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CORRESPONDENCE with Great Britain, relative to the Affairs

of Schleswig and Holstein 1861.. 809

with Great Britain, relative to the Slave

Trade ..

1860.. 964

with The United States, relative to the Civil

War in America; the Non-Recognition of

the so-called Confederate States ; Maritime

Rights in time of War, Privateering ; and

Neutral Trade



Declaration of Neutrality during the Civil War in The United

Paris, 10th June, 1861.. 1137

DECREE, promulgating the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce

and Navigation of 27th June, 1858, and the Addi-

tional Convention of Peace and Friendship of 25th

October, 1860, with China.

Paris, 12th January, 1861.. 636

promulgating the Treaty with Monaco, of 2nd Febru-

ary, 1861, relative to the Cession of Mentone and

Roquebrune to France.

Paris, 13th February, 1861.. 673

promulgating the Consular Convention with Brazil

of 10th December, 1860.

Paris, 17th March, 1861.. 676

for the Publication of the Declaration of 25th March,

1861, with Switzerland, relative to the Export of


Paris, 27th March, 1861.. 683

promulgating the Boundary Convention with Sardinia

of 7th March, 1861 Paris, 31st March, 1861.. 685

promulgating the Extradition Convention with Chile of

11th April, 1860 Paris, 15th May, 1861.. 694

promulgating the Treaty of Commerce with Belgium

of 1st May, 1861 Paris, 27th May, 1861.. 698

promulgating the Convention of Navigation with Bel-

gium of 1st May, 1861. . Paris, 27th May, 1861.. 735

declaring the Provisions of the Treaty of Commerce

with Belgium of 1st May, 1861, to be applicable to

Great Britain

Paris, 29th May, 1861.. 741

promulgating the Treaty of Commerce with Turkey of

29th April, 1861 Vichy, 14th July, 1861.. 742

PROTOCOL of Conference between Austria, France, Great

Britain, Prussia, Russia, and Turkey, relative to

to the Administration of the Lebanon.

Pera, 9th June, 1861.. 287

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PROTOCOLS of Conferences between Austria, France, Great

Britain, Prussia, Russia, and Turkey, relative

to the Armed Intervention of European Powers

for the Restoration of Tranquillity in Syria.

Paris, August, 1860—May, 1861.. 278

of Meetings between Commissioners of Austria,

France, Great Britain, Prussia, Russia, and

Turkey, relative to Disturbances in Syria.

Beyrout, October, 1860-May, 1861.. 293

Speech of the Emperor, on the Opening of the Legislative


Paris, 4th February, 1861.. 1143

TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :-with

Belgium. Treaty. Commerce.

Paris, 1st May, 1861.. 698

Do. Convention. Narigation.

Paris, 1st May, 1861.. 735

Brazil. Convention. Conşular.

Rio de Janeiro, 10th December, 1860.. 676

Chile. Convention. Extradition.

Santiago, 11th April, 1860.. 694

China. Treaty. Friendship, Commerce, and Navi.

gation .. Tien-Tsin, 27th June, 1858.. 637

Separate Articles. Indemnities, &c.

Tien-Tsin, 27th June, 1858.. 651

Tariff of Imports and Exports.


Commercial Regulations.

Shanghai, 24th November, 1858.. 662

Do. Additional Convention. Peace. Friend-

ship. Indemnities, &c.

Pekin, 25th October, 1860.. 668

Great Britain. The Provisions of the Treaty of

Commerce between France and

Belgium of 1st May, 1861, were

declared to be Applicable to

Great Britain by the French

Decree of 29th May, 1861. .. 741

Do. Convention. Emigration of La-

bourcrs from India to the French

Colonies. . Paris, 1st July, 1861.. 35

Do. Additional Convention. Postal.

London, 2nd July, 1861.. 49

Great Britain and Spain. Convention. Operations

against Merico.

London, 31st October, 1861.. 63

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GREAT BRITAIN-continued.


ACT OF PARLIAMENT to amend the Law relating to the Copy-

right of Designs ., 6th August, 1861.. 1140

to amend the Law in relation to the Wills

and Domicile of British Subjects dying

whilst resident Abroad, and of Foreign

Subjects dying whilst resident within

Her Majesty's Dominions.

6th August, 1861.. 1141

CORRESPONDENCE with Denmark, &c., relative to the Affairs
of Schleswig and Holstein

1861.. 809
with France, respecting the proposed 48-

sembly of a Congress of the Great Powers
of Europe, for the purpose of Settling the
Affairs of Italy and other European Ques-

October, 1848.. 672

with Greece, relative to the Arrangement

concluded at Athens in June, 1860, re-

specting the Greek Loan...1859—1861.. 1276

with Mexico, relative to British Claims on

Mexico; the temporary Withdrawal of the

British Mission from the City of Mexico

to Jalapa; and the Robbery of Specie be-

longing to British Bondholders from the

House of the British Legation.

1860, 1861.. 548

with Sardinia, relative to the Prosecution,

by the Authorities in the Island of Elba,

of a British Subject (Mr. G. G. Watson

Taylor) for an alleged Act of Sedition ;

and to the Plunder of the Island of

Monte Cristo, belonging to Mr. Taylor, by

Followers of General Garibaldi, in the

British Steamer Orwell."

1860, 1861.. 748

with Saxony, relative to the Arrest by

the Saxon Government of an Hungarian

Refugee (Count Téleki); and his Sur-

render to the Austrian Government.

1860, 1861.. 270

with the Two Sicilies, relative to the Re-

newal of Diplomatic Relations, and the

Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Naples.

1859-1860.. 1329

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