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A book so thorough as this in the comprehension of its subject, so impartial in the summing up of its judgments, so well considered in its method, and so truthful in its matter, may safely challenge the most exhaustive criticism. The Constitutional History of our country has not before been made the subject of a special treatise. We may congratulate ourselves that an author has been found so capable to do full justice to it; for that the work will take its rank among the received text-books of our political literature will be questioned by no one who has given it a careful perusal.-National Intelligencer.

We know of no person who is better qualified (now that the late Daniel Webster is no more), to undertake this important history.-Boston Journal.

It will take its place among the classics of American literature.-Boston Courier.

The author has given years to the preliminary studies, and nothing has escaped him in the patient and conscientious researches to which he has devoted so ample a portion of time. Indeed, the work has been so thoroughly performed that it will never need to be done over again; for the sources have been exhausted, and the materials put together with so much judgment and artistic skill that taste and the sense of completeness are entirely satisfied.-N. Y. Daily Times. A most important and valuable contribution to the historical and political literature of the United States. All publicists and students of public law will be grateful to Mr. Curtis for the diligence and assiduity with which he has wrought out the great mine of diplomatic lore in which the foundations of the American Constitution are laid, and for the light he has thrown on his wide and arduous subject.-London Morning Chronicle.

To trace the history of the formation of the Constitution, and explain the circumstances of the time and country out of which its various provisions grew, is a task worthy of the highest talent. To have performed that task in a satisfactory manner is an achievement with which an honorable ambition may well be gratified. We can honestly say that in our opinion Mr. Curtis has fairly won this distinction.-N. Y. Courier and Enquirer.

We have seen no history which surpasses it in the essential qualities of a standard work destined to hold a permanent place in the impartial judgment of future generations.-Boston Traveler.

Should the second volume sustain the character of the first, we hazard nothing in claiming for the entire publication the character of a standard work. It will furnish the only sure guide to the interpretation of the Constitution, by unfolding historically the wants it was intended to supply, and the evils which it was intended to remedy.-Boston Daily Advertiser.

This volume is an important contribution to our constitutional and historical literature. *** Every true friend of the Constitution will gladly welcome it. The author has presented a narrative clear and interesting. It evinces careful research, skillful handling of material, lucid statement, and a desire to write in a tone and manner worthy of the great theme.-Boston Post.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS,

Franklin Square, New York.

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"They do honor to American Literature, and would do honor to the Literature of any Country in the World."




New Edition. With a Portrait of WILLIAM OF ORANGE. 3 vols. 8vo, Muslin, $6 00; Sheep, $6 75; Half Calf antique, $9 00; Half Calf, extra gilt, $10 50.

We regard this work as the best contribution to modern history that has yet been made by an American. -Methodist Quarterly Review.

The "History of the Dutch Republic" is a great gift to us; but the heart and earnestness that beat through all its pages are greater, for they give us most timely inspiration to vindicate the true ideas of our country, and to compose an able history of our own.-Christian Examiner (Boston).

This work bears on its face the evidences of scholarship and research. The arrangement is clear and effective; the style energetic, lively, and often brilliant. *** Mr. Motley's instructive volumes will, we trust, have a circulation commensurate with their interest and value.-Protestant Episcopal Quarterly Review.

To the illustration of this most interesting period Mr. Motley has brought the matured powers of a vigorous and brilliant mind, and the abundant fruits of patient and judicious study and deep reflection. The result is, one of the most important contributions to historical literature that have been made in this country.-North American Review.

We would conclude this notice by earnestly recommending our readers to procure for themselves this truly great and admirable work, by the production of which the auther has conferred no less honor upon his country than he has won praise and fame for himself, and than which, we can assure them, they can find nothing more attractive or interesting within the compass of modern literature. -Evangelical Review.

It is not often that we have the pleasure of commending to the attention of the lover of books a work of such extraordinary aud unexceptionable excellence as this one.--Universalist Quarterly Review.

There are an elevation and a classic polish in these volumes, and a felicity of grouping and of portraiture, which invest the subject with the attractions of a living and stirring episode in the grand historic drama.-Southern Methodist Quarterly Review.

The author writes with a genial glow and love of his subject.-Presbyterian Quarterly Review.

Mr. Motley is a sturdy Republican and a hearty Protestant. His style is lively and picturesque, and his work is an honor and an important accession to our national literature.-Church Review.

