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General McClellan and the Army of the Potomac-Blockade of the Potomac-Order of

the President for a grand Movement of the Armies of the Union-Order to the

Army of the Potomac-General McClellan advises a different Plan from that pro-

posed in the President's Order-Mr. Lincoln's Reply to McClellan-McClellan's

Plan Adopted-Evacuation of Manassas-Orders of the President-Organization of

Army Corps- Blenker's Division ordered to join Fremont-Banks to attack Jack-

son-McDowell's Corps retained for the Defense of Washington-McClellan at York-

town-McClellan complains of the Inadequacy of his Force-Correspondence be-

tween McClellan and the Authorities at Washington-General Franklin's Division

sent to General McClellan-Evacuation of Yorktown-Battle of Williamsburgh-

Battle at West Point-Correspondence on the Subject of Army Corps-Mr. Lincoln's

“Little Story”-Capture of Norfolk-McClellan still Clamorous for Reinforcements

-Defeat of Banks—Defeat of the Rebels at Hanover Court-House-Battle of Fair

Oaks-Further Correspondence-The “Seven Days' Fight," and Retreat to James

River-McClellan's Advice to the Government–The President at Harrison's Land.

ing-The Army of the Potomac returns to Alexandria-Failure of McClellan to Re-

inforce General Pope–The Rebels cross the Potomac-General McClellan appointed

to the Command of the Army in Virginia-Battles of South Mountain and Antietam

-General McClellan ordered to pursue the Rebels-Stuart's Raid-President's Let-

ter to General McClellan-The Army across the Potomac-McClellan relieved of his

Command-His Character-General Burnside appointed to the Command-Defeat

at Fredericksburg-Capture of Roanoke Island-New Orleans surrendered to Gen-

eral Butler-Military Affairs at the West,




Colonization Schemes of the President-Compensated Emancipation recommended-

Bill for Enrolling and Drafting the Militia, Financial Measures of Congress-Opin-
jons of the President-Western Virginia admitted to the Union-Representatives
from Louisiana admitted to Congress-Peace Agitations-Course of Vailandigham
of Ohio-His Arreet by General Burnside-Decision of Judge Leavitt- l'allandig.
ham's Trial and Sentence-Sentence modified by the President-Letter of Gor-
ernor Seymour-Vallandigham nominated for Governor by the Democratic Con-
vention of Ohio-The Committee of the Convention visit the President-The Pres-
ident's Reply to their Letter-Resolutions of the Albany Meeting-The President's
Reply-Universal Suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus-The Draft-Riots in
New York-Course of Governor Seymour-Action of the President-Elections of
1863—Letter from the Working Men of Manchester, England-The President's
Reply-Mr. Lincoln's Letter to J. C. Conkling-Military Events of the Year-Battle

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