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John McKinly, inaugurated Feb. 21, 1777. On Sept. 11, 1777, the British troops captured Wilmington and took him prisoner. George Read, as Speaker of the Legislative Council, should have succeeded to the office, but as he was unable to reach the State because of the British troops, Thomas McKean (Speaker of the Assembly) acted as President from Sept. 11, 1777, to about Oct. 20, 1777, when Read returned and was President until March, 1778.

1778-Caesar Rodney.

1781-John Dickinson.

1782-John Cook.

1783-Nicholas Van Dyke.

1786-Thomas Collins (d. March 29, 1789).

1789-Joshua Clayton.


1792-Joshua Clayton.

1796-Gunning Bedford (d. Sept.

30, 1797).

1797-Daniel Rogers.

1798-Richard Bassett.

1801-James Sykes.
1802-David Hall.
1805-Nathaniel Mitchell.
1808-George Truitt.

1811-Joseph Hazlett.
1814-Daniel Rodney.
1817-John Clark.

Henry Molliston was elected Governor in 1819 but died before January, 1820. 1820-Jacob Stout. 1821-John Collins (d. April, 1822). 1822-Caleb Rodney.

1823-Joseph Hazlett (d. June 23, 1823).

1824 Samuel Paynter. 1827-Charles Polk. 1830-David Hazzard.


1833-Caleb P. Bennett (d. July 11, 1836).

1836-Charles Polk.

1837-Cornelius P. Comegys. 1840-William B. Cooper.

1844-Thomas Stockton (d. March 2, 1846).

1846-Joseph Maull (d. May 3, 1846). 1846-William Temple.

1847-William Tharp. 1851-William H. Ross. 1855-Peter F. Causey. 1859-William Burton.

1863-William Cannon (d. March 1, 1865).

1867-Gove Saulsbury. 1871-James Ponder. 1875-John P. Cochran, 1879-John W. Hall. 1883-Charles C. Stockley. 1887-Benjamin T. Biggs. 1891-Robert J. Reynolds. 1895-Joshua H. Marvil (d. April, 1895).

1895-William T. Watson.

OF 1897.

1897-Ebe W. Tunnell.
1901-John Hunn.
1905-Preston E. Lea.
1909-Simeon S. Pennewill.
1913-Charles R. Miller.



1821-Andrew Jackson. 1822-William P. Duval. 1834-John H. Eaton. 1836-Richard K. Call. 1839-Robert R. Reid. 1841-Richard K. Call. 1844-John Branch.


1845-William D. Moseley.

1849-Thomas Brown.

1855-James E. Broome.
1857-Madison S. Perry.
1861-John Milton.
1865-William Marvin
sional Governor).
1866-David S. Walker.
1868-Harrison Reed.
1873-Ossian B. Hart.

1874-Marcellus L. Stearns. 1877-George F. Drew.

1881-William D. Bloxham. 1885-Edward A. Perry. 1889-Francis P. Fleming. 1893-Henry L. Mitchell. 1897-William D. Bloxham. 1901-William S. Jennings. 1905-Napoleon B. Broward. 1909-Albert W. Gilchrist. 1913-Park Trammell.



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1777-John A. Truetlen.

1778, Jan. 8-1778, Dec. 29-John Houstoun.

1778, Dec. 29-1779, Nov. 4John Wereal.

1779, Nov. 4-1780, Jan. 7-George Walton.

1780, Jan 7-1781, Jan 7-Richard Howley.

1781, Jan. 7-1781, Aug. 15

Stephen Heard (President of
Executive Council and Acting

1781, Aug. 16-1782, Jan. 8-
Nathan Brownson.
1782-John Martin.
1783-Lyman Hall.
1784-John Houstoun.
1785 Samuel Elbert.
1786-Edward Telfair.
1787-George Matthews.
1788-George Handley.



1789-George Walton.

1790-Edward Telfair.

1793-George Matthews.

1796-Jared Irwin.

