Hiring of Seamen: Hearings...on H.R. 4051...May 10, 19, 22, 1939

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Page 167 - It is, we think, a sound principle, that, when a government becomes a partner in any trading company, it divests itself, so far as concerns the transactions of that company, of its sovereign character, and takes that of a private citizen.
Page 174 - person" includes one or more individuals, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers. 2. The term "employer" includes any person acting in the interest of an employer, directly or indirectly...
Page 126 - An act to promote the welfare of American seamen in the merchant marine of the United States; to abolish arrest and imprisonment as a penalty for desertion and to secure the abrogation of treaty provisions in relation thereto; and to promote safety at sea"; to maintain discipline on shipboard; and for other purposes.
Page 95 - First. To afford facilities for engaging seamen by keeping a register of their names and characters. Second. To superintend their engagement and discharge, in manner prescribed by law. Third. To provide means for securing the presence on board at the proper times of men who are so engaged.
Page 71 - Commission may enter into such contracts, upon behalf of the United States, and may make such disbursements as may, in its discretion, be necessary to carry on the activities authorized by this Act...
Page 168 - Every vessel purchased, chartered, or leased from the board, shall, unless otherwise authorized by the board, be operated only under such registry or enrollment and license. Such vessels while employed solely as merchant vessels shall be subject to all laws, regulations, and liabilities governing merchant vessels, whether the United States be interested therein as owned, in whole or in part, or hold any mortgage, lien, or other interest therein.
Page 118 - June 25, 1936, upon each departure of any such vessel from a port of the United States, 75 per centum of the crew, excluding licensed officers, shall be citizens of the United States, native-born, or completely naturalized...
Page 86 - Federation, the titles of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders and Helpers of America, the International Association of Machinists and the International Brotherhood of Shipwrights and Joiners appear.
Page 64 - All claims and demands whatever by the Government of the United States or against it, and all accounts whatever in which the Government of the United States is concerned, either as debtor or creditor, shall be settled and adjusted in the General Accounting Office.
Page 143 - ... the holds, refrigerating and cool chambers and all other parts of the ship in which goods are carried fit and safe for their reception, carriage and preservation in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article III.

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