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"Now I shall answer thee: He hath asked, and thou hast answered, these things are too wonderful for you. As thou hast opened to the Law and the Gospel, so must they both be joined together, for the Law will not do without the Gospel, nor the Gospel without the Law. But I will not blame his enquiry; he spoke wisely to ask---If the unbelief of the latter was as destructive as that of the former, supposing they are both from the Lord?

First, the Saviour coming in the Flesh to die for man; second, his coming in the Spirit, as a Redeemer to redeem man from all the powers of death, hell, and sin; and to bring him into newness of life with his God. I shall now answer thee from the last chapter thou openest to: "Will God indeed dwell on the earth?" And this was his enquiry-Will God dwell with man in the Spirit upon the earth? Then the unbelief of the latter is more destructive than the former, as they deny the very things for which I died, which was rejected by man through unbelief; then the very things I died for must be rejected by the Gentiles; and they make no more merit of my Death and Suffering, than the Jews did, if they judge I come to destroy all the Laws of God and the prophets, and only taught man to worship my dying Blood alone, without respect to all my words, which were to bring them to the Laws of God. I come not to destroy the Laws of God, and the Prophets, but to fulfil them. Then let men mark my words lest they build their faith upon the sand: and great you will see the fall of this nation, because of their unbelief.

Now I shall come to Solomon. David was refused to build a house unto my Name; but Solomon was commanded to do it: but know, Solomon asked for Wisdom, and by his Wisdom he built a house unto ME, that was a house built with hands. Now if you will have the LORD for your GoD, to dwell with you here upon earth, ye must all seek after Wisdom, that

your own hearts may be fit temples for me to dwell amongst you: for if the house of clay, built in honour to my Name, was refused to be built by David, my servant, whose throne I said I would establish; but the house should be built by Solomon his son in honour to my Name; know, that Solomon sought after Wisdom, and so must every man seek after the Wisdom that cometh down from above, if they will make their hearts fit temples for ME to dwell, and to have my Spirit take up its abode with man. Therefore, Solomon warned men to search after Wisdom as for pure gold; and after my Wisdom they must seek, if they will have my Spirit to come down upon earth to dwell among men. For, as Solomon said, the Heaven of Heavens could not contain ME, then the Heaven of Heavens cannot contain my Wisdom, nor my Decrees for the sons of men. It shall come down and dwell with them that now seek after the Wisdom of their God, and those people whose hearts are right with me, though their prayers are not answered to their petition for present blessings; yet, they shall be answered for greater blessings, as Abraham was answered for Ishmael, that in Isaac all the families of the earth should be blessed; and the promise was made through faith, that now must rest upon the heads of the faithful; so let faith be added to their prayers, and a double blessing shall rest upon them, greater than they asked, or thought themselves worthy to receive, that my Spirit should come down and dwell with men: for thou hast uttered *, and he has uttered things too wonderful for you; things that ye understood not. But where is the man that contends with his Maker, that can instruct him, how my Bible shall be fulfilled? for I now tell thee, the Law and the Gospel must be mixed together: for the Law will not do without the Gospel, nor the Gospel without the Law.Tim. 2d chap.verse 6.Who

Joanna had given prophecies she did not understand; and he had asked what he knew not.

