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and my sister, and as my brides joined with thee: for so the woman was in the creation, as being taken from the man, she was his sister; but as bearing him children, she was a wife, and a mother; thus was the woman made at first, and this must be the state of the woman at last, now I am come to free the fall of women. Here I have placed you three, as true helpmates for man; and as such let men receive you, if they wish to be made alive in ME, as they died in Adam. For here all shall find is a shadow of my Gospel began in you three; and by the hands of you three my wondrous working shall go on, till your light shall break forth as the morning, and the truth be made as clear as the noon day's sun, that the woman is the true and perfect helpmate for man; for by the woman I will now complete his happiness, but no other way will I ever accomplish it.

So from you three mankind shall see,
Your brother I'll appear;

The second Adam is in ME,
Then see the Bridegroom here,
To take the woman as my friend,
My mother for to be:-

I tell you man knows not the end,
My sister they must see;

My brides appear I tell you here,
For I am the woman's friend.
It is to make my Gospel clear
That I these things ordain'd;
To have these three alike to be,
And see my Gospel clear.
Then, my disciples, now judge ye,
My brethren alf

And now see plain, ye sons of men,
How I've brought round this last;
Before the trial doth come on
I tell you so't must burst:
For to shew clear all are here,
And here I've place'd these three,
My Law and Gospel for to clear:
Then let my brethren see,
My will by them must now be done,
If brethren they will be.

Then I'll appear, I tell them here,
Their brother and their friend :-
Their conquering Saviour I'll appear

And save them in the end;
From Adam's fall, I tell them all,
I shall them all redeem;

And let my coat be known to all,
It was without a seam,

Then now see clear, I must appear,
All interwoven through;

No seam of sorrow shall be here,
When I've my work gone through.
So brethren all I now do call
You, by the woman's hand,
And if my friends you'll now appear,
Then by these women stand,
In perfect love let none remove
Your strong affections here!
And place no daggers in the breast
Of those to me are dear:
For if you do, I tell you true,
You'll place them in your own;
My Gospel is before your view,
And let my words be known;
My will is done, I tell you plain,
By these three women here:
And I their cause will now maintain,
And let the land take care.-
For now I say to thee this day,
Their ruin shall come on,

If men my words now disobey;

I this shall answer man,

I've made all clear, that I am here

In Spirit come again':

The mystery deep no man can clear

To prove from Hell it came;

No, 'tis from ME, mankind shall see,

For so I shall appear,

To prove my Spirit visits thee,

And other friends are here,

Whose hearts within to ME are known

Like mothers to appear,

And so a sister's love is shewn

And let the Land take care

They do not mock, for now the stroke

Shall go throughout the Land;
I tell thee, like thy Brother's Son,
Convulsions now shall come;
If men appear as heretofore
And now despise the call,
I tell thee, like thy Brother's Son,
I'll bring the stroke on all;
Year after year it shall appear,
Convulsions men will see,
The agonies the child did bear
In England now shall be,
If they go on, I tell thee plain,
My Warning to despise,

I shall not trifle now with men
If they do act unwise,

To slight my Love, as now I'll prove
I'm come to set them free,

And all their sorrows to remove,
If now they'll turn to ME.

If they will not, I'll tell their lot,
Their ruin shall abound;

And let the child not be forgot-
In May they heard the sound;
So May is come, I say, for man,
And may they all relent!!
Or they will see such destiny
Will make them all repent.

If they can bear my threatenings here
And not the words regard,

But all my Love they disapprove
And not my Love reward,

To wish for me-they all shall see
My anger for to burn-

Ingratitude, they all shall see,
Shall find the same return:
But those that turn and now begin
In Love to wish me near,

They'll find a brother and a friend,
A Saviour to appear-

To save them all from Adam's fall

And set the prisoners free,

That now are bound in Satan's chains.

If men will turn to ME;

Then I to them will surely turn

And strong their Friend


For my delight shall be with men,

If their delight be here

To have me come, and dwell with them,

My Coming they shall see,

How I from Sorrows shall redeem

And from all sufferings free.

So this to Sharp I bid thee send ;

And let them weigh all deep,

And then I'll stand their every friend,
If now my word they keep;

And warn them all, that great's the call,

And great 'tis now for man;

Because my Judgments strong will fall

If men now mock thy hand:

For I'll appear in words more clear,
Your Nation blind must be,

If altogether men compare

And judge it not from ME:

And if they're blind, the ditch they'll find It hastening on for all:

But if they see the mystery

And come to judge the call,

Then I'll appear to make it clear
From Heaven is every sound;
But if men say they will not hear,
In grief they shall be found;
And I'll not hear I tell them there
If they'll not now hear ME;

When Sorrows in your Land abound
I will not set them free."




June 2, 1804.

"On the receipt of your letter that you sent to me, from Mr. Sharp, of a Bishop's returning his two engravings of our Saviour and the Virgin Mary, with these words, "The Bishop of

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obliged to Mr. Sharp for the offer of his Prints, but desires to be excused from accepting them. They are fine engravings, and he wishes Mr. Sharp shewed as much judgment in his religious opinion as skill in his profession. House, May 30th, 1804." This contempt of the Bishop filled my soul with contempt. Oh, what a pattern do the ministers of God's word set before mankind, to fill their hearts with scorn and contempt! If Mr. Sharp, being an artist, is a judge of his profession, I confess the Bishop has given him more credit for his profession than I can give the bishop for his profession as a minister of God's word; as I cannot give that honour to the bishop. For we must give honour where honour is due. But what honour can there be due to the bishop from me, when I consider the thousands a year they are paid to be faithful Shepherds of the Lord, to take care of his Flock? And Christ died to set them an example, to follow his footsteps. Now if Christ so loved the world, as to die for man; and became poor, that we, through his poverty, might be made rich; ought not the bishops, that are made rich by the Gospel, to take care of Christ's flock that is committed to their care? Now I ask the Bishop, who came to Christ that he refused to hear, or whom he sent empty away ? What did our Saviour say unto Peter? "Simon, son of Jo

nah, lovest thou me?" Peter said, "Yea, Lord, thou knowest all things, thou knowest that I love thee." "Then feed my sheep, feed my lambs,' were Christ's commands. And now I shall come to the Communion Service, for the preparation of the Lord's Supper: "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven. Not every one that saith unto ME, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doth the will of my Father, which is in Heaven. Therefore, if there be any of you, who, by this means, cannot quiet his own conscience herein, but requireth further comfort or council, let him come to me, or some other discreet and learned minister of God's word, and open his grief, that by the ministry of God's holy Word, he may receive the benefit of absolution, together with ghostly council and advice to the quieting of his conscience, and avoiding of all scruples and doubtfulness." Now here, as faithful Shepherds, they are in duty bound to give clear and right judg.. ment; not to judge of a cause unheard; but to be clear in judging, that they may be able to give ghostly council and advice, to the quieting of the consciences of those that have scruples or doubts. Now this is the strict command to the clergy, if they profess themselves ministers of God's word. And then where was a cause of more importance to all people than mine is, to the quieting of the conscience of those that are called with me? When I then told you, my dear Miss Townley, it is for the quieting of our conscience, that you did the will of the Lord to write unto him; then how much is he bound in duty to give ghostly advice to the quieting of our conscience? But instead of this, he refused to hear, and treated the application with contempt when not only our souls, but the souls of thousands must be in danger, if it were possible for a wrong spirit to lead me astray. But on the contrary, if it be of God, as I am firmly persuaded

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