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For to invite My every Bride,
My Kingdom for to share;
Because this way to thee, I say
My Kingdom 't must appear;
It is by Love you all must prove, .
My KINGDOM it must come ;

And it is Love the Cause must move,
The Serpent to condemn ;

I said at Last MY Love should burst,
Unto them in the end.

When I do bring My earthly Crown
MY Love to man must bend :

Or how should they in Love to ME,
Shun every Rival Foe.-

-No, I'll appear to answer here,
MY Sheep astray do go,

And they are gone from ME 'tis known
Then Horses must appear,

That to the Manger now will come,
MY Chariot Wheels to clear;

And draw them on, as they've begun,
Like Horses Men must be ;

The strength of sheep is too much gone
To stand the fight for ME.

So I'll appear like Noah here,
My sheep are gone astray;

MY words they do profess to hear,
And so profess'd-THEY LAY—
In love to ME, they say they be,

And so they follow here;

But as their hearts I plain do see,
Their love I cannot bear.

But now to thee a mystery,

Like Noah I shall come;

And tell thee of thy Jealousy,

That did thee now enflame:

The sheep were gone he told them then

And Horses in the Room,

That he had been one day to seek,

And now the day is come.

Because this year 't shall so appear,

That Horses I shall find:

My every Harness for to wear;

My Chariot Wheels behind,

Shall surely go, they all shall know

And bring ME to MY Throne:

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

That to MY Brook they all may come, Whih thirsty hearts enflam'd;

-As He was there in love appear'd,

So is MY heart for Man:

But if that they do act like thee,

And miss the time I come;

Then they may grieve as thou'st believe
Thou surely miss'd the whole,
But if their arts I find like thee,
They'll find me so to fall-

To come again, and shew them plain,
They way they ME did miss;
Tho' I was waiting at their doors,
And would have shew'd them thus,--
How I was come in love to man,
And told them of the time;
But they did look another way,
The mysteries could not find-
And satan there did strong appear,
To make them miss the mark;
As I your footsteps did prepare,
To leave both in the dark;
Because the thing I did design,
To bring the Shadow here;

And shew the substance to mankind,
The way I shall appear;

If Jealousy in them I see,

As in thy heart did burn ;

To think that I AM gone from the?,

Like Noah I'll return;

And shew them plain how this was done

They ne'er discern'd the time,

And for MY Horses I was gone, 65

MY Chariot Wheels to find;

That they may draw you all shall know
That have MY Harness here;
Because MY Sheep too weak do go,
To bring MY Kingdom here.


No't must go on in battle strong,
And now thy dream thou'st see;
How in the Air the Horses fought,
And then came down to thee;

And valiant stood tho' dipt in blood,
The colour did appear;

And now I tell thee by My Blood,
I'll surely conquer here.

Angels above, inflam'd with love
With devils do contend;

And now below, you all shall know,
They are come to fight with men ;
Because that here, no man could bear,
The Battle to go through;

The rage of hell in all to clear,
Man never could go through :-
To fight with all, without My Call,
To send My Spirit Strong-
And let My Angels guard the Way,
Their Guardians now become.
As thou did'st say this very day
My life now stand'th at stake;
And I know well the rage of hell,
That way would surely break-
If I'd not plac'd My Army Strong,
Before thou see'st the Pitt;
Wherein to fall, I tell you all,
If men could now slay thee;
More fatal now than Adam's fall,
Their ruin now 't must be :-

As once for all my death did fall,
The world for to redeem;

But now no more let men take care,
1 will be slain for them.

So if they kill, thy blood to spill, "Twill no atonement make:

But as the fire on Sodom fell,

Shall now on England break.

And fire below they all should know,
Would soon consume the whole:
And all my friends with thee should go,

See page 86, of the second book of prophecies,

And I'd receive your souls
To realms of bliss, in perfect rest,
And I'd receive you all-

And then the flames no soul should miss,
But be burnt like a scroll.-

I tell you first the flame should burst,
The judgment-day should come :-
If satan does his sufferings miss,
And sinners die for him;

Then, in his chair, they may appear,
And give him every room:

And all his sufferings they may share,
And feel the devil's doom.

For he is cast in hell to burst,

And there he soon shall

go: So if for him you do contend,

His doom you'll surely know

And then your chairs may all appear,
That in your hearts do stand;
For satan's peace you'll feel it there,
In hell with him to stand;

And then you'll see his chair to be,
A flaming chair for all;

To keep you strong in misery,
Your fatal peace will fall:-
To die for hell, that did rebel
Against the Son of GOD!

And all the Angels do know well,
The wretched paths he trod ;-
While he above did share My Love,

In Glory for to shine;

But when upon this earth he came,

The Ruin of Mankind

You all do know he strong does go,

To seek it to this day

And will you come to die for him?†
To have My Vengeance lay?

This alludes to George Hey, who lives near Leeds; and who said, that he always gave the devil an arm-chair in his heart, and then he did not trouble him.

†The same George Hey said he was to die for the devil.


Now all in mar, can you now stand
With backs of brass appear?
Or are your sinews iron strong,
That you My wrath can bear
Ever to be in misery,
And in devouring flames?

My Bible you must know and see,-
And TREMBLE at My Name-
For I AM come in Love now strong,
If Love your hearts will gain;
You'll find a Noah's heart to turn,
And shew the mystery's plain:
But if you'll not, I tell your lot,
From Saul the thing you'll see ;
If you a David now do mock,
And say My brides you be;
But do despise, l'AM too unwise,
To act thus like a GoD:


Then sure to Saul, I tell you all,

You'll feel a David's rod.

That you're the bride close by My side,

And yet my ways you scorn;

The answer see will come from ME,
A David will be known;→
More viler here I shall appear,
You'll see the following day;
Thy history then I mean to clear,
A David I will be-

A Noah too-they all shall know,
In love for thee the same;

And bring the woman now will come,
So much to praise MY Name--
All hazards run, as she hath done,
In fervent love to Me:

Then say a Bathsheba is come,
Whose husband slain shall be:-
The front appear, he shall be there,
The Harlots I'll embrace;

For every mystery I shall clear,

And bring all to this race.

There's not a Bride, on earth appli'd,

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