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1901-Frank W. Hunt. 1903-John T. Morrison. 1905-Frank R. Gooding. 1909-James H. Brady. 1911-James H. Hawley. 1913-John M. Haines.



1809, March 7-John Boyle (Declined).

1809, April 24-1818, Dec. 6Ninian Edwards.



1818 Shadrack Bond. 1822-Edward Coles. 1826-Ninian Edwards. 1830-John Reynolds November 17, 1834). 1834-William L. D. Ewing (Served until December 3, 1834). 1834-Joseph Duncan.

1838-Thomas Carlin.

1842-Thomas Ford.
1846-Augustus C. French.
1853-Joel A. Matteson.
1857-William H. Bissell.
1860-John Wood.
1861-Richard Yates.
1865-Richard J. Oglesby.
1869-John M. Palmer.
1873-Richard J. Oglesby.
1873-John L. Beveridge.
1877-Shelby M. Cullom.
1883-John M. Hamilton.
1885-Richard J. Oglesby.
1889-Joseph W. Fifer.
1893-John P. Altgeld.
1897-John R. Tanner.
1901-Richard Yates.
1905-C. S. Dineen.
1913-Edward F. Dunne.

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1863-William H. Wallace. 1864-Caleb Lyon. 1866-Daniel M. Ballard. 1870 Samuel Bard. 1870-Gilman Marston. 1871-Alexander H. Connor. 1871-Thomas M. Bowen. 1871-Thomas W. Bennett.



1875-David P. Thompson.

1827-John Forsyth.

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1876-Mason Brayman.

1878-John P. Hoyt.

1880-John B. Neil.

1883-John N. Irwin.

1884-William N. Bunn.

1885-Edward A. Stevenson. 1889-George L. Shoup.


1890-N. B. Willey.

1893-William J. McConnell. 1897-Frank Steunenberg.



Arthur St. Clair (Governor of Northwest Territory).

1800 John Gibson.

1801-William Henry Harrison.

1811-John Gibson (Acting Gov


1812-Thomas Posey.


1816-Jonathan Jennings.

1822, Sept. 12-Dec. 15-Ratliffe Boone.

1822-William Hendricks.

1825-James B. Day.

1831-Noah Noble.

1837-David Wallace.

1840-Samuel Biggar.

1843-James Whitcomb.

1848-Paris C. Dunning.

1849-Joseph A. Wright.

1857-Ashbel P. Willard.

1860-Abram A. Hammond.

1861, Jan 14-16-Henry S. Lane.

1861-Oliver P. Morton.

1867-Conrad Baker.

1873-Thomas A. Hendricks.

1877-James D. Williams.

1880-Isaac P. Gray..

1881-Albert G. Porter.
1885-Isaac P. Gray.
1889-Alvin P. Hovey.
1891-Ira J. Chase.
1893-Claude Mathews.
1897-James A. Mount.
1901-Winfield T. Durbin.
1905-J. F. Hanly.

1909-Thomas R. Marshall.
1913-Samuel L. Ralston.



1838-Robert Lucas. 1841-John Chambers. 1846-James Clark.


1846-Ansel Briggs. 1850 Stephen Hempstead. 1854-James W. Grimes. 1858-Ralph P. Lowe.

1860 Samuel J. Kirkwood. 1864-William M. Stone. 1868-Samuel Merrill. 1872-Cyrus C. Carpenter. 1876-Samuel J. Kirkwood. 1877-Joshua G. Newbold. 1878-John H. Gear. 1882-Buren R. Sherman.

1886-William Larrabee.

1890-Horace Boies.

1894-Frank D. Jackson.

1896-Francis M. Drake. 1898-Leslie M. Shaw. 1902-Albert B. Cummins. 1909-Beryl F. Carroll 1913-George W. Clarke.



1854-A. H. Reeder. 1855-Wilson Shannon. 1856-John W. Geary. 1857-Robert J. Walker. 1858-James W. Denver. 1858-Samuel Medary. 1859-Frederick P. Stanton.


