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like that we have for a petted, spoiled child, with whose waywardness we are vexed, but from whom we expect better things.

We love the South! Were she assailed by foes from within or without, our blood would flow from her wounds.

We love the South! But we cannot, for that reason, become responsible for her sins, nor adopt them as our own, nor even consent to be silent respectivg their existence and continuance.

We love the South! And because we love her, we will not suffer her, in this period of excitement and alarm, to swing away from us into the abyss of ruin. As we would cling to a inapiac brother who sought his own destruction ---aye! cling to him, though he raved, and cursed, and fought; so will we cling to the South, even against her will.

We love the South! And therefore we shall this day send up our prayers to high Heaven, that requisite firmness may be granted to our Chief Magis trate to hold her resolutely to her allegiance. And we rejoice to know that recent indications promise that such prayers may not go wholly unanswered.

We love the South! And on her behalf we shall this day pray that she may slonse the bands of wickedness, undo the heavy burdens and let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke." Why siould she tremble at the thought of emauciration?

Faithfully relying upon divine aid and protection, let her begin the important work ! Were that work begun to-day, universal joy might cause the Negro population of America to forget, for a little time, their bodily wants, in the general jubilec. But on the morrow, the demands of nature would compel them to labor again. flunger and the hope of gain are more powerful incentives to toil than the lash. The blacks are generally a good natured people, given more to dance and song than to war and bloodshed. But should they, led on by some fanatic, seek to escape from honest labor for suitable wages, by resorting to violence and pillage; should they rise in ungrateful conspiracy ugainst tlieir foriner masters, here's an arm, and there are millions more at the North, that would cheerfully wield a sword in defending Southern brethren from such a punishment for their generosity!

Oh! how joyful will that day be, in which it is announced that not a slave can be found upon American soil! That day will come. If it come, as it should. through the paths of righteousness, it will be a day of thanksgiving, for the liberated slave; a day of peacefui satisfaction, for his recent master ; a day of rapture, for every patriotic heart. On that day of universal exultation, America shall put on her white apparel and her crown of glory. On that blessed day, the inspired prediction shall be fulfilled: Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily.'

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