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47, Washington-street.


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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848,

BY DANIEL PARKER, A. M., In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.


The most important thing required by way of

preface is an acknowledgment of the sources from which the following work has been drawn. From its own nature, as a compilation of particulars from a variety of sources, it seemed almost impossible to give the proper credit in detail, either by quotations or by marginal references. And even if it were practicable, the unavoidable disfiguring of the page is a reasonable objection to that course. The difficulty is farther increased in the present case by the fact that it was convenient for me to use the language of authors with all degrees of variation from an exact transcript of their words to a mere expression of their sentiments in words wholly my own. I have therefore determined on a general acknowledgment in this place of my indebtedness to Blackstone's Commentaries, Paley's Moral Philosophy, Story on the Constitution of the United States, Shurtleff's Governmental Instructor, Parley's Young American, Chipman's Principles of Government, Moulton's Constitutional Guide, Robbins' World Displayed, and in an especial manner to the Madison Papers. The

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