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by Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, a fourth volume containing plates 412-600 being pub-


Sereral copies of the last volame having passed into the hands of Mr. Quaritch,

he would urge upon the possessors of the first three volumes the necessity of
immediately obtaining the fourth, as the remaining two or three copies of that volume
will soon be exhausted. No more can ever be produced, as the copperplates were sold

as old metal.



vols., royal 8vo., with several thousand illustrations ; cloth

New York, 1896-98 2 8 0

304 BROWN (R.) Miscellaneous Botanical Works. 2 vols. thick 8vo. cloth, and

a folio atlas of 38 plates, bds.

Ray Society, 1866-8 0 15 0


TURE POTAGERE, rédigés par Fr. Burvenich, E. Pynaert, etc.

Organ du Cercle d'Arboriculture de Belgique. A COMPLETE SET from

the beginning in 1865 to 1898 inclusive ; forming 33 vols. 8vo., with

about 300 FINELY COLOURED PLATES, besides woodcuts ; neatly and

uniformly bound in thirty vols., half morocco; SCARCE Gand, 1865-98 5 15 0

(PREMIÈRE SÉRIE) 6 vols. in 3 (wanting 2 plates), 1865-71 ; DECXIÈME SÉRIE,

5 vols. 1872-6 ; TROISIÈME SÉRIE, 5 vols. 1877-81 ; QUATRIÈME SÉRIE, 5 vols.

1882-6 ; CINQUIÈME SÉRIE, 5 vols. 1887-91 ; SIXIÈME SÉRIE, 5 vols. 1892-6 ;

SEPTIÈME SÉRIE, tomes I-II, 1897-8.

306 CLARKE (C. B.) Commelynaceæ et Cystandraceæ Bengalenses (paucis aliis

ex terris adjacentibus additis). Roy, folio, with 95 plates ; bds

Calcutta, 1874 0 15 0

307 CROLE (D.) Tea. A Text Book of Tea Planting and Manufacture. 8vo.,
with illustrations; (pub. 168) cloth

1897 0 10 0
308 CRONEMEYER (G.) Alphabetical Catalogue of Plants growing in the open

air in the Garden of Thomas Hanbury, Palazzo Orengo, La Mortola
near Ventimiglia, Italy. 4to., cloth

Erfurt, 1889 0 5 0

from the beginning in 1787 to 1897, inclusive, with General

Indexes. 125 vols. in 104, royal 8vo., with 7571 COLOURED

PLATES, and text to each; the whole neatly bound in half


1787-1897 120 00

FIRST SERIES, 53 vols. in 32, 1787-1826

Second Series, 17 vols. 1826-44

Third Series, vols. 1-53, 1845-97

GENERAL INDEX to vols. 1-86, 1 vol.
GENERAL Index to vols. 1-107, by Tonks, 1883

A few plates slightly spotted.


Another set. COMPLETE from the beginning in 1787

to 1885, inclusive, with General Indexes. 114 vols. in 93,

royal 8vo., with 6852 COLOURED plates, and text to each;

uniformly half bound in dark purple morocco gilt, UNCUT ;

two of the Index vols. as published; A VERY FINE SET

1787-1885 130 0 0

(First SERIES], 53 vols., 1787-1826. SECOND SERIES, 17 vols. (or

vols. 54-70), 1826-44. THIRD Series, 41 vols., 1845-85.

311 Another set. From the beginning of the New Series in 1827 to

1866, inclusive. Forming 39 vols., royal 8vo., with. 2913 COLOURED

PLATES ; uniformly half bound in green morocco gilt

1827-66 40 0 0

The first series is of little commercial value. To anyone happening to possess

the first series, the last described of the above sets, comprising as it does all that is

rare and important, would be a most desirable acquisition.


£ $. d

312 DEBY (J.) Bibliotheca Diatomologica seu Catalogus Librorum et

Collectionum exsiccatarum Bacillarieas quascumque sistentium. 8vo.,

Patavii, 1891 0 10 0
With 4 more pieces on the same subject bound in.

313 DENISSE (E.) FLORE D'Amerique, dessiné d'après nature sur les lieux.

Riche Collection de Plantes les plus remarquables. Fleurs et Fruits

de grosseur et de grandeur naturelle. Large folio, 192 (of 201)

beautifully coloured plates ; neatly hf. bd. uncut ; RARE

Paris, n. d. (1843-50) 5 0 0

The missing plates are 103-110 and 127.