1861-Charles Robinson.

1863-Thomas Carney.

1865-Samuel J. Crawford.
1869-N. Green (Three months to
fill vacancy).

1869 James M. Harvey.
1873-Thomas A. Osborne.
1877-George T. Anthony.
1879-John P. St. John.
1883-George W. Glick.
1885-John A. Martin.
1889-Lyman U. Humphrey.
1893-L. D. Lewelling.
1895-Edmund N. Morrill.
1897-John W. Leedy.
1899-W. E. Stanley.
1903-W. J. Bailey.
1905-E. W. Hoch.
1909-Walter R. Stubbs.
1913-George H. Hodges.


1792-Isaac Shelby.
1796-James Garrard.
1804-Christopher Greenup.
1808-Charles Scott.

1812-Isaac Shelby.

1816-George Madison (d. in office).

1819-Gabriel Slaughter. 1820-John Adair. 1824-Joseph Desha. 1828-Thomas Metcalfe. 1832-John Breathitt (d. in office). 1834-James T. Morehead. 1836-James Clark (d. in office). 1839-Charles A. Wickliffe. 1840-Robert P. Letcher. 1844-William Owsley. 1848-John J. Chittenden. 1850-John L. Helm. 1851-Lazarus W. Powell. 1855-Charles S. Morehead. 1859-Beriah Magoffin. 1861-George W. Johnson (Provisional Governor).

1862-James F. Robinson. 1862-Richard Hawes (Provisional Governor).

1863-Thomas E. Bramlette. 1867-John L. Helm (d. in office). 1867-John W. Stevenson. 1871-Preston H. Leslie. 1875-James B. McCreary. 1879-Luke P. Blackbush. 1883-J. Proctor Knott. 1887-Simon B. Buckner. 1891-John Young Brown. 1895-William O. Bradley.

1899, Dec. to 1900, Jan. 31-William S. Taylor.

1900, Jan. 31 to Feb. 3-William Goebel.*

1900-John C. W. Beckham.

1907-Augustus E. Willson. 1911-James B. McCreary.

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* Goebel contested the seat of Taylor and was awarded the certificate.

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1763-D'Abbadie (Director-General and Acting Governor). 1765-Aubry (Commander of the Royal Troops, Acting Governor after death of D'Abbadie). (b) Spanish Domination. 1767-Antonio de Ulloa (First Spanish Governor). 1769-Alexander O'Reilly. 1770-Don Luis de Unzaga.

1777-Don Bernardo de Galvez.

1785-Don Estevan de Miro.

1791-Baron de Carondelet.

1797-Gen. Gayoso de Lemos.

1799-Marquis de Casa Calvo. 1801-Don Juan Manuel de Salcedo

THE TERRITORY OF ORLEANS. 1803-William Charles Cole Claiborne (Appointed).

UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF 1812. 1812-William C. C. Claiborne (Elected).

1816-Jacques Phillippe Villeré. 1820-Thomas Bowling Robertson

(Resigned Nov. 15, 1824).

1824-Henry Schuyler Thibodaux (President of the Senate and er officio Lieut.-Gov.; filled the unexpired term).

1824-Henry Johnson.

1828-Pierre Derbigny (Accidentally killed Oct. 6, 1829). 1829-Armand Beauvais (President of the Senate; Acting Governor until Jan. 14, 1830). 1830-Jacques Dupré (Elected President of the Senate to suc ceed Beauvais; acted as Governor until the next popular election).

1831-André Bienvenu Roman. 1835-Edward Douglas White. 1839-André Bienvenu Roman. 1843-Alexander Mouton.

UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF 1845. 1846-Isaac Johnson. 1850-Joseph Marshall Walker.

UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF 1852 1853-Paul Octave Hébert. 1856-Robert Charles Wickliffe.

The War Period.

