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question in ethics, readily to be answered in the affirmative, whether the recital of those ghastly scenes of blood and death, which necessarily constitute the substance of every war and of all war literature, and which are read of with such avidity, can be considered any more congenial to a correct taste and moral sensibility, than the merely verbal attestations, however imprecatory, by which they were accompanied.

As showing the extent and variety of matter contained in this volume, the simple statement will suffice, that the accompanying list of Battles, Engagements, Collisions, etc., etc., consulted in the preparation of these anecdotes, numbers several thousand; -of Generals and Naval Commanders, and of Public Vessels, many hundred ;—each list reflecting a multitude of pleasing, spicy, unique, and startling events. Besides these, there is presented a classified outline of the topical contents or special subjects pertaining to each of the Eight Parts, and a most copious Index to the leading anecdotes is placed at the close.

Of the mechanical appearance of this book, the names, enterprise and liberality, of the eminent Publishers, will at once be accepted as vouchers that nothing in the typographical and illustrative art has been omitted by them, to gratify the eye, and to render the publication one in every way deserving universal patronage.

The numerous ILLUSTRATIVE ENGRAVINGS, executed in the highest style of beauty and without regard to cost, by the most skillful artists in the country, which are here presented, constitute a feature of embellishment in no other instance attempted in books of this kind. They are of themselves alone worth the full price of the volume.

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