314 DESFONTAINES (R.) FLORA ATLANTICA, sive Historia Plantarum, quae in

Atlante, Agro Tunctano et Algeriensi crescunt. 2 vols., 4to., with 263

plates; hf. calf

Paris (1798-1800) 1 16 0

315 DILLWYN (L. W.) A Review of the References to the Hortus Malabaricus

of H. van Rheede van Draakenstein, 1839—Hortus Collinsonianus.
An Account of the Plants cultivated by the late Peter Collinson, 1843
-in 1 vol., roy. 8vo., half calf Swansea, Privately Printed, 1839-43 0 6 6

Bound up with "Memoranda relating to Coleopterous Insects found in the neigh-

bourhood of Swansea ” (1829).
316 DOZY (F.) and J. H. MOLKENBOER. Bryologia Javanica seu Descriptio

Muscorum Archipelagi Indici iconibus illustrata. Fasciculi 1-60, roy.
4to., with 299 (of 300) plates; in parts

Lugd. Bat., 1855-[70] 3 10 0


impl. 4to., with frontispiece and 180 fine copperplates; fine copy in old

French citron morocco, gilt edges

Paris, 1768 2 10 0

318 EATON (D. C.) The Ferns of North America. Coloured Figures and

Descriptions and Geographical Distribution of the Ferns (including

the Ophioglossaceae) of the United States and the British North

American Possessions. 2 vols., roy. 4to., with 81 coloured plates ; cloth

Boston, 1879-80 2 16 0

319 EDWARDS (S.) BOTANICAL REGISTER, or Ornamental Flower

Garden and Shrubbery, continued by Dr. J. LINDLEY. A COMPLETE SET
from the beginning in 1815 to 1817 inclusive. 33 vols., with Appendix,
large 8vo., with 2600 beautifully coloured plates, with descriptive text ;
neatly and uniformly whole bound in bright calf gilt ; A VERY FINE SET

1815-47 45 0 (
320 EVELYN (John) Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest Trees ... To which

is annexed Pomona ; or, an Appendix concerning Fruit Trees . . . Sm.
folio, with portrait of the author and other illustrations added; calf

1670 0 7
The second edition, enlarged and improved.


Silva; or, a Discourse on Forest-Trees, with notes by Hunter,

third edition. 2 vols., roy. 4to., with portrait and plates ; calf neat 1801 1 0

322 FLORE DES SERRES et des Jardins de l'Europe ; Annales générales

d' Horticulture, comprenant descriptions des plantes les plus rares et

les plus méritantes nouvellement introduites, édité par L. Von Houtte.

23 vols., royal 8vo., COMPLETE, with about 2500 FINELY COLOURED plates,

besides woodcuts; a beautiful set in half morocco, gilt edges

Gand, 1845-80 16 10

This work contains much valuable information on everything concerning the

Flower and the Kitchen Garden, Hothouse Plants, Forest-trees, etc. and essays on

Natural History, Meteorology, and all Science important to every botanist and lover of


The following were contributors to the work-E. Boissier, A. Brongniart, A. de

Candolle, E. A. Carrière, J. Decaisne, K. Koch, J. Linden, J. Putzeys, H. B. Reichen-

bach, L. van Houtte.

323 FRIES (E.) Icones selectæ HYMENOMYCETUM nondum delineatorum.

2 vols. folio, with portrait and 200 coloured plates (pub. £13); unbound

Holmia, 1867-84

6 10

324 GERARDE. The HERBALL or GENERALL HISTORIE of Plantes. Gathered

by John Gerarde . . . Enlarged and Amended by Thomas Johnson

Folio, woodcuts, sound copy in old calf


6 10

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£ 8. d.

325 GERARD. A Catalogue of Plants cultivated in the Garden of John Gerard,

in the years 1596-1599. Edited with notes, references to Gerard's
Herball, the addition of modern names, and a Life of the Author by

B. D. Jackson. 4to., slightly wormed ; bds. Privalely Printed, 1876 0 5 0

126 GRANT (Captain Bartle) The Orchids of Burma and the Andaman

Islands described. 8vo. vi, 424 and 8 Index


cl. Rangoon, 1895

0 7 6

Pablished privately in Burma. Indispensable to all Orchid Collectors.

327 HABIRSHAW (F.) Catalogue of the DIATOMACEÆ with References to the

various published Descriptions and Figures. 4to., half bound; scarce

New York, 1877 0 10 0

One of fifty copies reproduced for private use, by means of the Edison Electric

Pen Process.

