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No.l. Clarke, James. Discourse on the aspects of the war...

1863. No.2. "No.3. Woodbury, Augustus. The preservation of

the republic. 1862. No.4. Rush, Benjamin. Letter on the rebellion

to a citizen of Washington from a citizen

of Philadelphia. 1862. No.5. Cairnes, John. The American revolution...

1862. No.6. Mill, John. The slave power; its charac

ture, career, and probable designs... 1862. 16 p. No.7. Ellis, Charles. The power of the commander

in-chief to declare martial law and decree

emancipation... 1862. 24 p. No.8. Smith, Truman. Considerations on the

slavery question. 1862. 15 p. No.9. Holcombe, Wm. Suggestions as to the

spiritual philosophy of African slavery...

1861. No.10. Miller, Leo. The great conflict, or the

cause and cure of secession... 1862, No.ll. Skinner, Thomas. Comfort in tribula

tion. An address... 1861, 28 p. No.12. Weiss.John. A discourse upon causes for thanksgiving...

1862. No.13. No. 14. Barnard, Frederick. Letter to the Pres.

of the U.S. 1863. No.15. Bougher, Henry. The Christian patriot...

1861, Flanders, Henry. Must the war go on? 1863. 23 p. No.17. No.18. Morse, Sidney, A geographical, statis

tical and ethical view of the American

slaveholders' rebellion. 1863. No.19. Stille, Charles. How a free people conduct a long war...

1863. No.20. Stille, Charles. Northern interests

and southern independence; a plea for united action. 1863.

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No.21. Laboulaye, Edouard. Why the north cannot

accept of separation. 1863. No.22. Darling, Henry. Slavery and the war.

1863. No.23. Bulton, John. The dual revolutions.

Anti-slavery and pro-slavery. 1863.48 p. No. 24. Williams, Thomas. A discourse on the evils and the end of war. 1862.


15 p. No.25. Stearns, Edward. A platform for all

parties. 1860. 21 p.
No.26: Aikman, William. The future of the

colored race in America... 1862.
No. 29. Drake, Charles. The rebellion: its

origin and life in slavery... 1862. 8 p. No.30. Dodge, Mary Abigail. Tracts for the

times. Courage. 1862? 4 p. No.31. Wright, Charles. An appeal for recti.

tude in primary politics. 1863. No. 32. No.33. No. 34. Kirkland, Charles. A letter to the Hon.

Benjamin R, Curtis... on the "Emancipation

proclamation" of the president. 1863. No. 35. Brooks, James. The two proclamations.

1862. 8 p. No. 36. Seymour Horatio. Speech... before the

Democratic union state convention...1862.

1862. No.37. Beaman, F.C. Provisional governments

over the districts of country now in re

bellion... 1862. 7 p. No.38. Drake, Charles. The proclamation of

emancipation... 1863. No. 39. Bartol, Cyrus.

The nation's hour; a tribute to Maj. Sidney Willard.

1862.58 p. No. 40. Hovey, Horace. The national fast; a

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