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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1832, by W. C. WOODBRIDGE,
in the Clerk's office, in the District of Massachussets.

Printed by Kane and Co.
No. 127 Washington Street.


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[blocks in formation]


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and Instruction in the West-
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[blocks in formation]

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Hofwyl, Sketches of-Letter I,



lectual Education, or Instruction-Its
objects, 10-Mode of Studying, 10.
Letter II. Perception--First steps in
its cultivation-Observation of objects
-Description and Delineation-Ge-
ography-Design-Music, 11.
ter III. Memory-Its importance-
Mode of cultivating it-Evils of inac-
curate recollection-Memory of words
-Accuracy of repetition, 14-Course
of Natural History at Hofwyl--Min-
eralogy, Botany, Zoology, 22-Gen-
eral remarks on their studies, 24. Let-
ter III. Method of cultivating the
Judgment-Reason-Subserviency of
the study of language to its develop-
ment--Importance of Mathematical
studies to all-Of Physical Science-
Of History Of Moral Science-
Logic, 316. Letter IV. Mode of pur-
suing Mathematical Science-Form,
Magnitude, and Number-Practical
direction of Mathematical Studies-
Dangers attending them-Self con-
fidence-Imperfect views of Moral
Reasoning produced-Alternation with
Moral Science-Importance of a well
balanced mind, 318. Letter V. Abuse
of Taste-Change at the Reformation
-Inconsistency-Objects of taste pro-

vided by the Creator--Extreme-Mor-
al use of taste-Caution in cultivating
it-Motives for cultivating and dis-
playing taste-Its influence in produc-
ing happiness, 492. Letter VI. Method
of cultivating Imagination and Taste
--Observation of Nature-Objects of
Art-Description-Works of Imagin-
ation-Rhetoric-Scenery of Switzer-
land--Buildings and grounds of Hof-
wyl-Design and Music-Concerts
-Gymnastic Exercise--Declamation,


Agricultural Education. Letter I. Its
influence on the body-Effects on the
mind and moral sentiments, contrasted
with those of a city education-Its
special advantages to the poor, in ref-
erence to health, intellect, and morals,
190. Letter II. Different views of
Agriculture-Its influence at Hofwyl,
on the improvement of the mind-in
reference to Geometry-Arithmetic

-Natural Philosophy-to moral cul-
tivation-Influence of the improved
system on the mind and habits, 193.
Agricultural institution. Letter III.
Fundamental principles-Probability
of self support--Variety of labors
desirable-Danger of excess-Impor-
tance of thorough training--Full
opportunity of mental and moral cul-
tivation-Peculiar interest and industry
in study, 320. Letter IV. Intellectual
instruction in the Agricultural school
-Elements of form, magnitude, and
number-Observation and attention-
Natural History-Moral effects of these
pursuits-Reading and writing-De-
lineation---Use of the eye---Geometry
and Arithmetic-Physical Education
Gymnastic Sports-Moral and Re-
ligious Education--Music, 323. Letter
V. Combination of Institutions at
Hofwyl-Market for produce-Exhib-
iting to the wealthy, an improved sys-
tem of Agriculture-Example of patient
labor-Respect for the poor inspired
in the rich-Means of health furnished
-Agricultural schools furnish educa-
tors-Advantages of apparatus to the
laboring pupils-Leads to a more cor-
rect estimate of wealth and luxury,

School for Girls, 593.

Idleness and Inattention, how cured,


Infant Schools, in Africa, 393.

Seven advantages of, 455.
Influence of Prizes and Rewards in Ed-
ucation, 137.

Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb, 25.
Intellectual Instruction-Principles and

methods of Paraphrases--Original

phy, 52-Exercise of the pupil's judg

[blocks in formation]
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Qualifications of Teachers, 269.
Quarterly List of New Publications, 242,

Reading-Modes of teaching it, 56.
Rooms, 237, 303.

Recreations for Primary Schools, 139.
Reformation in English Orthography,

Reynolds, Dr. on Physical Culture, 449.
Review of Lectures before the Ameri-
can Institute, 225.

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Books in the U. States. 371, 434
-in France, 83.

Committees, 286.

Discipline by Dr. Griscom, 482
--by Mr. Abbott, 9.

Funds of Illinois, 289-Connec-

ticut, 303.

for Engineers at St. Petersburg,

Regulations in Gloucester, Ms.,
286-in Northborough, Ms., 384.
Schools of Industry, 42, 242, 290.

in New York, 98, 10, 403-
among the Choctaw, 123-School for
Friends, 238-in Manufactories, 291
-for Jews at Paris, 292-for Labor-
ers, 423-for Girls at Hofwyl, 593.
Science of Education, 69.
Seminary for Teachers at Warsaw, 394
-at Sandwich Islands, 394-at An-
dover, 431-at Rutland Co. Ver-
mont, 579.

Self Education, 116, 161.

taught Men, 161.
Society for the Promotion of Education
at St. Augustine, Flor. 94-Kenne-
bec, Co. Me. 108-St. Lawrence, Co.
N. Y. 577.

Speech of the Governor of Ohio-Ex-
tract from, 108.

Oral Instruction, remarks on, by Dr. Spelling, Method of Teaching it, 119.

Alexander, 102.

[blocks in formation]

States Prison, Preparation for, 109.
St. Lawrence County Association, 577.
Storrs, Pres. Address on Education, 70.
Study of the Bible, 509.

our Political Institutions, 505
Stuart, Prof. on Emulation, 549.
Survey of Massachusetts, 236.

Teacher's Conventions, 251, 280, 412,

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