Journal of the Council Proceedings

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Page 29 - When a motion has been once made, and carried in the affirmative or negative, it shall be in order for any member of the majority to move for the reconsideration thereof, on the same or succeeding day; and such motion shall take precedence of all other questions, except a motion to adjourn...
Page 127 - ... construed to impair any right now pertaining to any Indians or Indian tribe in said territory under the laws, agreements and treaties of the United States, or to impair the rights of person or property pertaining to said Indians, or to af-fect the authority of the government of the United States to make any regulation or to make any law respecting said Indians, their lands, property or other rights which it would have been competent to make or enact if this act had not been passed.
Page 21 - Council met at 10 o'clock AM, pursuant to adjournment., and was called to order by the President. Prayer was offered by the Chaplain.
Page 31 - ... to be engrossed for a third reading on a different day, unless a division be called for ; but if on a division, the question on engrossing a bill withhout including the time for its third reading, shall fail, the bill shall be considered as lost.
Page 150 - ... Dyke, former Ambassador to the Netherlands, and Rev. Alexander Ramsay of England. A Dinner to Women was tendered by the women's boards and church societies, Mrs. George W. Coleman presiding. Addresses were delivered by Rev. Henry Van Dyke and Rev. Alexander Ramsay. Monday Evening, December 6, 9 o'clock The Council was called to order by the President. Prayer was offered by Rev. Howard B. Grose. Rev. William Adams Brown reported for the Committee on Message, presenting first a resolution of sympathy...
Page 38 - An Act providing for the incorporation and government of cities of the third class," which reads as follows, due allowance being made for the difference in the municipal government of cities and boroughs.
Page 27 - House, except privileged questions, shall be put in the order in which they are made, except, in filling blanks, the largest sum and the longest time shall be first put.
Page 220 - Assembly, signed by the President of the Council, and Speaker of the house of Representatives...
Page 175 - House resolved itself into the committee of the whole for the consideration of bills referred to that committee, with Mr.
Page 272 - That in cities of the first class, having a population of more than forty thousand and less than...

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