Mr. Motley's work is an important one, the result of profound research, sincere convictions, sound principles, and manly sentiments; and even those who are most familiar with the history of the period will find in it a fresh and vivid addition to their previous knowledge. It does honor to American literature, and would do honor to the literature of any country in the world.-Edinburgh Review.

A serious chasm in English historical literature has been (by this book) very remarkably filled. *** A history as complete as industry and genius can make it now lies before us, of the first twenty years of the revolt of the United Provinces. *** All the essentials of a great writer Mr. Motley eminently possesses. His mind is broad, his industry unwearied. In power of dramatic description no modern historian, except, perhaps, Mr. Carlyle, surpasses him, and in analysis of character he is elaborate and distinct.-Westminster Review.



It is a work of real historical value, the result of accurate criticism, written in a liberal spirit, and from first to last deeply interesting.-Athenæum.

The style is excellent, clear, vivid, eloquent; and the industry with which original sources have been investigated, and through which new light has been shed over perplexed incidents and characters, entitles Mr. Motley to a high rank in the literature of an age peculiarly rich in history.-North British Review.

It abounds in new information, and, as a first work, commands a very cordial recognition, not merely of the promise it gives, but of the extent and importance of the labor actually performed on it.-London Examiner.

Mr. Motley's "History" is a work of which any country might be proud.Press (London).

Mr. Motley's History will be a standard book of reference in historical literature.-London Literary Gazette.

Mr. Motley has searched the whole range of historical documents necessary to the composition of his work.-London Leader.

This is really a great work. It belongs to the class of books in which we range our Grotes, Milmans, Merivales, and Macaulays, as the glories of English literature in the department of history. *** Mr. Motley's gifts as a historical writer are among the highest and rarest.-Nonconformist (London).

Mr. Motley's volumes will well repay perusal. *** For his learning, his liberal tone, and his generous enthusiasm, we heartily commend him, and bid him good speed for the remainer of his interesting and heroic narrative.-Saturday Review. The story is a noble one, and is worthily treated. *** Mr. Motley has had the patience to unravel, with unfailing perseverance, the thousand intricate plots of the adversaries of the Prince of Orange; but the details and the literal extracts which he has derived from original documents, and transferred to his pages, give a truthful color and a picturesque effect, which are especially charming. London Daily News.

M. Lothrop Motley dans son magnifique tableau de la formation de notre République.-G. GROEN VAN PRINSTERER.

Our accomplished countryman, Mr. J. Lothrop Motley, who, during the last five years, for the better prosecution of his labors, has established his residence in the neighborhood of the scenes of his narrative. No one acquainted with the fine powers of mind possessed by this scholar, and the earnestness with which he has devoted himself to the task, can doubt that he will do full justice to his important but difficult subject.-W. H. PRESCOTT.

The production of such a work as this astonishes, while it gratifies the pride of the American reader.-N. Y. Observer.

The "Rise of the Dutch Republic" at once, and by acclamation, takes its place by the "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," as a work which, whether for research, substance, or style, will never be superseded.-N. Y. Albion.

A work upon which all who read the English language may congratulate themselves. New Yorker Handels Zeitung.

Mr. Motley's place is now (alluding to this book) with Hallam and Lord Mahon, Alison and Macaulay in the Old Country, and with Washington Irving, Prescott, and Bancroft in this.-N. Y. Times.

THE authority, in the English tongue, for the history of the period and people to which it refers.-N. Y. Courier and Enquirer.

This work at once places the author on the list of American historians which has been so signally illustrated by the names of Irving, Prescott, Bancroft, and Hildreth.-Boston Times.

The work is a noble one, and a most desirable acquisition to our historical literature.-Mobile Advertiser.

Such a work is an honor to its author, to his country, and to the age in which it was written.-Ohio Farmer.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS,

Franklin Square, New York.

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With Wood-cuts and Charts. New Edition. Enlarged and Improved. 8vo, Muslin, $1 50.

Notices of the Press.

Lieutenant Maury, in his fascinating book.-Blackwood's Magazine.

We err greatly if Lieut. Maury's book will not hereafter be classed with the works of the great men who have taken the lead in extending and improving knowledge and art; his book displays, in a remarkable degree, like the "advancement of learning" and the natural history of Buffon, profound research and magnificent imagination. -London Illustrated News.

