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our most pont Laus for taking away

our charters Valtering fundamentally the forms of our governonents, for suspendary

leziolatires & declaring themselves invested with power
legislate for us in all cases
us in all cases whatsoever


by declaring wont of the protection Vuaging war against ws. he has abdicated government here, withdrawsng his governors, & declaring

[ of his allegiance & protection] he has plundered our reas, ravaged our coarts, burnt our towns & destroyed the

lives of our people: he is at this time transporting large armies of foreign mercenaries to compleat the works of deash desolation betyranny, already begun with circumstances

searcely paralleled in the more harhassus ales and totally he has a inelty & perfidy unworthy the head of a civilized nation. he has anored to bring enited domesting uzrasprátions amongol meg, and has

on the inhabitants of our frontiers the merciless Inren savages, whose known rule of warfare is an undishnquished destriction of ageo, veres, & conditions [ J existence.] ,

( he has incited-treasonable insurrections of our fellow.citizens with the allyezemento B. forfeiture En confiscation of gremo poroperitong Hur story to testing

a di per Leather he has waged and war against human nature itself violating it's most sa -credinghts of life &liberty in the persona fa distant people who never

of fended him, captivating & carrying them into olavery in another hemio where, or to incur miserable death in their bransportation thither, this piratical warfare the opprobrum of infidelepowers, is the warfare of the

. Christian king of Great Britain [determined to keepopona mashet where MEN hould be bought bsold he has prooktuled his negative for determini de keeploporno

legislatwe attempt to prohibit or to reshain this

market when the shoulate brought tooted: execrable commerce and that this assemblage of horrors might want no faut



huhe constrained others

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of body, freedom]

of dichinquished one, he is now
he is now exciting those

very people to use in arma amongus, and to purchase that liverty of which he has deprived their by murdering the people upon whom he also obtinuaded them. This praying 13 former crimes committed against the liberties ofone people, with crimes which he

them to commit against the lives of another on every stage of these oppressionó" we have petitioned for redress in the most humite

only kerinó our repeated getitions have been answered by repeated injuriis. a prince wwtime character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant, counfit to be the niler of a people. (who mean to be free" fuhure ages will scarce believe thest the hardiness of one mani, aqvenhired within the whort compasól twelve years

to someone foundation to broad Sunois quised, for tyranny onafgeronty attentough, over a 'peoplé fostered v fisev in principles

Nor have we been wanting in attentions to our Borihsh brethren: we have warned them from teine to time fattempts by their legislature to extend a juris.

[these orür states we have reminded them of the circumstances of emigration & settlement here, Iho one of which could warrant vovhange a pretension: that these were effected at the copence pour own Wood & breasure, wnusrisked by the wealth of the utrength of Great Poritain, that inconstihating indeed our several forms of government, we had adopə one common

king, thereby laying a foundation for perpetual league 6 amity with them: Irit that submission to their Parliament was no past four constitution, nor over

our constitution, nor ever in idea if history, may be credited: analdeetappealed to their native justice & magnanimity as well as to the tis djour common kindred to disavow these usurpations which were likelyitadinempt energy correspondence connection they too have been deaf to the voice od justice &

. A consanguinity

. Kwhen recusuno" have been given them,ly the regular

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& to glory.


apartfrom them

We must

their lows, ofremoving from their councils teadisturbers of our harmony, they hove by their free electionne-established them in power, at this time too they ape permitting their chief magis hale to send over not only coldiers of our common

Destroy us. blood, but Scotch & foreign mercenaries teinuada & amalanga tinkloset. ,

2. have gwen the last slab to agonizing affection, and manly spirit bidower touc. onounce -for ever these unfeeling brethren. we must endeavor to forget our former

love for them, and to hold them as we hold the rest of mankind, enemies in war, m peace friends wemight have been a free ya great people together; but a commen mecation of grandeur le free om it seemo is below their dignity, be it 10 since they wiel houe it: the outcomes they not open to no too, we ontrega

hend it a avopnastikplants and acquiesce in the necewrity which porn mouness our


ponounces past

merries , is peace Partage play Eternal separation ! We therefore the representatives of the Unitem stafes

1 -spepse -greps combles. Le in the name stiyanthority the good people I these lates)

of of Equet and renounce all allegiance Koulsection to the kingo of Great Britain fall others who may hereafter claim by, through, or under them;

uttarly dissolve otroke fall political connection which may Loome heret of her role -sisted behereen un f the people or parliament of Great Britain, and finally weido assent and declare these colonies to be free and independant states, and that

as free & independant states they shall homes after have power to levy was conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commence, & to do all other actis and things which independant states may of hight da. And for


the vupport of thes declaration ]we mutually pledge to each other our formenes, & our vacred honour.


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