1860-Thomas Overton Moore (Military government established by the Federals after the fall of New Orleans). 1864-Henry Watkins Allen (Governor of portion held by Confederates).

1864-Michael Hahn (Governor of portion held by Federals).

The Reconstruction Period. 1865-James Madison Wells (Hahn

elected Senator March 4, 1865; Lieut-Gov. Wells succeeded him). 1867-Benjamin Franklin Flanders (Appointed Acting Governor by Military District Commander Sheridan). 1868-Joshua Baker (Appointed Acting Governor by Gen. W. S. Hancock who succeeded Sheridan).

UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF 1868.* 1868-Henry Clay Warmoth. 1872-William Pitt Kellogg (Recognized by President and Congress as the de facto Governor). John McEnery (Elected, but will of the people overturned by the Returning Board ").



Tillou Nicholls (Stephen B. Packard, claimant; but claims rejected).

UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF 1879. 1880-Louis A. Wiltz (d. 1881). 1881-Samuel Douglas McEnery (Ex officio Lieut.-Gov. succeeded Wiltz).

1884-Samuel Douglas McEnery (Elected).

1888-Francis Tillou Nicholls.
1892-Murphy J. Foster.
1896-Murphy J. Foster.

UNDER THE CONSTITUTION OF 1898. 1900-William W. Heard.

1904-Newton C. Blanchard. 1908-Jared Y. Sanders.

1912-Luther E. Hall.

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1716, Oct. Samuel Shute (Governor; left for England Dec. 27, 1722).

1723, Jan. 1-William Dummer (Lieut.-Governor).

1728, July-William Burnet (Governor; d. Sept. 7, 1729). 1729-Dummer (Lieut.-Governor).



Belcher (Governor; displaced 1740). 1740, July-William Shirley (Governor; commissioner to Paris 1749). 1749-Spencer Phips (Lieut.-Governor).

1753, Aug. 7-Gov. Shirley returns (Goes to England 1756). 1756, Sept.-Phips (Lieut.-Governor; d. April 4, 1757). 1757-The Council.

1757, Aug. 3-Thomas Pownall (Governor; left June 3, 1760). 1760, Aug. 4-Sir Francis Bernard (Governor; Aug. 2, 1769). 1769-Thomas Hutchinson (Governor; May, 1774). 1774-Thomas Gage (GovernorGeneral; denounced October, 1774).

1774, Oct. 7-1775, July 19Provincial Congresses.

1775, July-1780, Oct.-The Council.


Elected. 1780, Oct. 25-John Hancock. 1785, May-James Bowdoin. 1787-John Hancock (d. Oct. 1793). 1793, Oct. Samuel Adams (Lieut.Governor).

1794-Samuel Adams.

1797-Increase Sumner (d. June 1799).

1799, June-Moses Gill (Lieut.Governor).

1800-Caleb Strong.

1807-James Sullivan (d. Dec. 10, 1808).

1808-Levi Lincoln (Lieut.-Governor).

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1844-Hugh J. Anderson.
1847-John W. Dana.
1850-John Hubbard.
1853-Anson P. Morrill.
1856-Samuel Wells.
1857-Hannibal Hamlin (Resigned,
elected to U. S. Senate).
1857-Joseph H. Williams (Acting

1858-Lot M. Morrill.
1861-Israel Washburn, Jr.
1863-Abner Coburn.
1864 Samuel Cony.

1867-Joshua Chamberlain.
1871-Sidney Perham.
1874-Nelson Dingley, Jr.

1876-Selden Connor.

1879-Alonzo Garcelon.

1880-Daniel F. Davis. 1881-Harris M. Plaisted. 1883-Frederick Robie. 1887-Joseph R. Bodwell (d. Dec. 15, 1887).

1887-S. S. Marble (Acting Gover nor).

1889-Edwin C. Burleigh.

1893-Henry B. Cleaves.

1897-Llewellyn Powers.

1901-John Fremont Hill.

