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My former Flock and People



To you, dearly beloved, is due, in the first instance, at least the Dedication of the accompanying volume, because some of you suggested it as a memorial of my pastorate amongst you; and because I owe to your forbearance and kindness-extending over a period of twenty years—more than I can venture to express.

The volume herewith published serves as a sample of the doctrines which I sought to inculcate, and of my mode of presenting them; and though possibly not the most effective specimens which might be selected, yet I think they will not prove either unacceptable or unprofitable to you.

An unexpected circumstance, together with the cares of a large Congregation, and the distractions incident to a new sphere, where much extra labour was needed to originate and execute special work, left little time to carry out my original design. But if life is prolonged, and provided some evidence

is afforded, of the present effort being appreciated, I may at some future period, redeem the pledge given, by publishing a volume embracing more extensive specimens of my ordinary pulpit ministrations, but chiefly my expository efforts.

Meantime I can only expect the exercise of the same forbearance in judging of the present effort, of which I had experience in the past, and ask your prayers to join with mine, to the God of all Grace, that He may be pleased to acknowledge this humble effort towards the exposition and enforcement of the doctrines and principles contained in a few passages of His blessed Word, for the instruction and establishment of yourselves and others in the truth which is according to godliness. That God may be pleased graciously to grant you that Eternal Life to which reference is made in this volume, is the earnest prayer of your former Pastor, sincere Friend and Well-wisher,


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