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MESSRS. Otis and Gallatin.-Mr. Otis, it seems, has found out, that Mr. Gallatin has talents, if he has not “ a second thirt to his back.” Perhaps Mr. Gallatin may have made the discovery which others have made, that Mr. Otis has more than a fecond shirt to his back, and ruffled ones too; and that he has a comfortable share of legal assurance, which sometimes passes for abilities. As the eastern delegate has had his heart foftened, and has condescended to compliment Mr. Gallatin upon his speech, what a pity the Pennsylvania delegate could not for a moment forget his dignity and candour, and not only compliment Mr. Otis upon his Boston townmeeting fpeech, but upon his faculty of stringing words as Yankees firing onions !!!

Remarks on the above. It is not strange that the minds of a certain party should be ruffled by the pointed and conclusive answer of Mr. Otis, to the remarks of their leader, wħatever may be the state of their shirts. If it was a compliment to him to say that he had made the only American speech that was delivered on their fide; it was no great compliment to them.--When occasion requires, the Yankees will fhow themselves as ready at stringing up insurgents as they are at stringing onions.

French Impudence and Irish Ignorance exemplified.-The following letter was received by the printers on Saturday, and they have the strongest reason to fuppofe, that it gave rise to the report that Captain Garriscan had sent his infiructions to this city.



No. 83, North Second Street.
On board the French Brig Le Pandour, at Sea,

3d Prairial, 5th Year of the French Republic,

one and indivisible. CITIZENS, By your paper of the 13th May (No. 82), I have seen with the greatest surprise, the false reports of Captain Swain, of the schooner Expedition. I will retort the whole, in assuring you that the English have not only not taken the least fortification in the island of Porto Rico, but they have not even tried the effects of the Spanish cannon on that island, the Governor whereof is a brave soldier.

I have likewise seen in several newspapers from New-York, libels of the printers of that city against the French privateers. If any of them have committed any reproachable acts, please to assure the citizens of the United States, that the generality of ihe privateers take a pleasure in, and make it their facred duty, to exercise in the execution of the orders which they have from Government, that humanity and

generosity which is inseparable from French republicans. Cumpare, for an intiant, the conduct of the English with ours, and you will be easily convinced of the difference which is between the two. It is to be


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