish crannoges,' 173Swiss Pfahlbauten,' 175.

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Lance, E. J., his Hop Farmer, reviewed, 491.

Leichhardt, Dr., Overland Expedition in Australia, reviewed, 1.
Lewis, Sir G. C., his Astronomy of the Ancients, reviewed, 80.


Macaulay, Lord, his Biography of William Pitt, reviewed, 113.
Mc Cosh, Rev. J., Supernatural and the Natural, reviewed, 378.
Mansel, Dr. H. L., his Essay on Miracles, reviewed, 378.
Mitchell, Major, his Interior of Eastern Australia, reviewed, 1.
Mussulmans (the) in Sicily, 348- Arab irruptions, 349- Shemitic
population, 349-Bedouin tribes, 351-tribe of Koreish, 352.
Arabs in Africa, 358- Mussulmans in Sicily, 361-Ared, 362
-siege of Syracuse, 369-Basil, 372—Elia, 373.


Newton, C. T., his Discoveries at Halicarnassus, &c., reviewed, 461.

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Oliphant, Mrs., her Life of Edward Irving, reviewed, 426.
Orellius, J. C., his Epicura Fragmenta, reviewed, 318.


Petersen, C., his Phædri Epicurei, reviewed, 318.

Pitt, Life of, 113-Mr. Pitt and Miss Eden, 118-leading features of Pitt's administration, 120 - Parliamentary Reform, 123 'Irish Resolutions,' 125-Test Act, 127-Tithe commutation, 128-Free Trade, 130-Lord Grenville on the Corn Laws, 132 -Slave Trade, 133-financial ability, 135-Sinking Fund, 136 - Pitt as a war minister, 140-Irish policy, 149. Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, reviewed, 153. Prynne, W., his Declaration and Protestation, reviewed, 491.


Sauppius, H., his Philodemi de Vitiis Liber Decimus, reviewed, 318. Scoffern, John, his Useful Metals and their Alloys, reviewed, 204. Scot, R., his Perfite Platforme of a Hoppe Garden, reviewed, 491. Solar Chemistry, 295 — Fraunhofer, 298 - Kirchhoff, 299 — chemical composition of sun and stars, 300-Spectra of the Chemical

Elements,' 302-artificial sunlight, 308-metals in the sun, 310 structure of the sun, 314-solar spots, 316.

Spence, James, his American Union, reviewed, 549.

St. John, his Life in the Forests of the Far East, reviewed, 398.
Stanhope, Earl, his Life of Right Hon. William Pitt, reviewed, 113.
Stokes, Capt. J. L., his Discoveries in Australia, reviewed, 1.
Story, R. H., his Life of Rev. Robert Story, reviewed, 426.
Strzelecki, P. E. de, his New South Wales, &c., reviewed, 1.
Stuart, J. M., his Diaries, reviewed, 1.

Sturt, Capt. C., his Expedition into Central Australia, in 1844–5–6, reviewed, 1.

Supernatural (the), 378-Dr. McCosh, 379-Dr. Bushnell, 381 -Mansel's Essay,' 384-Tulloch's Beginning Life,' 387-Darwin's Fertilisation of Orchids,' 391-Guizot, 396.

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Swithun, St., Legend of, 418- Mr. Earle's Memoir, 418 - Æthelwolf's donation, 419-monachism in England, 421-projects of Dunstan, 422 Swithun's translation, 423 — his wonders, 424. Sybel, Heinrich von, his Prinz Eugen von Savoyen, reviewed, 504.



Temporal Power (the), 261-Dr. Döllinger's work, 261-relations of the temporal power to the spiritual authority of the Papacy, 268 · Pius IX., 270 — intellectual condition of the Papal States, 273 -Latin Christianity, 276-Dr. Döllinger's idea of the Reformation essential, 279-Passaglia's Pro Causa Italica,' 282Prince de Broglie, 283-Concordats, 285-future of Italy, 291. Trench, Remains of Mrs. Richard, 238 — Lord Chesterfield and Bishop of Waterford, 239 — death of Col. St. George, 241 — Prince of Wales and Mrs. Sturt, 243 Nelson, Sir William and Lady Hamilton, 247-Frederic von Gentz, 248-letter-writing, 251Mariazell,' 255.

Troyon, Frédéric, his Habitations Lacustres reviewed, 153.
Tulloch, Dr. John, Beginning Life, reviewed, 378.


Weber, Dr. Karl von, Aus Vier Jahrunderten, Mittheilungen aus dem Haupt-Staatsarchive zu Dresden, reviewed, 178. Wellington's Supplementary Despatches, 47-Ireland, 48- Copenhagen, 48-Spanish insurrection, 49-campaign in Portugal, 51. campaign of 1809, 53 - campaigns of 1810-11, 58-campaign of 1812, 66-invasion of France, 77- -the Duke as a military administrator, 78. Westminster, Dean of, Remains of Mrs. R. Trench, reviewed, 238. Whittock, N., his Herculanensium Voluminum, reviewed, 318.

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