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HE following Effays were given me, many years ago, by a Gentleman, equally converfant with the study of Natural History and the Diverfions of the Field, as a fingular Curiofity, which had accidentally fallen into his hands, and which he had tranfcribed: the firft from a MS. the other from a printed Pamphlet, but which was very scarce.

Having fhewn

them to most of my sporting Friends, I found them very defirous of having copies; and imagining, as they give an account of a very popular and manly amufement, and investigate its nature and principles, many other Lovers of the Chace may be pleafed

with them, I am induced to lay them before the Public in this manner.

I know the literary and fpeculative part of Mankind are apt to confider these kind of country diverfionis in a contemptible light; and, perhaps, they may be inclined to despise any person who shall devote his time to the writing, or even the reading, of a fingle page, on a subject which they may think only deferving the attention of Grooms, Country 'Squires, and Dog-boys. But this opinion is by no means founded on reason.

A healthy frame of body is to the full as neceffary for our happiness as a found difpofition of mind. The Roman Satirist joins them together in his prayer, and, indeed, the latter is never perfectly attainable without the former. Now to gain this in a compleat manner, more exercife is certainly. requifite

requifite than the tasked hour of walking or riding, which the Man of Literature or Business with difficulty perfuades himself to fnatch from his favorite employments. This may, indeed, just suffice to keep off the dreadful confequences which must inevitably attend an entirely fedentary life ; but will never give that state of robust, and, if you will, of rude health, which no one who ever enjoyed will ever affect to defpife.

Befides, though the Middle-aged and the Phlegmatic may prevail on themselves to take these regular airings, the Young and the Sanguine must have fome active enjoyment to call them forth; for they never

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will quit the most trifling, or even vicious purfuit, that engages their attention within

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