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THE MODEL DEFINER, with Sentences showing

the Proper Use of Words. An Elementary Work, containing Definitions and Etymology for the Little Ones. By A. C. WEBB. Price by mail, postpaid, 25 cents. Per dozen, by express, $2.16.

THE MODEL ETYMOLOGY. Giving not only the

Definitions, Etymology, and Analysis, but that which can be obtained only from an intimate acquaintance with the best Authors, viz. : The Correct Use of Words. By A. C. WEBB. Price by mail, postpaid, 60 cents. Per dozen, by ex

press, $5.40.

The importance of words cannot be over-estimated. Knowledge can be imparted and received only by the medium of words, correctly used and properly understood. The basis of a good education must be laid with words, well chosen, properly arranged, and firmly implanted in the mind. From the richness of the English Language, which gives many words to the same meaning, and many and diverse meanings to the same word, the proper use of a word cannot be deduced from its meaning. How, then, is the knowledge of the use of words to be imparted to children? Either by the teacher, or by conversation and reading. By the latter method the knowledge acquired is limited in extent; and as it is entirely dependent on the power of observation, the impressions received are faint and ill-defined, and the conclusions arrived at, frequently incorrect. The practice of Arithmetic might possibly be left to such teaching, inasmuch as Arithmetic is an exact science based on fixed principles, from which correct reasoning must deduce correct results. But no reasoning can show to the child who has learned “ Deduce, to draw," that he must not say, “I tried to deduce the horse from the stable;” or,

Deciduous, falling." "The boy, deciduous from the window, was killed.” The importance and difficulty of the work demands that it shall not be left to the uncertainties jf home teach



ing. The labor involved forbids that this essential part of education shall be imposed on the parent. Like Arithmetic, or any other department of knowledge, it should be performed by the teacher, in the time specially set apart for mental training. The plan adopted in the Model Word-Book Series is not new. All good Dictionaries illustrate the meaning by a Model. To quote from a good author, a sentence containing the word, as proof of its correct use, is the only authority allowed. A simple trial of the work either by requiring the child to form sentences similar to those given, or by memorizing the sentences as models for future use, will convince any one of the following advantages to be derived from the Model Word-Book Series:

1. Saving of Time.
2. Increased Knowledge of Words.
3. Ease to Teacher and Scholar.
4. A Knowledge of the Correct Use of Words.


mentary Lessons and Exercises in Translating from English into French. By M. A. LONGSTRETH, Principal of a Seminary for Young Ladies, Philadelphia. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.00. Per

dozen, by express, $9.00. The object of this little work is to present to the young student a condensed view of the elements of the French language, in a clear and simple manner, and, at the same time, to lessen the fatigue incurred by the teacher in giving repeated verbal explanations of the most important rules of etymology. No attempt has been made to teach the syntax of the language, with the exception of a few fundamental rules; neither have many idioms been introduced; the aim of the compiler being to avoid whatever might perplex or confuse.

This little work, it will be remembered, is not intended to take the place of a Grammar, but to prepare the pupil, by careful drilling, for larger and more comprehensive treatises; and it is believed that any child, who can distinguish the different


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parts of speech in English, will be able to understand and learn the lessons without difficulty; and that, if they are thoroughly learned, the succeeding course of French study will be much facilitated. In its preparation, the best authorities have been carefully consulted and followed, and assistance has been kindly furnished by several Professors of the French language, whose experience in teaching enables them to judge of the wants of the young student.


STATES. From the Discovery of America to the close of the late Rebellion. By JOSEPH C. MARTINDALE, M.D., Principal of the Madison Grammar School, Philadelphia. Price by mail, postpaid, 60 cents. Per dozen, by express, $5.40.

The want of a History suitable for the Schoolroom has long been felt by educators. In most instances, the Histories presented have been too much encumbered with details of but little service to the pupils. This has been one of the causes which has prevented History from being one of the usual branches of study in our Common Schools outside of cities and towns; none can so well appreciate the difficulties which have surrounded this subject as the teacher. Another cause which has precluded the study of History has been the high price of all the text-books on this subject. The very low price of the present treatise will obviate this difficulty. The author of this compend, a man of large experience in the schoolroom, deserves the thanks of teachers and scholars, for the concise and succinct form in which he has treated this much neglected subject; ignoring all that does not properly appertain to the important events of our Nation's existence, he has given us all that should be memorized, and in so agreeable a form as to be thoroughly mastered with but little effort.

With this book in his hand, the scholar can in a single school-term obtain as complete a knowledge of the History of the United States as has heretofore required double the time and effort.


Teachers who are anxious to have their pupils proficient in this subject, or who are themselves desirous of reviewing the main points of History in order to pass a creditable examination, will find this the book for their purposes, and it will commend itself to the live teacher as a book long needed. The want of such a work suggested its preparation, and we are satisfied that in every schoolroom its advent will be welcomed by both teacher and pupil.

The unprecedented success which has attended this work since its publication is the best recommendation of its merits, more than Twenty Thousand Copies having been sold during the past year. It is indorsed by prominent educators, is used in over fifty Normal Schools, and in hundreds of cities, towns, and townships throughout the entire country. Teachers, Directors, and all others interested in Elementary Education are invited to examine the book.


GUAGE. Based upon an Analysis of the English
Sentence. With copious Examples and Exer-
cises in Parsing and the Correction of False Syn-
tax, and an Appendix, containing Critical and
Explanatory Notes, and Lists of Peculiar and
Exceptional Forms. For the use of Schools and
Academies, and those who write. By WM. HENRY
PARKER, Principal of Ringgold Grammar School,

Philadelphia. Price by mail, postpaid, $1.25. Prepared by a GRAMMAR School PRINCIPAL, and arranged in the manner that many years of research and actual experience in the schoolroom have demonstrated to be the best for teaching, this book commends itself to teachers as a simple, progressive, and consistent treatise on Grammar, the need of which has so long been recognized. We ask for it a careful and critical examination. The thorough acquaintance of the author with his subject, and his practical knowledge of the difficulties which beset the teacher in the use of the text-book, and the necessity


for the teacher's supplying deficiencies and omissions and amending the text to suit constructions found daily in parsing, and in other practical exercises in Grammar, have enabled him to prepare a work which will, on trial, be found a labor-saving aid to both teacher and pupil.


The Publishers desire to call the attention of Teachers to their List of SCHOOL ROLL-BOOKS, REGISTERS, GRADE-BOOKS, &c. These have been prepared by an experienced, practical Teacher, with the view of meeting a very pressing want of the schoolroom. It is hoped that in their preparation most of the defects usually found in school records have been avoided.


For the Use of Schools. Containing a Record of Attendance, Punctuality, Deportment, Orthography, Reading, Penmanship, Intellectual Arithmetic, Practical Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, Parsing, and History, and several blanks for special studies not enumerated. Price, $3.50, by express.



For the Use of High Schools, Academies, and Seminaries. Containing a Record of all the Studies mentioned in Roll-Book, No. 1, together with Elocution, Algebra, Geometry, Composition, French, Latin, Philosophy, Physiology, and several blanks for special studies not enumerated. Price, $3.50, by express.

These Roll-Books are in use in the leading Schools of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis, and very extensively in Select and High Schools throughout the country. They will, on examination, be found to be the most complete and practical yet published. All teachers who use them speak of them with unqualified approval; once used, they will never be relinquished.

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