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of men, to tell them in a straight line what should happen, and what shall come on*, as your simple wisdom is? Thou knowest I told thee it was not for the unbelieving world to know the times nor seasons when it would come on, but only given to believers; but your wisdom hath been to act contrary to my words; and ye have made it public amongst mankind what I said was for believers only; therefore ye have foiled yourselves and seen the truth of my words, that judgments deferred to another March and April would only place thorns inbelievers' breasts, and add to their sorrows; for my wisdom is, first to let believers feel the mockery of mankind, and heighten their sorrows, before I heightened their deliverance; and gave the land room to boast, as Pharoah did. For thou knowest what I said of the Egyptian host, in the 1800th. I tell thee thou must look to the past, to know the events of this year; and the fatal dangers that are threatened, they may expect another; but I tell thee, the shadow of all will come this year; and the preparation that is making, will bring in the dangers that are threatened; but mark, I told thee they would not come all at once; and yet all at once, they that are believers are looking for them, contrary to what was said. I told thee, that unbelievers should have no knowledge of the time, day, nor hour: now ye have told them of a time, day, and hour, when they are to expect it; and so your wisdom would make MY WORDS false, if the substance of what was said of March and April, was to roll on this March and April; but if you weigh every shadow, I tell thee every shadow hath appeared; and every shadow of what I said will follow this year; but the aweful substance will not come, until the following year; then cometh the substance of every shadow. For as I have told thee,

Many believers at Leeds and other parts, did from their own judgments inform unbelievers of what was to take place, when it was declared it was hid from the understanding of the world.


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Joannas visitation explaine

all these evils shall not come in thy days, and thou tremblest to pen them; thou wilt not see the fatal end that will bring deliverance to your land; and what that is I shall conceal from thee, as thou makest all things known to mankind. Now I have seen the wisdom of men; and yet, I do not blame their wisdom, for it is upright dealings as men. But know, I am a God that will not be mocked by man; and as men have mocked my warnings, mocked my invitation, heard of my kingdom approaching, and will not lay it to heart, nor regard my coming-only enquire if the enemy is coming! That curiosity is not consistent with my wisdom, to let them know when dangers will come upon them; for then the unbelieving world will have as much knowledge as my friends, who are desirous for my coming to establish my kingdom. And what would the wife understand more than the foolish and the wicked, if I should act to the wisdom of men, to bring all things in a straight line before them? This way is never my Wisdom; for then my Wisdom must fall like the Wisdom of Man and never lead men to the depth of my Wisdom; neither would they trace my footsteps to discern my ways, or decrees; for I now tell thee, if I was to order thee to publish to the world the events of this year and the two following, and all' was to come in a straight line; as many Thousands of Books, as thou hast published already, would not be enough to supply their curiosity, to have this Book; and all thy other Books would be disregarded by Man-what need say they of the others, to know the Wisdom of God in creation, or in preservation, as long as we know what is before us; whether we shall escape the dangers or not. But this was not the intent of my Visitation to thee: my Visitation to thee was to bring men to the Knowledge of the Good, as Satan brought them to the Knowledge of the Evil; and for Men to read my words and judge of my ways, that I might search their hearts

