Educational Review

Front Cover
Nicholas Murray Butler, Frank Pierrepont Graves, William McAndrew
Doubleday, Doran, 1899 - Education
Vols. 19-34 include "Bibliography of education" for 1899-1906, compiled by James I. Wyer and others.

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Page 460 - In other words, that when the Constitution of the United States vests in Congress the power to lay and collect taxes...
Page 295 - Everybody likes and respects self-made men. It is a great deal better to be made in that, way than not to be made at all.
Page 454 - Whether this desirable object will be best promoted by affording aids to seminaries of learning already established ; by the institution of a national university ; or by any other expedients, will be well worthy of a place in the deliberations of the legislature.
Page 415 - ... may by their officers, or, after taking the advice of the consultative committee hereinafter mentioned, by any university or other organisation, inspect any school supplying secondary education and desiring to be so inspected, for the purpose of ascertaining the character of the teaching in the school and the nature of the provisions made for the teaching and health of the scholars...
Page 457 - ... to invite your attention to the advantages of superadding to the means of education provided by the several States a seminary of learning instituted by the National Legislature within the limits of their exclusive jurisdiction, the expense of which might be defrayed or reimbursed out of the vacant grounds which have accrued to the nation within those limits.
Page 433 - Religion, if we follow the intention of human thought and human language in the use of the word, is ethics heightened, enkindled, lit up by feeling ; the passage from morality to religion is made when to morality is applied emotion.
Page 429 - Bible in the schools, although unaccompanied by any comment on the part of the teacher, is "instruction" seems to us too clear for argument. Some of the most valuable instruction a person can receive may be derived from reading alone, without any extrinsic aid by way of comment or exposition. The question, therefore- seems to narrow down to this: Is the reading of the Bible in the schools — not merely...
Page 326 - ... those by which another man is led to something of which the whole world rings. The features of the fruitful scientific mind are in the main three. In the first place, above all other things, his nature must be one which vibrates in unison with that of which he is in search ; the seeker after truth must himself be truthful, truthful with the truthfulness of Nature. For the truthfulness of Nature is not wholly the same as that which man sometimes calls truthfulness. It is far more imperious, far...
Page 416 - Treasury as to number may determine, and there shall be paid out of moneys provided by parliament to the commissioners and to such officers, inspectors, referees, and servants such salaries or remuneration as the Treasury may determine...
Page 414 - Wales. (2) The Board shall consist of a President, and of the Lord President of the Council (unless he is appointed President of the Board), Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, the First Commissioner of Her Majesty's Treasury, and the Chancellor of Her Majesty's Exchequer...

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