323 HAITE'S PLANT STUDIES. Royal folio, comprising 50 plates of Plants, their

Stems, Leares, Flowers and Fruit, with Descriptive Text ( £3. 38);


1884-5 1 16 0

Her Royal Highness the Princess Louise has expressed her approval of Mr. Haité's

designs, and has accepted the dedication of the work.


First Part.-Introductory Bemarks. Description of Plates. Butterfly-part.
Plate 1, Garden Peas. Plate 2, Nasturtium. Plate 3, Apple. Plate 4, Canterbury Bell.
Plate 5, Sunflower.
Second Part-Naturalesque Flowers

Seventh Part-Peacock Feathers
Third Part-Decorative Figure

Eighth Part-Landscapes amid Flowers

Fourth Part-Japanesque

Ninth Part-Fruit and Flowers

Fifth Part-Shell and Seaweed, etc.

Tenth Part-Ornaments, Floral
Sixth Part-Conventional Flowers

3:19 HARTMAN (C. J.) Handbok i Skandinaviens Flora. Förra Delen:

Phanerogamer. 8vo., 10th edition ; cloth

Stockholm, 1870 0 7 6

330 Harvey (W. H.) and 0. W. SONDER. Flora Capensis : being a Systematic

Description of the Plants of the Cape Colony, Caffraria, and Port
Natal. 3 vols., 8vo. (pub. at £2. 14s); cloth

1859-1865 1 14 0


PHYCOLOGIA BRITANNICA, or a History of British Seaweeds. 4 vols.,

roy. 8vo., original edition, 360 coloured plates; (pub. £6. 68) cloth

1846-51 4 4 0

332 another edition. 4 vols., roy. 8vo., with 360 coloured plates ; (pub.

£7. 108) cloth

1871 4 4 0

333 HERBERT (W.) AMARYLLIDACEÆ, preceded by an Attempt to Arrange

the Monocotyledonous Orders, and followed by a Treatise on Crossbred

Vegetables, and Supplement, roy. 8vo., with 51 plates ; cloth 1837 1 4 0

334 Herbier ARTIFICIEL, représentant plus de quinze cents Plantes. 4 vols.

folio, with 1200 finely engraved plates ; half culf

Paris, 1783 1 12 0

“This work was given to me by my brother magistrate E. C. Faithfull Esq. He tells

me that it was given to him by Miss Champney, niece of the gentleman whose name is

on the title-pages; that her uncle had the work from Mr. Otto, for some time Ambassador

from Frauce to this country, and that Mr. Otto had it from the library of Louis the 16th,

after that monarch’s execution. G. W. Johnson, Winchester, Feb. 26th, 1859." -See

note on flyleaf.


Figures and Descriptions of the most esteemed kinds of Apples and

Pears. Technical Editor : ROBERT Hogg. General Editor: HENRY

Graves BULL. 2 vols., folio, with portraits and about 80 fine coloured

plates ; in parts, as issued

1876-85 10 0 0

36 another copy, 2 vols., folio, half dark crimson morocco, gilt tops,

1876-85 12 12 0

337 HOLMSKJOLD (Theod.) Beata ruris otia Fungis Danicis impensa.

2 vols. in 1, folio, with 74 fine coloured plates, no frontispiece; half

russia, RARE

Havniae, [1790-99] 4 0 0

338 HOLTERMANN (Dr. Carl) Mykologische Untersuchungen aus den Tropen.

Roy. 4to., with 12 plates; bds.

Berlin, 1898 0 ñ 6

339 HOOKER (W. J.). "BOTANICAL MISCELLANY; comprising Figures and

Descriptions of such Plants as recommend themselves by their novelty,

rarity, or history. 3 vols., 8vo., with nearly 150 plates, many of them

coloured ; cloth, uncut

1830-33 2 10 0

tery neat

£ 8. d. 340 HOOKER (Sir W.J.) ICONES PLANTARUM; or Figures with brief descriptive

characters and remarks of New or Rare Plants. First Series, 4 vols.
complete, Second Series, vols. I-IV-together 8 vols., 8vo., with 800
plates; the first four volumes bound in half calf, the rest in cloth (pub.
£11. 4s), very rare

1837-48 5 0 0 The First Series is arranged systematically. 341

the same. Second Series, vols. I–IV, 8vo., with 400 plates ; (pub. £5. 128) cloth

1812-48 1 5 0 342 HOOKER'S FLORA of BRITISH INDIA, by Sir J. D. HOOKER, F.R.S.,

etc. 7 vols. 8vo. (subscription price, £12), cloth, a used copy £7. 10s ;
or, new and fresh

1875-98 10 0 0
A masterpiece of scientific accuracy ; indispensable to every Botanical Library.
Very few perfect copies remain for sale.