and prove them, and they that approve of my ways, my wisdom, and my decrees, will be fit companions to reign with ME; but they that disapprove them will never reign with ME in my Kingdom of Peace, either enthroned above, or here below. That is, they will not be my companions, nor visit this lower world, to join with the church militant here on earth, to reign with me in glory, as my companions to visit men. For the saints that are now living, and ashamed of ME and my Gospel, and of the wisdom of my Death, the manner of my Coming in the Spirit, to reveal all mysteries unto them, I shall be ashamed of them before my Father, which is in Heaven, For I now tell thee, they that despise thy writings, do not despise thee, but me; as the writings are not thine, but mine. It is not thy wisdom but my wisdom to accomplish in the woman what she was created for; and what I died for, to bear the blame for man, that Satan might bear what was cast on him, by the woman. Now if this wisdom is despised by men, and they are ashamed to hear that my Death must be turned back on Satan's head, I shall be ashamed of them, when they come before my Father in glory. For though I do not say the righteous, that believe in ME, shall perish; but in my Father's house there are many mansions; and as one star differeth from another in the firmament, so will one star differ from another in glory, for so will the difference of the saints above be. It is them that are longing for ME, to bring in my Kingdom, to dwell with them, that will reign wirh me in my Kingdom; and where I am they shall be also, that enjoy my Kingdom above, to be welcomed into the joy of their Lord, when my delight is with the sons of men, then will their delight be with them also; for the church triumphant will join with the church militant here on earth. But how can they be united together, that have no share or lot in the matter? I tell thee, no: great now will be





the difference of departed Chriftians; for none can enter into the joy of their Lord, that now mock my words; for I shall be as much ashamed of their wis dom, as they are now ashamed of mine. It is not the wicked, that are confined with their master, that I shall be ashamed of before my Father, which is in heaven, for I cannot be ashamed of them there, because there they will not come."

The above communication was read to a large company at Leeds, when a man started up and said, it was not in the Scripture, for the Lord to be ashamed of any righteous people; for it was the Jews only that our Saviour alluded to; and as to the curse being cast on the Devil, he said then the man and woman must be freed; but he argued the curse was not cast on the Devil, for it was cast alike on the man and the woman, and they ought to have obeyed what the Lord had said unto them. Some of my friends disputed with him concerning the Fall, and of the artful manner the Devil betrayed the woman; but he still argued the fault was in the man and the woman. I then disputed with him myself; but finding him determined to clear the Devil, and cast the whole blame on the woman, contrary to the Scriptures, as he would not allow that a cast on the Serpent must ever take place. I then told him to quit the room, as he was a friend to the Devil; as I had invited my friends there to take my leave of them, and would not be interrupted by his contention; as I had proposed to spend the day with my. friends only; for many had come from a great distance to see ine; but he refused leaving the room, and he would stay: then one of my friends said, every man that is against him, let him hold up his hand." Immediately every man in the room held up his hand, to shew they were all against him; and he was immediately put out of the room, as an enemy to the human race, and a friend to the Devil; that would sooner see mankind perish, than the Devil to


have his curse pronounced upon him. I, after this, said to a lady in the room, it could not appear to me to come from a wrong Spirit, to say, those that were ashamed of the wisdom of God here upon earth, the Lord would be ashamed of their wisdom in heaven. For a father might love his child, but if the child mocked the wisdom of his father and despised it, the father might be ashamed of the conduct of the child; yet he might love his child, if he knew the child loved him: but yet he might be ashamed of the child that had mocked and despised his father's wisdom. Another thing struck deep upon my mind and heart, of my own sister, that I once loved as my own life; and she expressed every tender love and regard for me, before I was visited by the SPIRIT OF THE LORD by prophecy; then she began to blame me, and offered to assist me in any thing in this world, if I would give up my prophecies; but in this she would not assist me at all; but blamed my following on to know the Lord, or by what Spirit I was led. So her blaming me in this matter hath lessened my love and esteem for her, and heightened my love for strangers, that I never before had seen, and who joined with me in heart and mind, that I ought to follow on to know in whom I had believed; and though I was well assured my sister loved me; and I once loved her in the most tender manner; but as she was ashamed of my believing this to be from the Lord, I must say I was ashamed of her wisdom, when she had written to a minister, that she feared my visitation might be from the Devil, as an angel of Light: although this minister said her judgment was as wild and erroneous as Sir Egerton Lee's, who had drawn the like conclusion on them as before. I said to the minister, I could not believe my sister's judgment, as she told me as far back as 1792, none of my prophecies would take place; for we should see no war, nor dearth, nor any trouble in the land; as England was never in a more flourishing state, and

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