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America, Relation of Europe to, in Brown, (W. B.), The Causes of His1863, Article, by Joshua Leavitt, 729 tory, Article,

167 American Publishers Circular, no- Bushnell, (Horace), The Doctrine of ticed, - 595 Loyalty, Article,

560 Amistad, Africans of the, Gov. Butler, (Samuel), Reference to his Baldwin's services in behalf of Works,

51 the, .

266 Cemeteries, Article, by A. D. GridAndrews, (S. J.), The Life of our ley,

- 697 Lord upon the earth, noticed, 836 Cephalization, Article, by J. D. Andrews, (W. W.), Review of Mrs. Dana,

495 Oliphant's Life of Edward Ir- Character Writing, A Chapter on, ving, 363, 778 Article, by Selah Merrill,

36 Annual of Scientific Discovery for Chase, (Thomas), Hellas, noticed, 353 1863, noticed,

· 592 Chauncey family, referred to, • 317 Armenian History, Article, by W. Church and State, Alliance of Clark,

507, 672 perhaps a necessary stage in the Arnold, (Thomas), Manual of Brit- transition from the absolutism of ish Literature, noticed,

· 345 the Papacy back to the individual Bacon, (L.), Christian Self-Culture, liberty of Primitive Christianity, 117 noticed,

357 Clark, (W.), Armenian History, Bacon, (L.), Reply to Professor Article,

- 607, 672 Parker's Letters to him in the Clark, (W. B.), Doubt, Faith, and Boston Post, - 191 Reason, Article,

79 Bacon, (Lord), Works, Spedding's Clapp, (C. W.), Rational Theology, edition, 361, 850 Article,

630 Baldwin, (R. S.), Dr. Dutton's ad- Craik, (G. L.), Manual of English dress commemorative of, deliver. Literature, noticed,

344 ed Feb. 24th, 1863,

259 Cochin, (A.), Results of Emancipa. Barnes, (J. E.), Criticism of Her- tion, noticed,

354 bert Spencer on Ultimate Re. Colenso, (Bishop), Commentary on ligious Ideas, Article, 692 Romans, noticed,

343 Bartholomew's Day, Bicentenary Colenso, (Bishop), On the Penta

celebration of, in England, (1862), teuch and Book of Joshua, no. referred to,

· 107

143, 582 Bascom, (J.), Æsthetics, noticed, - 361 Colenso, (Bishop), Reference to, by Bigelow, (Jacob), History of the W. B. Clark,

99, 101 Cemetery of Mt. Auburn, no- Constantine, The Relation of the ticed,

897 Emperor to the Church after he Binney, (Thomas), quotation from became its protector,

115 his sermon, referring to Slater, Constitution, The, Interpreted loyhis predecessor,

111 ally and disloyally, Article, by Brace, (C. L.), The Races of the H. ,

316 Old World, noticed,

**846 Corson, (Mrs. c. R.), Attempt to

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evolve some of the esoteric sig- tures examined in the Light of
nificance of Goethe's Faust,
1 History, noticed,

Corson, (Mrs. C. R.), Review of Gæthe's Faust, Attempt to evolve

Tennyson's "Two Voices," 638 some of the esoteric significance
Dall, (Mrs. C. H.), On Woman's of, Article, by Mrs. C. R. Corson, 1

Rights under the law, referred to, 22 Green, (W. H.), Pentateuch Vindi-
Dana, (J. D.), On Cephalization, cated from the aspersions of Bish-

op Colenso, noticed,

· 338
Dana, (J. D.), On Man's Zoological Gridley, (A. D.), Cemeteries, Arti-
Position, Article,
• 283

Dana, (J. D.), Manual of Geology, Hall, (Joseph), Reference to his

346 Characters of Virtues and Vices,” 41
D'Aubigné, (J. H. Merle), History Hanna, (W.), The last day of our
of the Reformation in the time Lord's Passion, noticed,

- 586
of Calvin, noticed,

841 History, Theory of the Causes
Doubt, Faith, and Reason, Article, which combine to produce the
by W. B. Clark,

79 events of, Article, by W. B.
Dutton, (Henry), Review of " Sec.

tional Controversy,” by W. C. History, Uses of, to the Preacher,

316 Article, by J. S. Sewall, - 420
Dutton, (S. W. S.), Address Com- Hopkins, (Mark), Moral Science, no-
memorative of Gov. Baldwin, Feb. ticed,