1905-William T. Cobb. 1909-Bert M. Fernald. 1911-Frederick M. Plaisted. 1913-William T. Haines.

In 1861 a convention modified the Constitution of 1853 to read "The Confederate States of America" where it originally referred to the United States of America. In 1864 a Constitution was framed and voted upon, but was not recognized by Congress.

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1633-Leonard Calvert.

1638, April-John Lewger (Acting Governor).

1638, May-August-Thomas Cornwaleys (Acting Governor).

1641, May-July-Thomas Cornwaleys (Acting Governor). 1643-Giles Brent (Acting Governor).

1644-Leonard Calvert (Returned). 1645-Richard Ingle (Usurper; "The Plundering Time "). 1646-Edward Hill.

1646-Leonard Calvert (Restored). 1647-Thomas Greene.

1649-William Stone.

1652, March-June-Parliamentary Commissioners, Richard


nett, Edmund Curtis, William Claiborne.

1652-William Stone (Restored). 1654-Commissioners named by the Parliamentary Commissioners, with subsequent additions to fill vacancies made by the Provincial Court. 1658-Josias Fendall. 1660-Philip Calvert. 1661-Charles Calvert.

1669-Philip Calvert (Acting Governor).

1670-Charles Calvert (Returned). 1676 Cecelius Calvert (Titular Governor).

1676-Jesse Wharton (DeputyGovernor).

1676-Thomas Notley.

1679-Charles Calvert, Third Lord Baltimore.

1684-Benedict Leonard Calvert (Titular Governor; Government carried on by the Council). 1688-William Joseph (President of Council).

1689, August-Committee of the Protestant Freemen (Usurpers). 1689, August-Convention of the Freemen.

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1715-John Hart.

1720-Thomas Brooke (President of Council).

1720-Charles Calvert.

1727-Benedict Leonard Calvert. 1731-Samuel Ogle.

1732-Charles Calvert, Fifth Lord Baltimore. 1733-Samuel Ogle. 1742-Thomas Bladen. 1747-Samuel Ogle.

1752-Benjamin Tasker (President of Council).

1753-Horatio Sharpe.

1769-Robert Eden.

1774 Richard Lee (President of Council).

1774-Robert Eden (Returned). 1774-76-Council of safety.

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1833-James Thomas.

1835-Thomas W. Veazey.

1838-William Grayson.

1841-Francis Thomas. 1844-Thomas G. Pratt. 1847-Philip F. Thomas. 1850-Enoch L. Lowe.

1854-Thomas W. Ligon. 1858-Thomas H. Hicks. 1862-Augustus W. Bradford. 1865-Thomas Swann. 1869-Oden Bowie.

1872-William Pinkney Whyte. 1874-James Black Groome. 1876-John Lee Carroll.

1880-William T. Hamilton.

1884-Robert M. McLane. 1885-Henry Lloyd.

1888-Elihu E. Jackson. 1892-Frank Brown. 1896-Lloyd Lowndes, Jr. 1900-John Walter Smith. 1904-Edwin Warfield. 1908-Austin L. Crothers. 1912-Phillips L. Goldsborough.

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1636-Edward Winslow.

1637-William Bradford. 1638-Thomas Prence.

1639-William Bradford.

1644-Edward Winslow.

1645-William Bradford.

1657-Thomas Prence.

1673-Josiah Winslow.

1680-Thomas Hinckley.

1686-Sir Edmund Andros (Gov.


1689-Thomas Hinckley.


1629-John Endicott (Acting Gov.


1630-John Winthrop.

1634-Thomas Dudley.

1635-John Haynes.

1636-Henry Vane.

1637-John Winthrop.

1640-Thomas Dudley.

1641-Richard Bellingham. 1642-John Winthrop. 1644-John Endicott. 1645-Thomas Dudley. 1646-John Winthrop. 1649-John Endicott. 1650-Thomas Dudley. 1651-John Endicott.

1654 Richard Bellingham.

1655-John Endicott. 1665-Richard Bellingham.

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