We have not met for a long period with a book which is at once so minute and profound in research, and so plain, manly, and eloquent in expression.*** At almost every page there are proofs that Lieut. Maury is as pious as he is learned. *** This is but one passage of a book which will make a sensation not like that or equal to that made by "Uncle Tom's Cabin," but a durable and expanding impression in the general mind, and hereafter Lieut. Maury will be remembered among the great scientific men of the age, and the benefactors of mankind.-London Economist.

We have scarcely ever met with a work that has given us more instruction and pleasure. Under the author's clear and familiar treatment, the Ocean no longer seems a mere mass of waters, unvaried except by storms and tides; it becomes a living thing, as it were, an immense vital organ, composed of a wonderful congeries of powers, and performing a wonderful part in the natural economy of our terraqueous globe. Its currents and drifts, the temperature of its different parts, the depths of its several basins, its contents, the mountains, table lands, and profound valleys that occupy its bottom, its action on the atmosphere and the counteraction, its processes of evaporization, the courses of winds bearing its vapors to the regions where they are precipitated in rain or snow, the great maritime routes across its expanse, and how they are determined by oceanic and atmospherical phenomena-all are set forth in a plain, vivid, and very impressive manner.- Universalist Quarterly Review.

A grand book, an honor to America. -Presbyterian Quarterly Review. Whoever may wish a perfect treat among the novelties of science, will find it in the "Physical Geography of the Sea."-Methodist Quarterly Review.

Pre-eminently popular and practical. Some of the theories of this ingenious book have already brought thousands, or even millions of dollars into the hands of commerce. As a contribution to science, and, above all, to popular and practical knowledge, hardly enough praise can be uttered.-N. Y. Daily Times.

Lieut. Maury's eulogy will be found, like that of the discoverer of the compass, in the practice of every future navigator, and his discoveries will kindle a pride in generations to come of his countrymen, akin to that we feel in the achievements of science of Franklin and Fulton.-Journal of Commerce.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS,

Franklin Square, New York.

HARPER & BROTHERS will send the above Work by Mail, postage paid (for any distance in the United States under 3000 miles), on receipt of $1 50.

HARPER & BROTHERS will send either of the following Works by Mail, postage paid (for any distance in the United States under 3000 miles), on receipt of the Money.

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A Child's History of England. By CHARLES DICKENS. 2 vols. 16mo, Muslin, 60 cents.

A Child's History of the United States. By JOHN BONNER. Illustrated. 2 vols. 16mo, Muslin, $1 00.

A Child's History of Rome. By JOHN BONNER. Illustrated. 2 vols. 16mo, Muslin, $1 00.

A Child's History of Greece. By JOHN BONNER. Illustrated. 2 vols. 16mo, Muslin, $1 00.

These works present the leading facts of history in the form of stories, which children will read for the pleasure they afford. The histories of Rome and Greece are written from an American point of view.

Capital little volumes. Though written in a simple and artless style to captivate juvenile students of history, they are not devoid of a philosophical spirit to prompt reflection.-Christian Register.

For writings intended for juvenile readers Mr. Bonner's style is a modelsweet, flowing, animated, with a liberal use of colloquial expressions.-N. Y. Tribune.

Good books for the school and family library.-N. Y. Observer.

History presented in such a shape as to possess all the charms of a romance.New Orleans Crescent.

Bonner's Child's History of Rome is the best in the market for young readers. -Church Journal.

A remarkably successful effort at adapting a historical narrative to the tastes of youthful readers.-Presbyterian.

Mr. Bonner writes with freedom and force, avoiding verbosity and pedantry, and a child of five or a man of seventy can alike understand his meaning.-N. Y. Daily Times.

Written with simplicity, and in a manner to engage the attention of youthful readers.-N. Y. Evening Post.

We welcome these volumes with most sincere pleasure. They have a permanent value, and are fitting companions for that beautiful Child's History of England, by Dickens.-St. Louis Republican.

The press can not teem with too many just such books.-Savannah Georgian. Mr. Bonner excels as a historian for the young. His simple, vigorous style, absence of profound reflections, and power of condensing, by grasping the prominent points and leaving out minor incidents, admirably fit him for a task like the present.-Boston Journal.

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS,

Franklin Square, New York.

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