gave himself a Ransom for all to be testified in due time. Rom. iv. 14. For if they that are of the Law are made heirs, Faith is made void, and the Promise madeof no effect; for the Promise to Abrahain's seed was notthrough the Law, but through Faith. Rom. ix. 28. Because a short work will the Lord make upon the earth. 11th Rom. As concerning the Gospel, they are enemies for your sake; but as touching election, they are beloved for the Father's sake. Now I shall answer thee: If the Jews were enemies to the Gospel, for the calling in of the Gentiles, and through their blindness to seek my Blood to be shed for the Salvation of men, and give myself a Ransom for all to be testified in due time; then know, the due time was not then come, as it was not made known how the Ransom of all men should come; but in due time it must be made known, that through election they are beloved for the Father's sake; because they worship the Father and rely on his Promises made by his prophets then, if they keep to the Law, and are looking for a Messiah to come, that shall be their Deliverer; and you Gentiles believe that he is come, but that he will not be a Deliverer either to you or to them; and throw all the Laws of God and the Prophets aside, forgetting all the words I left on record, and looking to no fulfilment of my Gospel, as the Jews do of the Law; then your belief is not of faith, that I gave my life a Ransom FOR ALL to reconcile the world unto God, for which it is written my Blood was shed. Now compare your faith together, then you will find ye have seen but in part, ye have believed but in part, and understood but in part; neither have ye discerned the height or depth of the unsearchable wisdom and goodness of God in Christ Jesus, nor what is to be testified in due time; for know, what I said of Daniel, when they see his words fulfilled, then follows on my Parables to the end. Now I shall explain the meaning of the words of Daniel, chapter ii. verse 44-" In the days


Kinsmans groans



of these kings shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom that shall not be destroyed :" but mark the dream through, how all was broken in pieces, and how they were mixed together that could not join together. Now mark the French nation, how they are mixed together but cannot join together, no more than iron and clay; the one is strong, the other weak. Now remember what I told thee in years past, of the French nation if they set up another king, or the likeness of a king in France, his destruction would be sought like the former; and this destruction Bonaparte will find, if he remains long in that place; for if he is not slain by the sword of war, he will die by it in that land. For no more than clay and iron can mix together, no more can they mix and join with a king; and this hath appeared with the Dutch. Then now see how the toes and feet are one part iron and another part clay, that cannot join together, as the one is strong, the other weak. Now look abroad and see the divisions of nations, how they stand like iron and clay; then know, they cannot join long together; for these nations must be broken in pieces; and the kingdom of God must be set up, that is cut out without the hands of men. Here I have shewed thee what will shortly take place in distant nations; for there is coming a time of trouble over the whole earth, such as never was since there was a nation, kindred, or people. But I know the thoughts of thy heart: "that it must have been worse when the world was drowned." I tell thee no: they were too soon cut off to see all the troubles men will now see; for their troubles did not long appear in this world; for they could not see the troubles that will now be seen over the whole earth; for I now tell thee, it will come to all lands like 25 the death of thy kinsman: unuttered groans to bring them low and when they see their judgments and troubles; then will men run to and fro, from nation to nation, from sea to sea, from shore to shore; and

knowledge shall be encreased, because men will then
see the truth of my Bible, that is now as a book.
sealed up from man; for it is not the book itself that
is sealed by Daniel till the end; but the meaning of
it is sealed up to the end; for the sealed book that
was to be sealed up whose names where to be found
written therein, is now begun to be sealed, which
shall stand sealed to the end. For I now tell thee,
the end is, when I come in power to claim the King
dom for MY OWN; therefore it is written, many that
sleep in the earth shall awake, some to everlasting
life, and some to everlasting contempt. Now he
that hath ears to hear, let him hear; and he that hath
a heart to understand, let him understand, that many
do not mean the whole race of mankind, to place
it to the final day of judgment, when I come to
make an end of all things. I tell thee no: it alludes
to MY COMING to bring in MY KINGDOM of PEACE ›
here upon earth; therefore I have already told thee,
and I now tell thee again, those whose names are
found written in the book, that are longing for my
Kingdom to come, and have subscribed with their
hands unto the LORD, but who die before the time, see
will then awake out of the dust, and appear in tri- near
umph on that great day, when I come to destroy
all the power of the Devil; and then the wicked that
have been warned, and who despised my Coming, and
set at nought all my council, will then awake to their
shame and confusion, that now curse the Woman for
bringing it on Satan's head for his destruction, by
pleading the Promise that was made in the Fall. And
now she is come to claim the Promise, and lay her
blame on Satan, as Man did on ME; saying, if I bear.
ed the one, justice now demands for Satan to bear
the other. By this just sentence Satan blinds the
eyes of men to shame the woman for so doing; but
then they will awake to their own shame and con-
fusion. For I have already told thee, as the graves
opened and many dead bodies appeared at my Death,




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