Ere long this work will sell at a premium.

The Flora of British India comprises brief descriptions, ordinal, generic, and specific, of the Flowering Plants and Feros found within the British Territories in

India, together with those of Kashmir and Western Tibet. 343 Hooker. Index to the Natural Orders and Genera in (Vols. I–V of) Hooker's Indian Flora. Compiled by T. P. Fiddian. 8vo. cloth

For private circulation. Madras, 1891 0 5 0 344 The same. Index to vols. I–VI. 8vo., sd.

ibid., 1894 0 7 € 6. The 'Flora of British India’ is a work to which Sir J. D. Hooker has devoted many years of his life, and it is chiefly written by him, portions having been contributed by other botanists, amongst whom are Mr. Thiseltoo-Dyer, Mr. C. B. Clarke, Dr. Maxwell T. Masters, Mr. J. G. Baker, and the late Dr. T. Thomson and Dr. T. Anderson. The undertaking may be said to have commenced originally by the publication of the first (and only) volume of Hooker and Thomson's Flora Indica in 1855 ; but the present work, which is on a smaller plan, has been brought out in parts, of which the first appeared in 1872, and the last, containing the index, in November, 1897. The whole consists of seven thick octavo volumes, comprising altogether over 5000 closely printed pages, and containing descriptions of 14,520

species.”—Nature, July 14th, 1898.
345 HOOKER (W. J.) and J. G. BAKER. Synopsis Filicum ; or, a Synopsis of all

known Ferns. 8vo., with 9 coloured plates containing 75 figures ;

1868 0 11 346 HORTUS GRAMINEUS WOBURNENSIS : or, an Account of the Results of

Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of different Grasses
and other Plants used as the Food of the niore valuable Domestic
Animals. Roy. 8vo., with about 60 coloured plates; calf gilt 1826 0 12

One of the Duke of Bedford's publications.
347 HUMBOLDT (Alex. de) De Distributione Geographica Plantarum secundum

cæli temperiem et altitudinem montium Prolegomena. 8vo., with
1 coloured plate; hf. russia, rare

Lutet. Paris, 1817 0 7 With a note from the author to C. J. F. Bunbury inserted. 348 HUSSEY (Mrs. T. J.) Illustrations of British Mycology, containing

Figures and Descriptions of the Funguses of interest and novelty
indigenous to Britain. [Vol. I). Roy. 4to., with 90 coloured plates ;
green morocco, gilt edges

1847 3 10 349 L'ILLUSTRATION HORTÍCOLE. Journal international populaire de

l'Horticulture dans toutes ses branches. Directeur: Lucien Linden.
A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1854 to 1896 inclusive, forming
43 vols. ; with 1500 FINELY COLOURED PLATES, and numerous woodcuts ;
seven vols. impl. 4to. half brown morocco, thirty-three vols. royal 8vo. half
green morocco, gilt edges, and three vols. in parts; SCARCE, a FINE SET

Gand, 1854.96 18 10
(PREMIÈRE SÉRIE) 10 vols. royal 8vo., 1854-63 ; DEUXIÈME SÉRIE, 6 vols.
royal 8vo., 1864-69; TROISIÈME SÉRIE, 11 vols. royal 8vo., 1870-80 ; QUATRIÈME
SÉRIE, 6 vols. royal 8vo., 1881-6; CINQUIÈME SÉRIE, 7 vols. imperial 4to., 1887-93 ;

SIXIÈME SÉRIE, tomes I-III, royal 8vo., 1894-6.
350 JACQUIN (N. J.) Icones PLANTARUM RARIORUM. 3 vols., roy. folio, with

649 beautifully coloured plates; a fine copy in half russia, entirely uncut,
from the library of William Morris ; VERY RARE Vindob., 1781-93 35 0

One of the most magnificent Botanical works ever published, a great favourite of
the late William Morris.