24th, 1863,

269 Huggins, (W. L.), Three Sermons
Earle, (John), Reference to his “Mi- of, and a funeral discourse como

46 memorative of him, by Rev. S.
Evangelical Alliance, English Branch, Haskell, noticed,

Letter of Dr. Patton in reply to Hugo, (Victor), Les Misérables, no-
the Letter of the Secretary of the 288 ticed,

Faith, Christianity a System of, Ar- Huxley, (T. H.), Evidences as to
ticle, by W. B. Clark,

80 Man's place in Nature, noticed, 592
Farrar, (A. S.), A Critical History Huxley, (T. H.), On the Origin of
of Free Thought, noticed, - 839 Species, noticed,

Faust, by Gøthe, Attempt to evolve Independents, the proper fathers of

some of the esoteric significance the doctrine of Religious Liberty, 123
of the, Article, by Mrs. C. R. Cor. Infidelity, An examination of the

1 modern, founded on the improba-
Felltham, (Owen), Reference to his bilities and inconsistencies which

47 are claimed to be contained with-
Financial Aspects of the Rebellion, in the system of Christianity, by

Article, by Joseph S. Ropes, 54 W. B. Clark,
Flagg, (Wilson), Mount Auburn, no- Inspiration, Evidence of it from the
697 Unity of the Bible,

Fleming, (William), Praying and Irving, (Edward), Review of Mrs.
Working, noticed,

802 Oliphant's Life of, by W. W.
France, The Student's History of, Andrews,

363, 778

595 James, (Henry), Substance and
Franklin, (B.), Man's cry and God's Shadow; or, Morality and Re-

gracious answer, noticed, 585 ligion in their relation to Life,
Fowler, (W. C.), Sectional Contro- noticed,

versy, reviewed, by Henry Dutton, 316 Jubilee Essays, noticed,

Fuller, (Thomas), Reference to his Junkin, (G.), Political fallacies, no-
“Holy and Profane States," 50 ticed,

Gage, (W. L.), European Traveling King, (Jonas), Sermons and Miscel-
from the pecuniary point of View,

laneous Works, noticed,


445 Krummacher, (F. W.), Risen Re-
Gage, (W. L), Translation of the deemer, noticed,

Autobiography of Steffens, no- Laboulaye,(Edward), Paris in Amer-
593 iça, noticed,

Gaussen, (L.), Canon of the Scrip-

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Law, The Sanction of, Divine, Arti- Prime, (S. I.), Memoirs of Rev. Dr.
cle, by Edwin Wright,
620 Murray, ncticed,

. 845
Learitt, (Joshua), The Monroe Doc. Rational Theology, Article, by C.
trine, Article,
729 W. Clapp,

· 530
Liber Psalmorum, noticed,

850 Rebellion, Financial aspects of the,
Liberty, Religious, since the Refor- Article, by Joseph S. Ropes, 54

mation, Article,by J. P. Thompson, 103 Rebellion Record, noticed, 359, 850
Livermore, (George), An historical Reformation, Protestant, The grand

research respecting the opinions defect of, erecting a politico-ec-
of the founders of the Republic clesiastical organization, as
on negroes as slaves, as citizens, counterpoise to the Church of
and as soldiers, noticed,
846 Rome,

Loyalty, The Doctrine of, Article, - 560 Ropes, (Joseph s.), Financial As-
Lushington, (Dr.), Decision in the pects of the Rebellion, Article, 54

Court of Arches respecting the re- Schaff, (Philip), Ecumenical Coun-
lation subsisting between Church cils, Article,

and State in England,

127 Schuyler, (Eugene), Origin and Hig.
Lyon, (Gen. Nathaniel), Life of, by tory of the English Language,
Dr. A. Woodward, noticed,

149 by Geo. P. Marsh, reviewed, 172
Lyra Cælestis, noticed, -

358 Scott, (L.), Reprints of the British
Mahan, (M.), Answer to Bishop Co. Reviews, noticed,

lenso, noticed,

341 Sewall, (J. S.), The Uses of History
Married Women, Recent American to the Preacher, Article, - 420

legislation on the legal rights of, Silver, (A.), Lectures on the Sym-

22 bolic Character of the Scriptures,
Marsh, (G. P.), Origin and History noticed,

of the English Language, review. Sherman, (Henry), Governmental
ed, by Eugene Schuyler,