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hf. bd.

d. 351 KING and PANTLING. Orchids of the Sikkim Himalaya, by Sir George

King and Robert Pantling. 2 vols., 4to., 443 plates, plain, £6. 68 ;

Calcutta, 1898 9 9 0
These volumes form a valuable contribution to the botany of the natural order it
deals with, and reflects great credit on the care, skill, energy and enterprise of its
authors. Moreover the careful notes at the end of each botanical description are a

useful help to the cultivator.--Nature, September 15th, 1898. 372 Koch (W. D. J.) Taschenbuch der Deutschen und Schweizer Flora. Sm. 850., pp. Ixxx and 583 ; hf. bd. neat

Leipzig, 1865 0 5 0 333 LATALLÉE (A.) Arboretum Segrezianum. Icones selectae Arborum et

Fraticam in Hortis Segrezianis collectorum. Parts I-III, folio, with
18 plates (pub. 30 francs), sd.

Paris, 1880 0 10 0 354 LEIGHTON'S (Rev. W. A.) Lichen Flora of Great Britain, Ireland, and

the Channel Islands, 8vo. third edition, xviii and 548 pp. (sold by the
Author for 16s), cloth Shrewsbury, printed for the Author, 1879 0 10 6

One of the best Botanical Monographs ever produced, now offered at a much

reduced price.
355 LINDLEY (J.). Digitalium Monographia ; sistens Historiam Botanicam

Generis, tabulis omnium Specierum tractenus cognitarum illustratam,
ut plurimum confectis ad icones Ferdinandi Bauer penes Gulielmum
Cattley. Cura Johannis Lindley. Roy. folio, with 27 (of 28) coloured
plates; bds.

1821 0 12 0 356 LINXEL (C.) Flora Zeylanica sistens Plantas Indicas Zeylone Insulæ ;

quae olim 1670-1677 . lectæ fuere a P. Hermanno .; demum, post
70 annos ab A. Gunthero, . . Orbi redditae. 8vo., with 4 plates ;

Amst. 1748 0 20 357 LOBEL (Matthiæ de) Plantarym sev Stirpivm Historia . . . Antverpiæ

M.D.LXXVI, 2 vols., small folio, with hundreds of fine woodcuts ; calf neat

1576 2 0 0 338 another copy, 2 vols. in 1, folio, with many woodcuts irregularly arranged and lound in old vellum

Antv. 1576 0 18 0 359 LODDIGES (C.) The BOTANICAL CABinet, consisting of Coloured

Delineations of Plants from all Countries. 21 vols. (including the
Catalogue of Plants, 1 vol.), small 8vo., 2000 finely coloured plates,
by Cooke, with descriptive text; half calf neat

1817-33 0 0 0 360 another set, LARGE PAPER, 20 vols., small 4to., with 2000 coloured

plates ; half green morocco, gilt edges, by Clarke and Bedford 1817-33 21 0 0 351 LOUDON (J. C.) ARRORETUM ET FRUTICETUM BRITANNICUM; or, the Trees

and Shrubs of Britain delineated and described. 8 vols., 8vo., with
atore 2500 woodcuts, and more than 412 coloured plates, half calf 1838 12 00

Twenty-five coloured copies only were produced, and were issued at $ 25 each.

A work much in demand in any state, bat coloured like the above, especially so. 302 Malpighi (Marcelli) . . . Anatome Plantarum.

Anatome Plantarum. Coi subjungitur Appendix, . . . de Ovo Incubato Observationes continens . . . Folio, with 65 plates ; calf

1675 0.76 363 MARTIUS (C. P. F. de) Icones Plantarum CRYPTOG RAMICARUM, quas in

itinere annis 1817-20 per Brasiliam, jussu et auspiciis Maximiliani
Josephi I. Bavariæ Regis Augustissimi, instituto, collegit et descripsit.

Folio, with 76 finely coloured plates; red morocco; rare Monachii, 1828.34 3 15 0 364 MARTIUS (C. F. P. de), A. G. EICHLER et S. ENDLICHER. Flora Brasili

Exsis sive Enumeratio Plantarum in Brasilia hactenus detectarum.
LEGUMINOSAE, exposuit G. BENTHAM. 4 Parts forming 2 vols., roy. folio,
with 265 plates ; sd.

Lipsiae, 1859-76

3 16 0 365 the same, GRAMINEAE, exposuit J. C. Doell. 2 vols., roy. folio, with 123 plates ; half calf

Monachii et Lipsiae, 1871-83 2 0 0

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