172 History of the United States, re-
May, (T. E.), Constitutional History ferred to, by H. Dutton, 316
of England, noticed,

840 Slater, Quotation from his Farewell
Merrill, (Selah), A Chapter on

Sermon in 1662,

Character Writing, Article, 36 Slavery, Relation of the Federal
Miller, (H.), Tales and Sketches, 694 Government to it, in the several
Hooar, (George), The Statesman- States,

ship of Sir Harry Vane, Article, 452 South Carolina, The Freedmen of,
Monroe Doctrine, Article, by Josh-


ua Leavitt,

729 Spencer," (Herbert), on Ultimate
Moran, (Charles), Money, noticed, - 850 Religious Ideas, criticised, by J.
Nonconformity, Reasons for, set E. Barnes,

forth by the ejected ministers in Spencer, (John). Bible Illustrations,

• 112 edited by R. Newton, noticed, 859
Ecumenical Councils, Article, by Stanley, (A. P.), History of the Jew-
Philip Schaff,
654 ish Church, noticed,

· 330
Overbury, (Sir Thomas), Reference Stanley, (A. P.), Sermons in the
to his Works,
43 East, noticed,

Parker, (Joel), Letters to Dr. Ba- Stevenson, (W. F.), Praying and

con in the Boston Post, replied to, 191 Working, with some account of
Patton, (W.), Letter in reply to the John Falk, Immanuel Wichern,

Secretary of the English Branch Theodore Fliedner, John Evan-
of the Evangelical Alliance, 288 gelist Gossner, and Louis Har-
Peace Congress, (1860), Gov. Bald- mes, noticed,

- 844
win's course in the

· 274 Steffens, W. L. Gage's translation
Persia, Woman and her Saviour in, of the Autobiography of, noticed, 593

596 Strauss, Reference to his Criticism
Phelps, (S. D.). Troly Land, with of the Gospels, by W. B. Clark, 80

Glimpses of Europe and Egypt, Tennyson's “Two Voices,” review-

153 ed, by Mrs. C. R. Corson, 638
President of the U. S., His powers Theophrastus, Reference to his
and duties in a war with traitors, 226 “ Moral Characters,"


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Thompson, (J. P.), Religious Lib- Walworth, (C.), Gentle Sceptic, no.
erty since the Reformation, Arti- ticed,


103 Wayland, (F.), Letters on the Min-
Thompson, (J. P.), Memorial of Ser. istry, noticed,

geant John Hanson Thompson, Welby, (H.), Mysteries of Life,

843 Death, and Futurity, noticed, 594
Thornton, (J. W.), Colonial Schemes

Wilson, (J. M.), Presbyterian Alma-
of Popham and Gorges. Speech nac, noticed,

delivered at Fort Popham cele- Winslow, (0.), The Sympathy of
bration, August 29th, 1862, no. Christ with Man, noticed,

842| Women, Married, Recent American

, (II.), Triumphs of the legislation on the legal rights of,
Bible with the Testimony of Sci- Article,

ence to its truth, noticed, 686 Woodward, (A.), Life of Gen. Lyon,
Two Voices, by Tennyson, review. noticed,

ed, by Mrs. C. R. Corson, 638 Wright, (Edwin), The Sanction of
Vane, (Sir Harry), The Statesman- all law divine, Article,

ship of, Article, by George Mooar, 472 Zoological Position of Man, Arti.
Walker, (E. A.), The Problem of cle, by I. D. Dana,

Salvation, Article,

· 495

[blocks in formation]

Faust. A Tragedy Translated from the German of Goethe.

With Notes. By CHARLES T. BROOKS. Boston: Ticknor & Fields.

Every product of a high poetic imagination has necessarily a deep and strong undercurrent of suggested significance. It is this which particularly distinguishes it from a product of the pure fancy. As has been said by an able and eloquent American critic, “with each note of the lyre is heard a ghostly, and not always a distinct, but an august and soul-exalting echo,

In every glimpse of beauty presented, we catch, through long and wild vistas, dim bewildering visions of a far more ethereal beauty beyond. But not so in poems which the world has always persisted in terming fanciful. Here the upper current is often exceedingly brilliant and beautiful; but then men feel that this upper current is all. No Naiad voice addresses them from below. The notes of the air of the song VOL. XXII.


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